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Damian Miles [Atlas]

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Damian Miles [Atlas] Empty Damian Miles [Atlas]

Post by Atlas November 1st 2015, 1:07 am

Damian Miles - Atlas

Damian Miles [Atlas] 820975d57b3f520d428cc0a79d0e9563

Basic Biography

Name: Damian Miles
Codename: Atlas
Title: The World's strongest hero [Not a self given title], The Sun Hero
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Heterochromatic [left blue, right hazel]
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 260 Ibs
Blood type: AB -

The Looks


Damian’s figure belies the strength that he possesses, despite appearing built for a male of his size. There is a small amount of muscle showing, but not enough to even suggest the superhuman feats that he has been capable of. His eyes are a mismatched color, the left being a brilliant blue and the other being a murky hazel color. Settled atop his head in a usually messy fashion is a mess of dark brown hair, usually kept in a manageable length to avoid having to do much to deal with it too often. His skin is a sunkissed tan, mostly from his long exposure to the sun itself though he finds that he cannot burn no matter how long he stays in the sun. As far as clothing choice goes, he usually prefers shorts due to the fact that he is difficult to chill though he tends to dress appropriately in colder climates. Casual is his preference, though he is known to wear some manner of cap when the mood suits him.

When acting as a hero he wears a specially designed suit, something that can withstand the speeds he moves and tends to survive most of his fights. Aside from that it serves no other purpose. It’s a black bodysuit with an armor appearance that for the most part seems almost sci-fi in motiff. It had no mask save for something that covers his eyes.

The Legacy

Harbors a strong sense of justice but above all else is a good person at heart despite the fact he does things his fellow heroes sometimes question. Tends to view things in shades of black and white, with anything he sees as evil being something that can't be permitted. From a young age he was told that everything he was subjected to was to make him a hero and that  he’s supposed to protect people from villainous individuals. Holds a great deal of love for people and will always put himself in the way to protect them.


The first thing he remembers is the face of his mother, a kind face really and the one that brought him into the only life that he knew. From a young age he had been educated about the world, but Damian did not know much about himself. He knew he had been born, but the difference between him and other children was not something that ever came to mind. In fact from a young age he had no real contact with anyone other than the people over him, talking about a destiny that he knew nothing about. Something about the perfect hero or something along those lines, however a lot of it made little sense to him beyond that fact that they may have been talking about him. What was being said made more sense around the age of ten when his powers first developed, likely the product of the occasionally shots from glowing syringes that he received through his life.

The first development was amazing strength, when he had accidentally shattered a table rather than just hitting it with his fist as had been intended. This was when they began to be more open with him about the supposed purpose that had been given to him within his life. The short version was that he had been born, or rather created to be the perfect hero. A metahuman that no matter the obstacle would be able to protect the world, which sounded rather arbitrary to him  but then again one did not have much choice within why they were born. So despite what many would suggest, he went along with what he was told considering he did not really consider that it wasn’t what he wanted. From there was him training with his abilities as they steadily began to grow and more understanding came about them. This was when it was discovered that his body thrived on solar and UV radiation, meaning that  getting more to develop would have been easier than thought.

Considering how his body worked, it was not too difficult to get his strength limits to rapidly rise as well as that was when they discovered a latent tactile telekinesis born as a secondary to his main power. This training went on for years, mostly to be sure that his powers were sound before a field test was in order, and in that time he began to grow restless even. Getting the chance to prove himself was something that Damian wanted more than anything and so he waited. His first chance to prove himself came around  a year ago, granted he considered him ready to help with The New York assault there was a general consensus that he was not quite ready to deal with a disaster on that level. His chance to shine came in when he helped stop what could have been a potential world wide emergency in the form of a powerful metahuman far before they would have even proven that great of a threat. There wasn’t as much praise as he would have expected but then again that wasn’t why he was doing what he was doing.

After managing this, that was when he began to fulfill the purpose that had been given him, and yet he could not help to wonder if this was all he was meant for. However, regardless you could say he’s pretty good at what he does anyway.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Enhanced Physiology: His physiology is unique in the fact that his cells are evolved to the point that they can take in and metabolize solar and UV radiation to fuel them rather than typical means of sustenance. This allows him to take in these waves and actually use them to power his superhuman abilities.

Superhuman Strength: His muscles are enriched with solar energy, which through a complex process allows them to lift a superhuman amount of weight with minimal effort. Further supplementing this is a tactile telekinetic field that extends over whatever he lifts, allowing him to lift said object without it breaking apart around him, thus effectively allowing him to lift an impressive amount even among superhumans. He has been shown to be able to lift heavy objects such as oil tankers, skyscrapers and even weight equal to multiple city blocks with minimal effort. He is also capable of exerting an impressive amount of force through his fists, allowing him to harm superhumanly durable opponents as well as break through some of the most durable metals around. It has been speculated that his strength has no true limit, but there is no way to actually test that theory.

Superhuman Speed: He can achieve superhuman levels of speed with ease, allowing him to outrun cars with seeming ease and even matching some faster metahumans when putting some effort into it. Average cruising speed for him is around Mach 13 and when pushing himself he can reach Mach 20.

Superhuman durability and heat immunity: His cells are enriched with solar energy, he is capable of taking an immense amount of damage without stopping. This ranges from taking a tank shell to the face with no issue at all, to even taking blows from some of the most powerful metahumans around without serious injury. His internal organs are about as tough, if not tougher than his skin, meaning that penetrating his skin and muscle does not always mean it would be a fatal blow, though he is by no means indestructible.  His body seems to have exceptional resistance to heat and flames, allowing him to take intensely hot flames as well as heat without taking damage. Even the softest tissues within his body are durable, allowing him to even take a bullet to the eyes without nothing more than needing to blink. He can eat bunker busters to the face without flinching and even surviving a nuclear detonation without any permanent disfigurements.

Superhuman Reflexes/Reaction/Perception: His body is a fine tuned machine, and thanks to the solar energy coursing through him, he can react to think’s much faster than normally. This also allows him to perceive things while running at his fullest speed.

Flight: Making use of the minor tactile telekinetic power he has, he can propel himself through the air as well as just levitating. He can fly superhumanly fast, reaching upto mach 15 when pushing himself.

Superhuman senses: He can see, hear and smell far better than any human could hope to.

Enhanced vision: His eyes can see in various spectrums, ranging from infrared to X-ray.

Solar energy manipulation: Due to his body being powered by solar energy, he can also manipulate the energy that he has absorbed into himself. While this is perhaps his most destructive power, it is also the highest risk one considering that he could rapidly expand the energy that is powering his other powers.

Superhuman regeneration: While his body has a natural regenerative factor, it can be sped up by being exposed to the sun. While in direct sunlight his regeneration increases exponentially, allowing him to recover from minor wounds within the span of a minute, though major and fatal wounds take a little longer to heal from. They can range from three minutes to even an hour depending upon severity, though lost limbs would take a day or more to fully recover within sunlight. While under sunlight, Atlas has shown that he can explosively increase this regeneration by dedicating energy to the injury and temporarily decreasing his capabilities.

Magical Weakness: Magic for one reason or another has an easier time doing damage to him than usual.

Dark based powers: Shadow manipulation and dark based abilities have an easier time doing damage to him.

Lead: His enhanced vision cannot see through lead, and in actuality it scrambles his vision up.

Weather: During stormy or heavy weather, he finds his flight much harder to use, especially when flying at faster speeds. This typically takes the form of him being blinded by water getting into his eyes.

Super Senses: His super senses can be overloaded by things such as loud noises,  and bright flashes of light.

Heroic: He will go out of his way to save a civilian rather than going after a villain, which makes hostages very useful.

Trade offs: While he may be resistant towards heat based attacks and environments, intense cold and cold based attacks will do more damage than normal.

Empty Battery: When using his solar charge power, he expends all of his solar energy gathered within him. This reduces him to a human state, meaning that he would need to recharge before he can be superhuman once again. This means someone can easily kill, capture or do whatever they want to him while he is in this state.

Frozen: Injuries that result from extreme cold or because of frozen flesh recover slower, and require massively more energy to recuperate from should he attempt to route energy towards it. This leads to dips in his strength for up to ten minutes at a time should he attempt this.

Enhanced regeneration: While it isn't anywhere near the level of rapid regeneration, he is capable of repairing himself faster than the average person. Typically his injuries repair themselves four times faster than normal, allowing him to recover from things far faster than a human but not within battle. This mostly functions to halt dangerous bleeding.

Self sustenance: He is capable of running off of solar energy alone, meaning that he does not need to eat, sleep or even breathe so long as he can gain access to solar energy or some manner of UV radiation. in a sense he works as a battery, and stores up this radiation as fuel for both his powers and himself.

Physical Priority
Strength 1
Endurance 2
Agility 3
Reaction 4

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Damian Miles [Atlas] Empty Re: Damian Miles [Atlas]

Post by Red November 1st 2015, 1:29 am

The tastful superman type is approved.


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