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The Reverse QuickKid

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The Reverse QuickKid

Post by Quick on November 13th 2014, 8:04 pm


Reverse Quickkid
"There are no more strings on me."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Jason Ryes
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Reverse QuickKid/ Quick
Title: Clone of QuickKid/Subject 2
Alignment: Chaoic Evil
Age: looks:16     real age:3 months
Gender: Male
Race: human
Hair: short black
Eyes: red
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Weight: 130 ibs
Blood type: -B

The Looks

Jason has short black hair that goes to his ears. He has pale skin. The eyes are blood red. From working out and training he has a very well fit body. The eye brows are short black and pointy. He has a black and red striped hoodie with black jeans. He had a pair of black combat boots. He owns a friction proof suit with a backwards lighting bolt that is red which. he wears under his clothes.

The Legacy

Jason is a much more darker version of the original. He only acts like a nice guy as a cover up to make sure no one can connect him to his metahumans identity. He is actually a cold and murderous man bent on making anyone he chooses have a living hell of a life. But he can be show passion to others, but it would be very hard to do. He doesn't know why, but he hates QuickKid with a burning passion ever snice they locked eyes.

Jason hardly remembers how he came into the world. Once he was a sample of Quickkid's DNA that was stolen by a hired hand from the Brooklyn police station after QuickKid's performance saving another bank. In this save QuickKid got a minor wound that bleed out a little. The police got the blood sample from the crime seen, but it was stolen before it could be tested to see who QuickKid was. Because of this they couldn't really put anymore info on QuickKid into their databanks of metahumans. So all that they had on him was that he was a hero and that he has superspeed nothing other then that.
The sample was given to a scientist that was a enemy to QuickKid. He would use his blood to create a clone of QuickKid to destroy him with. After a few short mouths of research he created The Reverse QuickKid after a failed attempt with a part of the sample. However the scientist didn't get rid of the body as he had plans for it. Subject to also dub Jason Ryes was a extremely quick learner. He learned how to use and control his powers fast and learned a few combat styles.
However Jason didn't want to be a pawn in his plan and had plans of his own. After crippling the man of created him, Jason left to plan his attack on QuickKid. He even enrolled in his school to keep a close eye on him and learn his weakness. Jason saw that Quick had gotten into a relationship with a girl in his class. Jason also found out after some stalking that Quick even let her in on his secret. Jason knew what he can do to deviate QuickKid. Jason kidnapped Quickkid's girlfriend and contacted him treating to kill her if he doesn't show up to a fight. Quick showed and was shocked to see who had her. Jason then explained who he was and what he will do.
To show that he wasn't screwing around, Jason created a sonicboom and it put Quick's girlfriend in a fatal state. A fight broke out between the two and Jason came out on top after a while. Quick left the fight to bring his girl to the hospital, but it was to late and she died from her injuries. Satisfied Jason left Brooklyn to plan out bigger for himself.

The Powers

Power 1: Superspeed

Jason has the power of superspeed. He can run for 4 hours without rest, but he does get hungrier faster then anyone. His speed allows him too run on water and on builds. He can dodge liner attacks by using his speed to side step, but attacks that don't attack in a line he can't dodge very easy. He can use his speed to fight much faster and throw rapid punches. He can punch through light metals with his strength and speed.  Change in gravity can effect him.

Power 2: Phasing (ability points:2)

Jason can use vibrate his molecules to phase through solid objects and people. He can use this able with any part of his body. Density of object may affect ability's effectiveness. This power may be affected by energy or mystical effects.

Power 3: Accerated perception (ability points:2)

In order to use his superspeed he needs faster perception. With this new perception he can run as fast as he wants without running in too things. He can even process information so fast he can learn things and remember them in seconds. This helps him when dodging liner attacks making him able to process the fact he is being attack fast enough to react. But it doesn't help him with everything and things can take him by suprise. He can even use this to process information at high speeds that times appears to slow down almost completely. While he does this he moves around more freely then others.

Power 4: Shock wave (ability points:3)

Jason can create power shock waves/ sonicbooms by a snap of is fingers.

Intelligence: 4
Fighting Skills:3

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Re: The Reverse QuickKid

Post by Danny The Sphinx on November 14th 2014, 9:42 pm

Approved with much hate for Quickkid

Danny The Sphinx

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