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Alexander Blake (The Bolt)

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Alexander Blake (The Bolt) Empty Alexander Blake (The Bolt)

Post by The Bolt April 2nd 2016, 10:40 am

Alexander Blake - Bolt

Alexander Blake (The Bolt) Tumblr_inline_no1xocuaws1t2rmiv_500

Basic Biography

Name: Alexander Blake
Codename: Bolt
Title: The Lightning Hero
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Electric blue
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 168 Ibs
Blood type: A +

The Looks

Alexander Blake (The Bolt) A147fceac3b0427a39eb8def083a9b49
Alexander Blake (The Bolt) Aaf8196b496cfd6ba549c2d1b4d51cc9

The Legacy

Quirky is a word that has been placed upon him multiple times, mostly due to the behavior that he tends to exhibit. Typically he tends to speak without even thinking, and that can get him into quite a bit of trouble if he says the wrong thing to the wrong person. That being said however, he is a rather friendly person and tries to make friends as often as possible, which is not always something that he finds possible with his problem with speaking before thinking. Still, he likes the idea of helping people and will do that if at all possible, which is perhaps the only time that he actually thinks things through, and when trying to hide his heroic work from his parents. Considering they would be furious if they found out that he was doing this.

What makes a hero is generally debated, but there are many answers that one could give to such a question. For the metahuman known as Alexander Blake, he simply finds himself wanting to be a hero out of mostly a self-imposed obligation as well as the desire to meet expectations placed upon him. His parents were once rather famous heroes, working in the less savory parts of New York, fighting crime where they could and saving people when it was at all possible. It was within this heroic career that they managed to make a name for themselves, starting off as solo heroes but eventually becoming allies, and then something more than that. It was then that they conceived Alex and from there they realized that they could not risk their child for a life of thrill seeking, as pointless it seemed now that they were actually having a child.

So with their newborn child, the two would move from New York to a more secluded town, allowing them to raise him without the danger of metahumans. It was from there that he lived a mostly quiet life, making friends and the things that the average American boy did, and with that he found himself a happy life. It may have not been the most glamorous of lives really, but it was one that his parents had wanted for him, until of course his metahuman capabilities manifested. What manifested was superhuman speed, much like his father but his parents were not too pleased with that happening. Not that they loved him any less for his abilities, as that would have been hypocritical but that did not keep them from being worried for their child. It was then that both his latent electrokinetic abilities appeared and his superhuman capabilities also surfaced, the strange effect being that his eye color managed to change.

They went from brown to the strangest of blue, the whole change happening around the age of twelve, leaving many to question why his eyes had changed. Given how well known metahumans were, it was easy enough to blame it on the metahuman gene, which was what they did and many took it without asking questions. Still, as his metahuman abilities slowly grew, he found himself curious of one thing and that was metahumans that went about acting as heroes. The idea of people running around and helping one another was something that he could have really gotten into. He found himself liking the idea so much that he even began to contemplate heroism himself, though he could not do so yet at such a young age. That did not keep him from contemplating the possibility of being a hero, and soon enough he would find a way that he could do that. It was when his father had found a rather unique job opportunity, one that forced him to move to the windy city of Chicago.  

So moving from their small town, he would find himself in the dizzyingly huge city of Chicago with so much room that he had never expected to have around him, so many streets and things like that. With the cost of living requiring more of his parents than usual, they both had to take jobs and that left him with something that he never thought he would have had before, and that was actually free time to do heroic things as he always wanted to do. While it took a few months to actually prepare himself, he managed to pull together a small superhero get up and with that he would move through Chicago, trying to establish himself as a hero, more than aware that his parents would be cross if they found out.

The Powers and Weaknesses


The Bolt: His father was a famous speedster known as The Bolt, capable of reaching impressive speeds, though his highest recorded speed has been mach 7 even if that isn't his fastest, and as such Alex seemed to have inherited the man’s naturally amazing speed. While not as fast as his father, Bolt is currently capable of reaching around Mach 5, which allows him to perform a great many feats, such as dodging bullets, running across the surface of water for a considerable amount of time, running along walls given that he has a proper way to run on to the wall in the first place, and it’s not him running up a wall. His overall speed is unknown but he is likely capable of reaching greater speeds in time.

Shocking Physique: While he is by no means ripped, Alexander finds that his body is capable of taking and dishing out damage that no male his size should be able to do. This extends from his striking force, lifting capability and overall anything that involves bodily exertion. He is capable of taking bullets with little issue, at most coming out of it with a nasty bruise, though higher calibers are likely to draw blood and even kill him. His durability mostly seems dedicated to protecting him from the damages of high speeds. Along with his own durability, his body has developed to produce little to no lactic acids, allowing him to maintain long periods of running without suffering fatigue. He is capable of falling from considerable distances without breaking bones, hitting walls and coming back with at the most only bruises, and even taking hits from those considered peak human with no effect. His lifting capacity has been measured so far at 20 tons when using full effort. His strength extends to his striking potential, allowing him to tear apart steel with some effort and even punching through walls. By mixing his speed together with his strength, he is more than capable of striking with frightening force.

Speed sight: Along with his amazing speed, Alex is capable of perceiving nearly everything that he sees running at this speed, allowing him to react to them with an almost unparalleled accuracy. With some concentration things appear to be moving slow to him, and with a body that moves faster than most cars he can force it to react to them as fast as he can perceive. This makes him dangerous in a fist fight, as this allows him to seemingly dodge almost anything thrown at him, granted that he is not thrown off by anything.

Afterimages: Alexander is capable of moving so fast that he can create afterimages that look incredibly realistic.

Electrokinesis: Alexander gained this power from his mother, which allows him to manipulate electricity in the form of a blue lightning. He can use this by projecting bolts from his hands, unleashing it in giants beams and even creating constructs with the electricity. He can draw from electrical sources to make this easier on himself, though Alexander is perfectly capable of creating the energy through his own means.

Lightning Body: By converting his body into a bolt of lightning, he can project himself forward at rapid speeds that exceed his normal movement speeds. Alex has proven himself capable of turning select sections of his body into electricity, though this requires a certain amount of concentration meaning that he doesn't do it often.

Elemental Healing: Alexander is capable of drawing in electricity to repair damage done to him. This allows him to accelerate his body's healing capabilities,closing cuts to even rapidly mending broken bones depending upon how much energy he takes in.

Slippery Surfaces: He tends to find running around on icy or wet surfaces more hazardous as that tends to lead him to tripping around.

Grounding: His electrokinesis can be thwarted by lightning rods and other grounding devices.

Bring protection: Rubber tends to lessen or negate the damage done by his electric powers.

Heroism: Being the hero that he is, Alexander tends to go out of his way to protect people.

Submersion: While he can take a shower and small things like that. Alexander cannot be submerged within water due to the risk of electrocution for himself. If that happens, he will short out and be reduced to an unconscious state.

Prison shanks: While he may be more duable than a normal human, his body is strangely weaker to piercing damage than blunt damage. Meaning that things meant to stab and pierce will have an easier time harming him.

Lightning Body: His lightning body is uncontrollably fast and he can’t truly control where he is going after it starts moving.

Unarmed: He cannot hold any type of gun or firearm due to the voltage running through his body. Should he touch one, it is very likely that it would explode in his hand, likely mangling the hand as well.

Resources: To actually make use of his regeneration, he needs available electricity that is not his own. That means if he is in a location without electricity, he is unable to make use of this healing, and if there is not enough electricity, he would be unable to likely heal his injuries regardless.

Perception:  His afterimages are usually incapable of fooling people with enhanced perceptions or those that rely on some manner of extra sensory perception.

The Suit: A suit that he wears while performing his heroic duties. Has nothing special about it aside from the fact that it can withstand the high speeds he runs without tearing. Doesn’t really offer protection against gunshots. Meant to be flashy and prevent unwanted nudity more than anything else. A suit that's mostly a compilation of skin tight polymers that can resist a high amount of friction without tearing or burning, covered with metal plates around key points that mostly protect against minor impact that would come along with knives and small caliber arms. This suit covers most of his body save for his mouth and the lower section of his nose, managing to allow comfortable breathing while also keeping his identity a secret.

Accelerated metabolism: His body requires far more calories than normal, the number raging from 36,000 - 40,000 a day to maintain a healthy body weight.

Physical Priority
Agility 1
Reaction 2
Endurance 3
Strength 4

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The Bolt
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Alexander Blake (The Bolt) Empty Re: Alexander Blake (The Bolt)

Post by Chellizard April 2nd 2016, 11:01 am

Looks good. Approved.

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Alexander Blake (The Bolt) Empty Re: Alexander Blake (The Bolt)

Post by The Bolt July 27th 2016, 3:42 am

Added speed advancement for mach 4
The Bolt
The Bolt
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