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An Elf, and a Jerk

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Re: An Elf, and a Jerk

Post by SuperTrey on October 14th 2016, 3:37 pm

Panzer stared at the woman for another moment, turning his head to grin at the wolf’s licking before turning back with his usual impassive face.

“Well there’s something at the top of that building that I’d think you’d like seeing. Granted, I’d have to jump us up there again. What do you think?” he would ask, hoping she would be for it.


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Re: An Elf, and a Jerk

Post by Chellizard on October 23rd 2016, 6:51 am

The chilly night air clung to Mirshann as she hesitantly unwrapped her arms from around of herself and looked down to Ryzo in questioning.

"... I do not want to fly up there... so I will stay put. Even if he is... new... I trust him, Mirshann." The wolf would let out a few yips, whines, and finally a growl, but it wasn't menacing or threatening. To Panzer, he heard the normal calls of the animal, but to Miri, she held a conversation with her companion and smiled as Ryzo stepped away, his fur shifting as he padded to curl up in the shadows. He would take a nap, but stay mentally linked to his master just in case anything happened.

"Ryzo says that he finds trust in you, even though we do not know your name." she would say, offering her hands to his by holding them out, waiting for whatever it is he had to do to get them up on top of the building.

Mirshann had plans of her own, of course, and could have climbed up there... but being carried made her feel like the royalty she truly was. Well, once was.

"Let us see this something cool." she said, smiling at Panzer.

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Re: An Elf, and a Jerk

Post by SuperTrey on December 13th 2016, 8:53 pm

Panzer nodded to the dog, being slightly touched that the big wolf trusted him with his master. Granted this didn't outwardly show.

As the woman skmiled at him, Panzer resisted the urge to smile as well.

Play it cool.

Panzer looked at the woman's outstretched hands, and was a bit flustered.

"Sorry, but I think  I'll have to carry you...bridal style."

Panzer inwardly sighed at his choice of phrasing with that last remark. Panzer was very out of place. He hadn't had a conversation that lasted this long since he was in grade school.

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