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Michael Atterrius [Hyperion]

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Michael Atterrius [Hyperion] Empty Michael Atterrius [Hyperion]

Post by Hyperion May 9th 2016, 5:18 pm

Michael Atterrius [Hyperion] Tumblr_ot5e64vMQq1rk33sjo2_540

Basic Biography

Name: Michael Allen Atterrius
Codename: Hyperion
Title: Azazel
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Age: 23 (physically)
Gender: Male
Race: Ethereal
Hair: Black
Eyes: Silver with flecks of neon green
Height: 5’5 ft
Weight: 132 lbs lbs
Blood type: Z Ω

The Looks


The Legacy

Best described as selfish, Michael always seems to think about things in terms of what could best benefit him. He approaches all things with an easy air that makes him come off as superior, and he thinks he’s just that.  After all he was born to a people that see themselves as superior and imbued him with that feeling as well. Despite his inherent selfishness, he isn’t what one would call pointlessly cruel. He tends to avoid killing someone unless they’ve “earned it” as he would put it, and that category has expanded over the time.

Altruism has never come easy to him, though that doesn’t mean he has never helped another person as long as he could get something from the venture. Despises weakness, and those that tend to tout that as a virtue rather than what he sees it as. Has been finding himself in the shoes of a hero more often and hasn’t quite figured out how the good thing works.

In the end he comes off as an asshole, despite any good he does.

Time to get the most misunderstood portion of his history out of the way, as that seems to be something that a lot of people find strange. Yes, Michael has two dads, like biological and not involving any sort of adoption, so deal with it. He is the eldest son born of The Existential being known as The Archon, and some sort of sciencymagicything called Apex,though the second youngest of the children born by The Archon. How he was born was through a complex process that involved the creation of a soul facilitated by various energies that could allow that process.

The exact date of Michael’s birthday is not easily remembered, though it is somewhere in June and that is all that matters really. Compared to his younger sibling Silus, he was powerful in regards with his titan heritage and as such found the arts of the dark ethereal easy to master, coming almost second nature to him. Training with his father who was at the time the lord of a dimension called The Abyss, he quickly managed to control the dark ethereal, and even become a master with almost no one to call his peer. Like all members of his species, he had a short childhood and matured to the age of eleven with a span of a few months, though he chose not to let that be the physical stopping point of his body, and went further. His development stopped around the age of seventeen, which he found to be an age that he could enjoy.

From a young age he was charismatic, always finding making friends easy, even if he did not really think of them as friend, but more as tools than anything else. However, there were two things that made his otherwise seemingly idyllic life as an ethereal prince somewhat off, one being his youngest brother was a gene hazard and the second was less than wholesome feelings towards his elder half-brother Shael. The former could be overlooked, as even if he had no powers whatsoever, he was still family, and in his own way Michael valued family. It was the latter he actually had trouble with, though not because of what he was told, however because of an observation, From all that he saw, it wasn’t something that happened, across the isles he saw nothing like that happening and he felt like some manner of freak. While abnormalities were not something he found to be a problem in his siblings, to have something so abnormal within himself was a tragedy almost.

However this internal conflict was kept internal, and so life seemed to go on, Michael doing as he usually did, and occasionally inadvertently dropping a few idiots into the river never to be seen again. Yet everything changed when the youngest of the Atterrius children was taken from the very palace of Valhalla itself, not something he would take very lightly. So without a moment wasted, a search had been started for the ethereal prince, yet in the end they did find him, but the price that had been paid he was not prepared for. Upon returning from the desert called Death’s embrace, something had happened, though Michael had not been aware of it at the time. Ouroboros had supercharged Silus, awakening his ultima and killing Shael in the process.  

While he was not aware of the how, he was aware of the fact thatShaelwas dead which had hit the young ethereal harder than anything. Utterly broken, Michael isolated himself from everyone and in that isolation he himself picked up the pieces, and even to these days the cracks still remain. However this healing was half done, and would only fall apart with the next part, after the fight against Ouroboros as those that supported him. Michael was approached by the enigmatic ethereal known as Raziel, offering him the power he needed, to go from exile to his birthright. This was the power of Ultima, and with this Michael had forged an ally, someone that was with him when his family stood against him ready to kill him. In his mind there was no other choice, but in the end he was just a child trying to play the adult. That was what made him the easiest of pawns, the willingness to do anything to garner power, to achieve his own somewhat vague goals. A child that had managed to take the thrones of two powerful races without even an army.

Still, this had lead him to an inevitable conclusion, one that was only made worst by information given to him by his new ally. That his brother’s death was not caused by some giant sand worm, but his own younger brother, by Silus. The initial reaction as one of pure shock. That he could not believe that the gene hazard could and would do something like that to him. It was perhaps this time within his life that Michael felt true hatred, the desire to end someone, and it was with this animosity that he was set out that day to the former base of OCEAN. To this day he could not remember why he was truly there, but a fight had broken out, and in the end he had killed Silus’ best friend, a sort of poetic justice if you would have asked him then. Yet despite just being content with what he had done, and moving on, he went one step further, everything having become a haze at that point as he said a sentence that had perhaps scarred the child for life.

“Death’s too good for you.”

This had left the child less than a crying mess, but it was Hyperion who had fed upon that unspeakable act, a black cancer, the titan portion of him. It was when the passion of the moment had passed that he realized the mistake that had been made, the cracks od the barely held together mess grew and with it everything came tumbling down once again. No, it had been made worse by the very presence of the person that had had thought dead, wounds that felt as if they would only fester and rot. Despite that, he knew that a confrontation was approaching, but only one thing had occupied his mind at the time, as his children Fera and Shael had left him following that incident. So splitting off a very portion of his soul and naming it Jordan, he sent this portion after them, not to retrieve them but to watch after them. This portion was what one would call the good within him, and perhaps in some way he was making them to give his family a part of him they would love. In the end he had accepted he would die, destroyed by the very family that had risen against him.

So he would play the part, and die the usurper he had become. It was in this fight that he found out Raziel’s true purpose, only using him to gain the power of ultima, and then tossing him away to die like he had wanted. However that was not what had happened, and it seemed that either they did not want him to die, or it was just a means to make him suffer to expire, or even that they wanted to throw the deaths too good for you line back in his face. For a month after the incident, his body had been left powerless and crippled, he had been left absolutely helpless after his bid for power. Michael hated it, the inability to do anything, being left as nothing more than a burdensome cripple, though why they didn’t kill him was beyond Mike. Still, eventually his powers returned and with them more problems, Silus seemingly dying and his son being murdered by Raziel who had not exactly died.

Another seeming blow against Michael, who had fallen into an inconsolable depression and with it, the desire to destroy Raziel had risen more powerful than ever. So with that done, he would venture into a realm long forgotten by even the most ancient of beings, contacting an incarnation of balance itself and asking for its help. In return for that, he was sent on a long journey across a realm of darkness and eternal strife for the answer to its end. It was ten years that he ventured, and eventually he found this, scarred and battered as he was, returning with the answer to defeat Raziel and hunting down the ethereal. Despite his fatigue, he would venture into the pyramid that held the ethereal, met with the very brother he thought dead and together they had slain Raziel, though he took the final blow for himself. It had been done, he had managed to kill the one that had taken his son from him, and yet in the end he was ready to accept the price to slay a god, the balance to the power that he had obtained. Yet death was not his destiny, and with it life would go on, a primordial of chaos being the one that brought his son back to him. Another thing he could not do for him, another reminder of how powerless he truly was.

Regardless, a new threat had risen from what seemed like stability, that being Thanatos of The Abyss, and Michael went out to stop them before they could do anything to harm the fragile thing he knew as his family. Many would ask why, but he had his own reasons, perhaps penance or something else, but in the end he ventured into The Abyss. It was when Hyperion manifested before him that he was faced with the ultimate challenge and he was defeated, leaving the abyssal manifestation to take down Thanatos, and become The Abyssal one himself. Yet he did not strike out against his family, but sat within The Abyss and upon his throne, doing nothing while the realm devoured itself. Only ever leaving to wander the earth or helping his sibling Silus regain his soul, slowly awaiting the day he would fade away.

However that was not to be his fate, thanks to a meddling existential and a lantern of souls. Hyperion had not died, but it seemed that his conquest of The Abyss much like his others would not last long, as something happened that he was not expecting. Thanatos, a being of death that he had thought was consumed within his being was not as dead as he would have liked him to be, and so the former abyssal one who had been consumed actually forcibly removed himself from Hyperion, and in a subsequent battle nearly killed the ethereal. Had it not been for a last minute ploy, he would have died there, but landing weakened upon the shore of LA, he was met with Jordan; his so called good half. Rather than dying, he went with the alternative of becoming one with them again.

Innuendos aside, this meant that not only that his former power had been returned, but he also perhaps had enough power to challenge Thanatos, not that he was in control enough to act upon that.  Time went on until Jordan met with the primordial of evil himself, Hyperion removed and a fight ensuing. Michael’s part within this was nonexistent until their second clash, which lead to Hyperion’s end and their memories as well as essence returning to Michael, who took this essence into himself once again.
More to be determined later

The Powers and Weaknesses


Ti’taen Hybrid Physiology:  Being that one of his parents was part of a race of beings composed of death and entropic energy known as nether, Michael has inherited genes from their kind that has given him beyond human capabilities. His body is suffused with nether down to the cellular level, and considering that his body is made to be this way, allows him to perform feats that would be unthinkable for average humans.

  • Enhanced strength: With muscles that are greatly enhanced with nether, despite the fact that he is incapable of making use of the strength of a full Ti’taen, Michael is considerably stronger than any human. Is physically capable of lifting most school buses with a medium amount of effort, though his maximum without enhancements has been measured to be around 2,500 tons of lifting.

  • Enhanced Speed: Along with his increased strength thanks to enhanced musculature given by nether enhancements, Michael is capable of moving with greater swiftness than the average human. This speed can range from a jog of 80 mph to a full sprint of 160 mph when unenhanced and pushing himself.

  • Enhanced durability: Michael’s physical constitution and durability all gain from this enhanced amount of energy within his body. Bones, muscles and even soft tissues are considerably tougher thanks to the energy concentration within them that allow his body to be far more physically efficient than a human body in even peak condition. His skin, bones and muscles all form a protective layer that cover the internal organs from threats such as small arms fire to even some larger weapons. His body produces a minimal amount of fatigue toxins, and allows him to function longer without suffering from the pains that comes with excessive exertion.

  • Enhanced  Reaction and perception time: His body to cope with his ability to move faster has  greater reaction times, allowing him to perceive and react far quicker than the average person is capable of doing. This mostly manifests as being able to do things like catch an arrow out of the air, or
    dodge a bullet by guessing where it comes from by looking at the gun’s barrel as well as being able to keep up with his own natural speed.

  • Enhanced regeneration: While not naturally amazing by any means, Michael can recover faster than the average human. This means that an injury that would take a person a week to recover from, would only take him at the most two days to recover from.

  • Nether manipulation: With how closely tied to entropic energies his body is, Michael is capable of drawing in, creating and even controlling this energy as a form of manipulation. This energy when wielded by Michael takes the form of a black, flowing energy that has the consistency of mist that rapidly corrodes and decays anything that it touches. It can be condensed into a denser form with concentration, allowing it to become shields, as well as  even becoming dangerous weapons or various other constructs that the user can think of. While gathering nether from the surrounding area is easier, the user is capable of creating it themselves at a greater physical drain to themselves as far as energy is concerned.

Ultima Ethereal Manipulation: A side effect of his metagene, Michael is capable of manipulating the very energies of his own soul. This takes the form of an outward manifestation of oddly grey energy that he can manipulate to form almost any construct that he could put his mind towards.  Functions in a similar manner to his nether manipulation, but lacks the decaying and corrupting effect that the prior mentioned element has. A secondary of manipulation over this element is that he can suffuse his body with this element, and allocate it properly over the various aspects of his physicality. This can mean an exponential increase in speed, or maybe even explosively increasing his normal strength, as well as any of his physicals in-between. He can also choose to spread out these increases to a lesser extent over traits as well as even just protecting a singular area with a seemingly unbreakable level of protection by concentrating all of his energy.

Black beast Scion: Having possessed a sliver of The Black Beasts essence, it still remains within him and as such he can draw upon its power as well as from the source of that power. Turning in inwards and causing it to flow through his body, innately increasing all abilities by a measure of 50 while activated. Along with this he gains a couple abilities that are associated with The Dark Traveler, a being that currently houses The Black beast.

Cold: His body moves oddly slower when exposed to colder temperatures.

Burns: Burns caused by heat or extreme cold take longer to heal or regenerate.

Complex: He can be goaded rather easily into any manner of conflict and making stupid mistakes by being insulted.

Silver: Due to his ti’taen heritage, Michael has an allergy to pure silver which can damage his far easier, though silver alloys also have lesser but still potent effects.

Required energy: Larger injuries require more energy to heal, and can drain him rather quickly.

Consecrated grounds: His abilities are less potent on consecrated grounds.

I am become nothingness: he cannot interact with anything existing while void, which means almost anything save for something composed of nothingness itself.

Empathic: Empaths or those with emotional based powers are able to withstand or even ignore his aura of malice.


Abilities: A hyper durable black longsword. A powerful corrosive poison coats the edge. The poison itself upon cutting someone can inhibit regeneration as well as eat away at the flesh around the area that a person is cut. A dark aura radiates from the blade, one that puts most that see it on edge.

“The miasma that coats the blade represents an undying hatred. Who this hatred is directed towards is unknown but it persists even after the one that bore it is gone.”

  • Using this weapon to to anything that does not involve any manner of bloodshed or intent to causes this hilt to damage him, inflicting the poison on him.
  • The blade is more easily damage by light based attacks.

Fractured Soul
Abilities: A hyper durable claymore, indestructible, the weapon is capable of cutting through even the most durable of metahumans with minimal difficulty. It’s slender build belies the immense durability of the weapon, as well as by which the wielder can swing it with impressive speeds. Energy channeled through the weapon itself is exponentially greater in power than when manipulated personally.

“A broken blade, noticeably damaged and yet still solid. It appears to be missing a side, and yearns to have that half return to it. Perhaps this is a reflection of the one that wields it.”

  • Attacks on the broken looking side can cause damage to an otherwise indestructible weapon.


Ethereal hybrid physiology: Due to the nature of his physiology, Michael requires little sleep or even sustenance as he can subsist on nether alone.

Physical Priority
Reaction 1
Agility 2
Endurance 3
Strength 4

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Michael Atterrius [Hyperion] Empty Re: Michael Atterrius [Hyperion]

Post by Red May 9th 2016, 10:43 pm



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