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Spades Items

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Spades Items Empty Spades Items

Post by superguy1 January 10th 2016, 12:58 am

SpadeSuit v1:
This is his main suit, and what he'll typically resort to first. It's an all around machine, with flight capabilities at slightly under Mach 1, and strength capable of lifting a truck with relative ease and not strain to the wearer. It's durability allows it to take hits from most medium to high caliber weapons, but a hit from a missile or something of the sort could prove detrimental. The suit cannot be submerged in water for more than 10 minutes or so, otherwise it will be rendered unusable, until repaired. Like all of his suits, it runs on a SpadeCharge battery. The suit is usually with him, under his shirt, in a compact chest plate, which fully expands when he tells it to. It's equipped with a Stun Blaster on the arm, that fires electrical bolts, and a mini-gun on both arms.

Spade Wing v2:
 This suit specializes in flight and speed. It can fly at speeds pushing Mach 2. The suit is equipped with miniature missiles, that could take out something the size of a car, and a "sonic shriek" that's emitted from the face, but that's about it in terms of offensive ability. The wearers strength is slightly improved.

Spade Fin v3:
This suit isn't much in terms of combat, although it does have venomous "claws" in the fingertips. However it's as fast under water, as the Wing is in the air. The suit can sustain the pressure at even the lowest depths of the ocean, and is equipped with a high powered light, capable of illuminating even the darkest areas.

Spade Tanker v4:
This suit is the big one. In situations where Andre may find himself against heavy and strong opponents, that he can't just speed blitz, he brings out this suit. While it can't fly, it is equipped with a large machine gun, that shoots either regular or explosive rounds that are about the size of an apple.It's capable of being dropped from a plane, without sustaining much damage, or disturbing the wearer. It's also incredibly strong, allowing the wearer to lift plane-sized objects, again without strain to the wearer. Due to it's large size and density, it could survive being submerged in water, but would sink, and wouldn't be able to get itself out without assistance.

Wealth: Andre Spade is a multi millionaire with every cent at his disposal.

Private Jet: Andre flies in this private jet, with a top speed of Mach 1.

Spade Tech HQ:This is Spade Tech building in Chicago.

Caribbean Home:
Living Room:

Chicago Home:

Private Yacht:
Yacht Interior:




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