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Ceres the Wise

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Ceres the Wise Empty Ceres the Wise

Post by Ceres November 2nd 2015, 5:39 pm

Ceres the Wise
Guardian of the Earthly Body

Basic Biography

Real Name: Ceres the Wise
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: N/A
Title: Guardian of the Earthly Body
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 502
Gender: Female
Race: Seraphim of the Angelic Host/Pseudodeity
Hair: Black
Eyes: White with a purple haze
Height: 5 feet 8 Inches
Weight: 125 pounds
Blood type: Unknown

The Looks

Ceres the Wise YwqOmCa

The Legacy


Compared to other Seraphim Ceres’ personality is particularly admirable. She has a code of honor that is what has enabled her to gain a following nearly as large as her mother’s own. Her code of honor states that a being shall not receive death unless they receive it, for the world is full of many children and that is all they are. That being said she has more honor than her kin because she will usually uphold her promises and oaths unless angered, much like a deity themselves.

Ceres has a warrior spirit; she is prepared to be a warrior protector of those that need it, a warrior spirit effectively of those that are unprotected or bullies or mistreated by those who should love him. Her life’s work is a focus on perfecting her body so that she can endure more kinds of combat. Her goal is to become a better leader, a stronger leader, than her mother ever was.

Ceres, like her mother, is one of the most manipulative beings ever to come into existence despite the fact that she tries to be different from her mother and despite the fact that she has an honorable personality compared to other Seraphim. She is capable of taking advantage of anything and everything that comes her way as if the strings are wrapped around her finger and she is puppeting a marionette. In essence Ceres can and will play dirty when the chance arises.

On top of all of this the woman’s upbringing during the Renaissance by a woman angered by the fact the old Gods had been forgotten molded Ceres into a bitter, but endlessly ambitious, woman capable of great deeds. Her leadership skills are unparalleled but the abuse brought on by a mother with what is clearly some form of a severe psychological disorder scarred her permanently. She’s irritable sometimes, at times insensitive, and in general very difficult to deal with; for the same reason all of these traits are what has made her a better person and a great leader.



Ceres is a relatively young entity that has thrived since her creation in the year of 1515 AD during a time when Rome still had some relative power. In addition Ceres is also the name of Ceres’ mother, a powerful Seraphim that predates the “modern” Ceres and first started the myth but she too fell to the same fate as Ceres. Though considered to be somewhat young by her kin Ceres is much wiser than those around her due to the things that she went through as a child. Ceres was born at the perfect time for turmoil to strike across the globe numerous times throughout one of the most turbulent periods in the existence that Ceres remembers. As you can see the myth of Ceres begins now and that myth is a powerful one. With her birth began a sequence of miraculous events that molded her into a being that happened to be humble compared to her brethren.


Ceres, the mother, was born into a family of entities that had long been known as the Keres, a namesake that she has long tried to avoid the influence of. The name Keres is a relatively modern one compared to what they used to be called, but the point still stands that they were so terrifying that they were considered to be demons who rose up out of Pandora’s Box to strike horror in the hearts of humans. This family could be seen in the battlefield acting as a malevolent version of the Valkyries they once were in the myths of the Proto-Germanic people near the beginning of civilization. The Keres were monstrosities that had long been abhorred by their kin, and were believed to be direct descendants of a bonding of unholy matrimony between the Seraphim and a group of dark entities. In essence these beings were the thing of nightmares, and with their high organization and capacity to strike fear into others, not to mention a few other quirks, their nature needed to be abandoned.

Ceres was going to be the herald of an apocalypse long sought out by her people so that they may cleanse the Earth of the pitiful creatures such as the weak humans and the Semi-Angelic Nephilim. Instead she became a different kind of angel than her kin(though she still did develop a somewhat malevolent personality, and she isn’t good by any stretch of the word), and despite how she was raised she still became better than them. The repercussions of the incident of being an angel among the Keres that was not boldly malevolent, but instead manipulative and therefore “dishonored” would be seen later, but she held it off for quite a long while. Ceres would come to be seen as a deity of the Romans but that would only be for her manipulative skill. This skill and her traits of seeming benevolence would lead to her becoming a “Fallen Seraphim among the Keres”, thus being abandoned by her namesake.

While using her bought time and significantly shortening it the Wise Seraphim took up the mantle as a defender of Rome despite the fault of the state. This fault was that the Daemons of Rome had taken up that mantle already, something that would occur with Italy as well, but this was irrelevant to Ceres. Ceres saw the Romans as a people that needed protecting and by protecting these people she would develop a wealth that enabled her to buy anything in her life she wished. This need to protect Rome had to be explained to her kin so that they didn’t punish her then and there, though she knew they would later once they realized what she was doing (which was ripping them off). The explanation given was that she was manipulating Rome for the apocalypse to begin and since the Keres saw her as a sort of messiah of wickedness her actions were approved of.

One of the many things that Ceres did to manipulate her family and Rome was develop relationships with the most powerful men on the planet. For decades she taught wealthy men better agricultural skills and mothered what children they had, as well as mothering their people, in exchange for their following of her. Thus Ceres began to develop a cult of followers across the planet that, while now a shadow of its former self, became the reason for her being seen as a Roman deity of agriculture, grain crops, fertility, and motherly relationships. What she did next, however, took much longer and would allow her to build a more permanent following, and this is what would make her lose her wings.

Ceres fell in the eyes of her people when she committed heresy against her family by going out of her way to use the bodies of her husbands and the bodies of her dozen or so children and their wives and husbands to, essentially, build an army. In majority these children were only Half-Angelic, with some of them being part of another race but very few of them actually being purely of angelic blood. To hide herself and her children, and their children, she made use of the bunkers around the world that her various mates had built in her name. Ceres would hide her husbands and the wives and husbands of her children away in bunkers around the world and sleep with them every so often, while making sure to keep the pot clean. This allowed Ceres to give birth to many children over many different decades; these children would become the very downfall of those that betrayed her.

The Keres issues a proclamation that Ceres was to surrender all of what she had built up if she did not want to lose her life, something that terrified her. This would have led to Ceres being at fault for the death of hundreds of her children, something that was completely unacceptable. These two things played into her decision but Ceres knew she had to do the right thing, and since her legacy would be living on if she didn’t surrender her children or her empire she sacrificed herself to the Keres. The Keres have always been a peculiar people which is why they did what they did when it came to Ceres’ punishment. Due to her bravery and her boldness, the Keres removed her wings instead of dooming the supposed herald of the apocalypse to death. This is how her daughter, the modern day Ceres, became cursed.

This action is what would lead to the complete and total extinction of the Keres and their various cousins with similar, or even completely different, purposes. Save for a few of the branches of the Keres, such as what remained of the Valkyrie or Disir or the Norns, they were wiped out. The war wasn’t as brutal as one would think for the Keres that died had overestimated their relationships with their cousins, and underestimated the force that Ceres wielded. The Keres were replaced by the Children of Ceres, which absorbed the Valkyrie and the Disir and the Norns, and thus a gathering of angels had occurred. These benevolent and malevolent entities were all highly manipulative, and each of them were extremely devoted to Ceres for ending the reign of the tyrannic Keres.


The age of antiquities and the age of the Dark Ages both had ended relatively uneventful with Ceres doing nothing but trying to build up her organized people through improving them as they were. Numerous operations were ran, knowledge sought out, colleges founded, and the hope that they would find keys to powerful information instilled in Ceres’ followers. Everything seemed to be falling into place with Ceres the Wise and her metallic wings. It then, during the era of the renaissance, that her thirteenth and most prized child was born.

Ceres the Wise was a mantle The Mother Ceres would lose when she took her daughter and cut her wings off to make her like her. In an era where she had been forgotten and her power over the world had dwindled to that of a potent mortal woman with men around the globe in her pocket it was still that she was jealous of the Christian God. The Christian God was her enemy, and in an effort to rebel against this false deity she removed the wings of her daughter and replaced them with metal ones like her own.

The Daughter Ceres became the Mother Ceres’ obsession, an unending and dangerous obsession that put the Daughter at risk. The Mother Ceres, now known as Ceres the Horrible, focused everything on her daughter in an attempt to mold her into perfection. She took her daughter and transformed her into a monstrous entity that could, at times, throw highly destructive tantrums. Her mother made a monster and in her eyes it was perfection.

It took over a decade for the young Ceres the Wise to take up the mantle that her mother had lost making her what she was. It was hard to change who she was, to get over just enough of the bitterness in her life that it didn’t seem to be a disability. Thankfully she was capable of doing so and generated the capacity to function in day-to-day-life through hard work.

It was then that Ceres started a library and society of her own comprised of the top minds of both the human and supernatural world to run a company devoted to a variety of things and a society that acted as its second face. Years passed by and now in the modern day she delved into the world of controlling humans, while setting up various cults across the planet. Oddly none of them were as effective or influential as her company, but they got their job done.

Ceres was drafted by the council for her influence and taken on as an apprentice shortly afterwards due to the fact that she is devoted wholly to those who deserve said devotion and not just herself. Ceres began to plot against her mother at that time, but with her mother being a being of such great power is was unimaginable and with influence as great as hers it was a difficult task. Ceres would have called upon the council, but she believed they expected her to handle this situation herself and so her war had begun.

The first echoes of the war were nothing and continue to be nothing but hushed whispers that Ceres’ mother believes to be false gossip and the mechanical whir of a fighting force being trained under the ground of the cities(a merely figurative saying). The advantage was The Daughter Ceres’ and she was going to take that advantage on as if it was the mantle her mother had abandoned and the mantle she had taken up. A war was going to begin and it was going to tear Ceres’ world apart.

The Powers and Weaknesses



Winged Flight: Like most Avians. Ceres has the capacity to fly through the use of powerful wings comprised of muscles that can just about as dangerous as anything else you’ve come across when you look at Ceres’ case. Centuries before you or most of the people reading this were born, and far before that in all reality, the mother of Ceres the Daughter, Ceres the Mother, took the greatest weapon ever to thrive in their family and made use of it to cut Ceres’ wings from her body. It was a less than surgical operation that almost resulted in Ceres’ death due to the fact that her mother wanted to make the poor Avian child more like her in every way so that they may rise up above the others. Ceres the Horrid, Ceres’ mother, believed that by doing this she had made her daughter even more perfect than thought possible before and that the capabilities of a daughter of the Angelic Host would rise with such pain. It was true in fact that Ceres did become stronger, but it was only because of the mystical wings that were implanted into Ceres’ back.

Where the roots for organic, white feathered wings once lied a surgeon had placed two wings and then four all around them so that Ceres would take on the appearance of a legendary Seraphic being of legend so beautiful and so powerful that they could use their wings as weapons. The wings are made of a mystical metal that was linked to Ceres’ mind upon implantation; it is a material that Ceres could manipulate at will, transmute with a thought, telepathically control to attack her allies, and communicate with. They became an iconic weapon that Ceres held not in her hand but in her back, and they were christened with the name of the Swords of Ceres as light and powerful wings that let her fly just as fast as her brethren. Each of the wings were seen as a piece of art by the people of Honesty that extended over nine feet past Ceres’ body to form an epically large veil that covered the scars that marked the day when the Mother Ceres had removed the wings from her daughter’s body to make Ceres in her own image. They are powerful, beautiful, potent and capable of doing much more than those who haven’t seen Ceres in a fight for her life are capable of recognizing.

The wings are capable of focusing air magic to deliver powerful gusts of wind with each and every flap that blows wind across the planes as Ceres hovers over the ground that she has staked as her own. By drawing air magic out of the wings that they flow on the wings continue to flap and provide Ceres with the sensation of feeling through their use, meaning that they can be used as though they were her real wings. In a way the wings that she has are a miracle that is, in some ways, better than what she was born with, but of course it has its downfalls and limitations just as her natural ones did.

When you look more closely at the pain that Ceres had to endure to use the wings, you will notice that their integration into her body provided Ceres with a particularly awesome capability when compared to her original wings. Now, with her wings as they are, Ceres is capable of having surgeries performed and partaking in mystical rituals that are considered far too painful by her peers to undertake and, thus, enhance herself and her own power drastically. That means that Ceres has the potential to place into her body or beneath her skin new things, objects, or relics, that will allow her to better survive on her search for immortality.

The material that the sometimes feathered artificial appendages on her back are comprised of is a highly mystical mineral dug out of the ground and purified through the ancient powers of beings long since passed. This purification has allowed Ceres absolute dominion over her wings much like she has absolute dominion over her armor and her Scythe, thus allowing her to manipulate each and every section of her wings. She can modify her wings to be larger or smaller or to disappear altogether so that she may be active in more windy conditions, for instance. She can also remove them from her body with a mere thought and telepathically control them to split and assault her opponents in a valiant effort to give them the quick death they deserve through an onslaught of blades. Each of them extend over six feet from her body and course with pure mystical energy, something that allows her to change even the very properties of her wings.

Ceres can change the properties of her wings to fulfill the needs of certain circumstances, such as being in a storm and requiring them not to attract the lightning in the clouds around her. She can even make them liquid and snake them across the ground as if they are creatures under her control, as if they are toys. In general they are very versatile wings that self-regenerate and thrive for as long as there is a being to take the wings and integrate them into their backs.

Since we’re getting into the strengths of the wings I feel as though I should take time to explain in what areas the wings are stronger than your average Avian wings to avoid confusion at a later time. The wings that Ceres has are more durable than most in heavy weather of all kinds, especially in windy conditions, and thus are more prone to allowing longer strings of flight than most beings. In fact, unless she’s exerting herself, Ceres can hover indefinitely without actually flapping her wings for flight by making use of the residual absorbed air magic that resides within the wings themselves.

Now that you understand why her winged flight is different from, in some ways superior to, and in some ways inferior to the natural wings that most avians have we will be moving on after the final paragraph. The beautiful, rune-engraved wings that can be shifted for various circumstances and aren’t invulnerable but seem to be highly durable due to the fact they can take on different properties are essential to Ceres’ survival. Without these wings Ceres would not have ascended in life to the point that she is at right now, something that would be most unfortunate.

Abilities of the Angelic Host: When Ceres became a member of the Angelic host she, like most members, were granted abilities that the Angelic Host believed suited their faction and the individual being the best.

Enhanced Physical Attributes: Compared to other human-like species Ceres has a substantially more powerful physiology. When using their abilities and training to grant Ceres enhanced capabilities, her enhanced physical attributes developed. These attributes included enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, and, in general, a better body and mind than her kin. These attributes are ranked higher above her kin in a way that allows her to easily lift one of her kind by the neck.

She is capable of lifting several dozen tons with ease, resisting the heaviest of weaponry, running at speeds that are that of a lightning bolt and engaging enemies for hours on end. She is the most physically powerful Seraphim in existence, thus earning her the crown she wears.

Enhanced by both magic and rigorous physical exercise, Ceres is seemingly one of the most physically powerful Avians at this moment. It’s her hope that this physical prosperity would allow her to defeat her opponents with more ease. Unfortunately there are still some limits, so look below for that information.

Darkness Manipulation: Ceres has the capacity to call upon the dark powers of her patron deity, Dhath, to manipulate darkness and shadows and make use of a variety of other things by feeling the darkness and the people inside of it. Ceres is capable of drawing darkness and shadows out of the surrounding area so that she can form blasts of various forms and create objects of what forms she wants. Ceres’ darkness and shadow have a chilling effect that can leave people feeling uneasy or even unconscious depending on how potent the darkness is that she is manipulating. It is more effective the darker an area is, however if there are no shadows she can’t manipulate a shadow but there is still darkness and darkness is everywhere which allows her to pull it from herself to use.

Ceres can see death omens and knows when someone is going to die as lpong as they are standing in a shadow, or when their death is imminent and depressing and therefore “dark”. She can do many things passively. The aftermath of her abilities cause a person’s luck to go down and it can give them bad luck, and even hallucinations. Her abilities can induce psychological effects like slight depression, temporary hallucinations, and even full-blown psychosis. Whatever emotion a person is feeling at the moment when they are touched by the darkness or shadow is enhanced to the point that it becomes unmanageable.

Her capacity to manipulate darkness enables her to also step through the shadows as if she is passing through the realms and appear somewhere else where there is a shadow in the same realm. During her shadow stepping she goes through a veil of darkness, and in this darkness she can leave various beings so that they may be captured there and may return to pull them back out. However, it is near impossible to do this since most shadows are relatively small compared to the size of two people.

When feeling emotionally unstable or when under stress Ceres can cause vortexes to suddenly appear. In addition Ceres can access her negative emotions to deactivate light sources at will. Even when angered even slightly the ability will result in light sources turning off and spears of darkness that will be potentially travelling into someone’s heart. This can mean entire rooms dim.

Pyrokinesis: Pyrokinesis is the ability to manipulate fire and heat, and Ceres has this ability in potent unrivalled strides. Ceres’ pyrokinesis is an ability feared by many primarily for the fact that she can manipulate a variety of fire types. Whether it be normal fire, fire that is white hot, or fire that is toxic and can induce harm, Ceres can manipulate it. While still discovering the various areas that her ability is capable of delving into she has discovered that she can cause a great blast to rise up from the ground or that she can project a blinding, heavily damaging white light.

Ceres is an extremely powerful Pyrokinetic that has been induced with pyrokinesis since near her birth by the Angelic Host, and her control over her ability is so great that it leaves room for little to no growth unlike her ability to manipulate electromagnetism or similar things. For instance, Ceres’ fire is as hot as the lava from a volcano or as hot as the breath of a fire drake. It can do some serious damage and is considered powerful for a reason.

While it still has its limits the ability’s capacity for destruction can’t be overlooked, for that is it’s primary use. Pyrokinesis is a highly destructive ability focused mostly around the capability for destruction that it gives its users. No matter what you believe or what you think, Pyrokinesis is dangerous when used correctly, and though it may be less useful in the tundra it can still start a fire.

Electromagnetism Manipulation: Electromagnetism is a powerful force of nature and when one has control over it they are capable of doing a great many things through pure versatility. In general it is an ability that gifts its users the capability to perform astounding feets of the manipulation of their natural surroundings. Electromagnetokinetics can exert control over electromagnetic fields and affect everything from the weather, to making their body produce bolts of concussive force, to manipulating magnetism, and even causing small explosions by manipulating things at a subatomic level.

However, Electromagnetism Manipulation, also known as Photoniokinesis, isn’t known for its sheer power but its versatility instead; that is, of course, unless its users possess the specific abilities to affect the things electromagnetism affects. One example of this is for users to make clouds already full of rain release what they are holding, but not actually creating the clouds themselves. What it trades for power it gains in versatility and thus in the hands of a creative entity it can provide a wide variety of potentially powerful effects.

That being said, they are still powerful but unless some knowledge of this is held they can’t do much and are just one-trick ponies. Luckily for Ceres she has learned through scholarly books that electromagnetism can do the following, and more if she can think of it: raise or lower the temperature by ten degrees in any direction in a large room, or even boil water if the amount is small enough, magnetically move objects around, bursts of static electricity, small atomic reactions causing moderate explosions, detection of unnatural electrical outputs, and even tractor beams of limited strength.

While many of these abilities haven’t been fully accessed by Ceres in their final form, thus granting her their full capacity or at least giving her the chance to do so, Ceres does have a physiology suited for electromagnetic interference. One of the things that makes her suited for this is her body’s ability to absorb large amounts of electricity, but not refocus it unless it is used for something else other than lightning blasts (however small bursts of electricity are allowed). In addition her body has become suited to weathering heavy, well, weather. It all goes to show that she is an adaptable woman, which means that she is more than capable of pulling off things that make her more than a one-trick-pony.

Soul Source: Soul Source is an ability that allows Ceres to act as a well of power for the individuals that she has decided to grant supernatural abilities. It’s primary use is the gift of letting Ceres amplify or restore abilities or grant new powers. These powers all begin as relatively weak powers and can sometimes be uncontrollable, but will eventually grow to be fairly powerful. Soul Source has been part of Ceres’ mystical ability since she has been nothing but a young little gal walking on cobblestone roads in a realm that she belonged to in the past. In that realm she learned to truly make use of this ability, and now she can amplify or grant abilities with the life force that she has absorbed. Now, Ceres can use it to make her servants and followers stronger so that they may be capable of fulfilling her goals.

Once a being has been blessed with the might of Ceres and given amplified or new abilities, they are bound intimately due to the fact that all energy used to enhance them has at one point touched Ceres’ soul. The two beings are connected and now can communicate telepathically, even if they are within a completely different realm, so that they may easily strategize and make use of each other’s skills. On top of the telepathy is empathy; they can feel each other’s emotions at will and even share pictures, thoughts, and senses in a way that lets them function as one entity. Ceres, in specific, can locate the beings she has gifted or amplified as if they have a mystical tracker on them and thus she can easily make way to them by getting an exact location. The final “administrative” capability is Ceres’ capacity to remove or modify the power that she has given the entities, thus allowing her to control what she has given her but not what they already have.

An attribute that accompanies the power to gift or amplify abilities is the ability to place curses on both objects and people, or apply curses alongside the abilities or amplifications that she grants upon others. Due to the similar nature of the creation of curses, and due to the fact that the energy used touches her soul, it binds her to the person or object that she has cursed but in a way that grants her a modicum of safety. The telepathic communication isn’t two-way, it is one-way unless Ceres wants it to be two-way, and can be used to torment the person that she has placed the curse upon. She can locate those that have a curse at will and even tap into their senses and see, hear, feel, taste, and touch what their bodies are sensing in sensory euphoria. Finally, she can remove or modify the curses at will or even amplify them so that they may be used for longer than they are normally capable of existing even without being in the radius of the cursed user.

On top of what most Soul Sourcers are capable of achieving, Ceres has several other capacities built into her Soul Source ability due to decades upon decades of use having built up and gifted her different subabilities. Ceres can resist other Soul Sourcing abilities, as well as resist power mimicry and the manipulation of her own abilities by other people as a form of security against those like her. In addition, if an entity dies she can absorb their life force through this method as well, even if it is just an animal or an insect, though many of those creatures don’t have a very powerful life force compared to sentient beings. The unfortunate thing is that it makes Ceres’ reiatsu completely acidic, and due to its already blatant corruption by Dhath she must purify it with a burst of light magic before she can use her ability. Moving onwards you’ll see that a more unique capability has been granted upon Ceres, something that will allow her to create mysterious and devious creatures of all sorts. ((Note: This also works on objects/fields/other places, which means that it works for blessing fields and crap))

Creature Creation: Whenever Ceres absorbs a life force she retains the ability to exert that life force back into the world instead of simply using it to improve her own abilities or gift people abilities of their own. One day Ceres discovered that Golems and similar creatures were made by placing a life force inside of them, and so Ceres managed to discover methods to make creatures of her own or to corrupt creatures. By taking creatures that already exist, putting parts together, or simply breathing a form into existence and then imbuing it Ceres has the capability to create monsters galore. It is a particularly disturbing ability when you take a look closer at it due to its innate nature as a potentially necromantic ability, but its use can’t be denied when held up against the candle light. In general it can be used by Ceres to create creatures so that she may sic them on her opponents, or just set them loose and see what happens when she does so.

The imagination is the limit with this ability and it is only truly limited by the natural order of things and Ceres’ own morals as well as the tendency of her creatures to become corrupted by her unholy reiatsu. By binding pieces of a soul to a creature or an item such as a statue Ceres can bring these new beings to life, and while only a few of them are capable of breeding and most are just one-off creations its usefulness can’t be underestimated. Many have praised Ceres for her ingenious and boldness in this area, however each creature takes time so she considers each one a piece of art. It is Ceres’ hope that one day she can make a creature that will accompany her as a great pet, something that is sentient and gorgeous, and perhaps she can just grab the nearest dragon skeleton and raise them from the dead. Overall it is a great ability when you think about it’s various potential uses, and now we get to move on to the quirks of being a creator of one-off, odd creatures.

Each creature that Ceres creates is bound to her and she can feel and experience everything that they feel and experience as if she is there in person, allowing her to savor the moments that her enemies bite the dust. This ability was discovered 300 years after she developed the primary ability when Ceres found an ancient grimoire from a human male that had developed a way to communicate with beasts. While Ceres couldn’t actually communicate with all beasts in general a few modifications were made and she found she could communicate with and experience what her creations were experiencing, while maintaining the ability to kill, or call back, or locate, or even take over the bodies of her creature at any time.

Finally you see that this ability is a little more than just taking a dozen husks and making them as if they are something that you would make on a silly little machine that puts creatures out like they are cookies on a sheet. She doesn’t make that many cookies, and in fact each creature needs to be carefully groomed and trained to perfection even after she implants memories into them. It can be a lengthy process, and while she can just make a cursed creature to assault her enemies it is most useful when she takes her time with her creatures so that she may develop them into superior creatures.

Elder Magic Ceres has extremely powerful mystical capabilities, and even without her spells she is capable of manipulating mystic energies in the form of elements or pure energy and absorbing that energy as well. This makes Ceres a beacon of defense against both dark and light magics, and other brands of magic as well, due to the fact that the magic of humans and lower beings doesn’t affect her as severely as celestial or daemonic magics. Her magic is that of the universe’s Elders because of the teaching that her family had given her, allowing her strength in magic to be slightly higher than average. This will also allow Ceres to travel to her own personal domain, use remote communication, create magical items, and divine auras from others, as well as granting her one if not more powerful familiars (most likely one for every branch of magic she has mastered, one Daemonic, one Celestial, one Human, one Pagan, and so on))


Gate Forging: Gate Forging is the ability to create gates that connect everything from rooms, to buildings, to different cities or even continents and, at the highest levels, the ability to create gates that can even allow one to step into another realm, such as the astral realm.
Rebuke: Rebuke is a spell that allows the user to rebuke another being from an area, thus preventing someone from entering OR simply telling the user when a certain person or kind of person enters an area.
Disenchant: Disenchant allows one to disenchant magical items, dispel magic in a small area and, at higher levels, prevent magic from being used within an entire area (this can affect the user).
Clone: Clone allows the user to clone themselves in a variety of ways through elemental magics, or blood magics, or even simple energy magics, and at any one time the user will have a perfect copy of themselves that will awaken when the user dies. Clones can share senses in real time and memories upon death.
Necromancy: Necromancy is a broad spell that allows beings to use dark magics to raise beings from the dead, cause necrosis to anyone who comes into contact with the dead, and make use of many different kinds of undead. At higher levels Ceres can rip control away from weaker necromancer’s spells, but it isn’t her specialty so unless she is using an amplifier of some kind or making use of some absorbed life force this is rare (IE. A 1,000 year old necromancer won’t be overridden, but a 20-something newbie will be)
Shield: Shield allows the user to make use of the ability to prevent someone from seeing or sensing something, or someone, from over a long distance, but it becomes irrelevant when the thing or person being hidden comes into line-of-site.


Wings: Much like with most other things implanted through mystical or surgical methods that don’t belong where they’ve been placed, there are going to be faults and flaws in Ceres’ legendary metallic wings. From the amount of pain they cause to the maximum range, speed, and height that Ceres is capable of reaching, all will be described as part of the limitations section. Remember that flight is a finicky thing and that with each different situation the limitations could change, and Ceres could go faster because of higher wind speeds or slower because the wind is going in the opposite direction she is flying (plus if she flies against the wind she might just die).

The first major limitation that Ceres has is the fact that her wings are a foreign object that have been implanted within her body and sometimes moving them or detaching them can cause a very obvious thing to happen. Pain! Pain, people, it happens because the wings have rubbed up against and cut into a bone or because she’s removed her wings temporarily and they’ve been ripped out of her skin or even that her wings have been placed back into her body. The pain can cause a split second loss in concentration, or even cause Ceres to lose complete focus on what she is doing. This lack of focus can cause her to lose control over the things she is kinetically controlling at that point, a most unfortunate circumstance.

This limitation is fairly self-explanatory due to the fact that Ceres’ wings are heavy, and with heavy things movement can most obviously be seen being restricted or reduced in some form or fashion. Ceres is slightly slower than other Avians in speed, meaning she is slightly slower than the fastest bird, but the tradeoff is that she has an advantage over them as well. Ceres can fly much higher than the average avian, and most importantly resist higher wind resistance. For instance, Ceres can fly at heights over 9,000 meters; this height is about 1,000 meters higher than what the most capable birds can fly, but breathing is more difficult at these heights and she can only maintain this operating ceiling for a dozen or so minutes. Her range is heightened as well, and she can travel across continents, but with each passenger Ceres’ speed, operating ceiling, and range are lowered by 20% unless she’s been enhanced or amplified in some way.

As stated before some limitations are self-explanatory, but for the sake of posterity I’ll explain that Ceres’ wings need enough room for liftoff and flight. Without enough room to do these things, and due to the fact that even if she’s modified her wings to just one pair they are still over nine feet across, she can’t fly. This one is obvious but I wanted to be clear just in case Ceres got caught and captured in some way and so that she can’t just travel upwards to get out of a small cage with her wings, though if she still has her wings and her scythe then it is likely that Ceres will escape and the captors are idiots.

Abilities of the Angelic Host: When Ceres became a member of the Angelic host she, like most members, were granted abilities that the Angelic Host believed suited their faction and the individual being the best.

Enhanced Physical Attributes: Ceres requires five times the amount of calories per day that someone else does to survive and has the amount of time she can survive without food and water cut off by half. Another limitation is that Ceres requires three times as much exercise as the average Avian, something she is required to do at least four times a week. In general, when exerting herself at higher levels, Ceres is capable of more easily burning herself up. She may be a physical juggernaut compared to other Avians but the unfortunate thing is that her stamina is still the amount of any other Avian’s, meaning she can only operate at her peak for around 30 minutes but this time should be more than enough to combat her enemies.

Darkness Manipulation: Darkness is a versatile piece of equipment if you can use it as a tool, but sometimes that darkness can become something that goes out of its way to turn you into its tool. That means that while Ceres’ darkness can have a psychological effect on other people, it can have a psychological effect on Ceres at any moment she comes into contact with the darkness her ability summons up. Darkness is a vile, stained mark on creation, and while one of the most versatile things in the universe, even in the right hands, it can lead to the destruction of its users. The whispers from beyond the veil torment its users to go deeper and indulge their addiction to the darkness, and thus the drug begins to ravage their body and their mind and play games. The quasi-sentient, eerie being that is the darkness can be psychologically overwhelming to Ceres and can be quite uncontrollable when Ceres is faced with intense emotions or hard situations; it’s why she has to keep a bunker around her feelings, so that she doesn’t destroy too many or too much.

Ceres can only travel a range of 400 meters to another shadow, and she can’t step through shadows that are too small. Her range is a maximum of about 200 meters for attacks that are projectile based and not something all-consuming like a vortex. However, she is not immune to her own ability and there have been accounts of people accidentally destroying themselves by indulging in the darkness.

With a lack of shadow comes a slight decrease in strength even though Ceres can summon the darkness out of her soul or turn off the light source simply because the amount of darkness in the surrounding area makes Ceres stronger. Each shadow and each dark soul is a portal into a world from which she can pull energy from, but the less energy she can pull means the less that she can do. So while she may be able to induce illusions, cause nightmares, manipulate dreams, amplify and even manipulate emotions that are there and potentially induce new ones, or, and God help us all with this one, summon creatures from the darkness, she can only do these things if there are enough portals. The less shadows, the less dark souls, the more light, and the more walls against the realm she wants access to the weaker she becomes in this situation.

Pyrokinesis: Fire is severely weakened by ice or cold weather, and while it may be able to fight against it the fire will, inevitably, lose even if it takes a while. It is more effective in normal conditions or hot weather, and thus Ceres needs to make sure to use it in the right situation for it to have an effect as devastating as it normally does. Ceres has a maximum range of 60 meters when it comes to her fire.

Electromagnetism Manipulation: Electromagnetism Manipulation makes its user a user-of-all and a master-of-none, meaning that while it may be versatile that it isn’t as powerful as any individual power alone unless its been drastically amplified by external forces. In Ceres’ case it is slightly above average compared to other Electromagnetism Manipulation abilities, and she can actually develop the abilities it is a part of, but the rule still applies. Width vs Breadth is a power theory that defines how powers work, well, most of the time. The more a power like this can do means the less powerful it is in certain situations.

Soul Source: The limitation for Soul Sourcing is fairly simple; it is that Ceres can’t exert more life force than she has absorbed or has built up over time. In addition each power and amplification inevitably wears off unless the blessed makes use of their new capability to absorb life force and keep their power thriving and strong. Sadly, knowledge of the ability or the newfound capabilities isn’t given when Ceres goes to give it unless she wants it to be given and thus sacrifices an extra portion of her energy. That being said, knowledge bestowal is completely possible but it takes the same amount of energy as a low-level amplification or bestowal does.

Creature Creation: It takes time for Ceres to create a creature, as stated before, and thus it is not an exact science on how to create a creature, or how long it should take, or what resources or body types are required. In essence it is more of an art than a science, a highly experimental art that can quickly turn dangerous for its user should the creatures that she creates escape from their leash. Hopefully Ceres can maintain control over her creatures, but it is rare for her to create more than one creature and the maximum that she can control at a time is 20. However, she can switch which ones she is controlling or kill them and stow away their soul and essence to bring them back for later use, so it is all good when it comes to this, unless of course she goes over that moment.

Elder Magic: While using normal magic or even normal Celestial or Daemonic magic isn’t that taxing on Ceres, upping the power level to that of the Elders is extremely taxing on Ceres’ body. It can cause her to suffer from Flu-like symptoms if she uses it for over an hour due to the fact that the spells are more taxing on her physiology than they are on actual Elders themselves. In addition, for each spell she casts there is a price and that price can range from a cost of mystic energies to requiring the sacrifice of a sentient life form. In addition, due to the fact that her ability to manipulate mana puts her in control of nature and a form of magic that can mimic ergokinesis or telekinesis she has extra strains placed on her. The use of immense amounts of nature can cause her to perish by aging her past the supposedly immortal limit an angel has((the brand of angel that Ceres is isn’t actually immortal and generally lives for only around 300 years, but Ceres, her family, and those around them learned to harvest life force)), or by doing something similar, so she normally uses these in unique ways or for controlled bursts and because the possibilities are near limitless it is usually quite useful but when using them on a massive scale it becomes taxing, especially when doing something like, say, manipulating weather over an entire continent. IE - an area smaller than an entire continent is fine, but the entire continent can harm, permanently remove Ceres’ abilities, or even actually kill her.


Time: To perform spells it takes time. For lower level magics it’s around a minute or two, medium level magics take about 5 minutes, while high level magics can take anywhere from 15 to an hour. Finally, elder magic can take anywhere within that time.
Reagents: Each spell requires reagents, or ingredients, for the spell to work and with some spells these magics can require incessant amounts of hunting for the ingredients or the undertaking of either quite the list OR a super rare ingredient.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):

Prosperity: Ceres is an extremely wealthy being in various ways with bunkers all around the globe filled with knowledge, gold, silver and relics, mystical or not, of the ancient world. Each of these bunkers is taken care of by a small sect of the remainder of her followers from Rome and various other mythologies she has instilled. These bunkers are regularly updated, but unfortunately Ceres has yet to train all her followers in combat due to there being not enough time - this leaves them relatively undefended, but at least their location is hidden. They are also guarded by her children when they are assigned in times of distress or when her “cult” is under attack.
The Children: For over 300 years Ceres has worked on giving birth to a particularly large amount of children that are completely loyal to her and are active all around the globe, working to ensure Ceres The Wise’s success.
Heir: Ceres is actually the daughter of the Ceres that was spoken of in majority in the biography, just for clarification. This Ceres is also heir to everything that her mother build up.
Wingless: The Mother Ceres cut off her full-blooded daughter’s wings to make her like her and in her own image at a young age, and taught her how to use her abilities to use metallic wings, but she does not have the same need for the Millennial Rest as her mother


The Scythe of Ceres: A scythe made of a near-invulnerable metal that gifts Ceres Ergokinetic abilities and is capable of killing higher beings. It gifts her ergokinesis, hyperextension, and energy absorption. It is also capable of absorbing the essence and life force of the people it kills and the power and of the weapons or relics. That being said it can absorb power, but not actual abilities, from people and use that power to increase Ceres’ own abilities but only for as long as the power she absorbed isn’t burnt through. The more she kills the stronger she becomes, but she also risks making herself age due to the fact that she is actually using the energy she absorbed as her own life force and then using that life force. In addition the Scythe of Ceres can be used to identify the race and species of any being. Finally, any absorbed ability from an object or relic is accompanied by the object’s weaknesses and curses, and whatever else was detrimental to the ability or the object itself. When out of energy the Scythe becomes completely normal until it kills again.
The Swords of Ceresl The swords of Ceres are sentient wings that Ceres is capable of manipulating and integrating or reintegrating into her body. They can take on the attributes of whatever ability she has. In addition they are capable of regenerating themselves so they are very difficult, but not impossible, to destroy. Sadly it lowers her speed in flight when compared to the faster flying avians due to them being metal and heavy.
Retractable Claws & Blades:  The blades and gauntlets that she has are made of the same material as her armor, her wings, and the scythe of Ceres and give Ceres the ability to mimic other materials. However, if she mimics a material that will harm her she will still be done harm even if she can withstand the transformation. Any damage sustained in her mimicked form is sustained in her normal form.
Armor:Ceres wears a cloak made from a highly durable weave of spider silk and reinforced with mystical alloys. Her armor grants her increased physical attributes, enhanced senses, the capability to teleport and others. Her helm grants her telepathy, and a HUD that is capable of showing her information and a database of gathered information as well as show the opponent’s strength level compared to her own and other beings. Her armor is sentient and regularly gives her advice. Her armor is highly durable and much like her Scythe can absorb, hyperextend, and manipulate energy only it is on a higher level than just through the scythe alone. The armor is durable, but also lowers her flight speed. The armor, finally, has a built-in database powered by a being that gives it the capabilities of a magically imbued computer.

Physical Priority

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