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Andrew Petiglio's Advancement

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Andrew Petiglio's Advancement Empty Andrew Petiglio's Advancement

Post by Andrew April 4th 2016, 5:02 pm

Item/Character Advancement Name: Flame Regneration
Character Advancement Description: White and Golden Flames appear around wound or Trauma on Andrew if injury occurs outside the body. Inside the body it is unnoticeable. His Iris turns from brown to white while this power activates.

Power: This is for all intense and purpose a unique form of regeneration. Andrew can heal himself down to a molecular level. From Cuts, to lost limbs, to diseases, to mutagens. This power allows Andrew to essentially heal from anything time depending. A limb can regrow as fast as a few minutes while surface cuts and scrapes are almost instant. Disease and other cell infections, as well as deep wounds take a few seconds to shake off. This new power has granted Andrew the gift and curse of immortality. If "killed" After 12 hours his body will set ablaze and he will wake up. Full memories intact. He can heal other people in very extreme circumstances but doing so will cause him to pass out for a few hours.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness: If wound is inflicted by magic it will take longer to heal.

Character Advancement Price: 30 XP

Item/Character Advancement Name:Perfected Cryokinesis
Character Advancement Description: After speaking with his father in the after life, Andrew has learned his family lineage also has the ability to tame ice like their fire.

Power:The ice is as durable as he is for the most part. Of course in times of needing to create it quickly it will be much easier to bash through and melt. The key to his ice isn't how cold it get's, but how durable it is. From constructs, to weapons, to shields on civilians, he uses his ice as an energy manipulator would use their power, just with more limitation as Ice is a solid. While this ice isn't going to freeze you to the bone at first touch, it certain feels cold.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness: The less focused he is while trying to create a larger structure, the easier it crumbles. Also, since he is new to the power, using it too much will cause his internal temperature to drop drastically, which could be fatal as he is used to constantly being hot. Lastly, high amounts of ice can cause his nose to bleed, and dizziness as of now. However as he gets better, that specific symptom will begin to subside.

Character Advancement Price: 35 XP
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Andrew Petiglio's Advancement Empty Re: Andrew Petiglio's Advancement

Post by Atlas May 7th 2016, 2:02 pm

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Posting Apprentice

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