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Seam Empty Seam

Post by Powder Miner September 22nd 2014, 9:18 pm

Elke Eberhardt

Basic Biography

Real Name: Elke Gewinde Eberhardt
Hero:  Seam
Alignment: NG
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Human, Caucasian, American.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Orange
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 134
Blood type: B-

The Looks

Elke stands at 5'7'', with a lithe and graceful build that is about average in weight. She is a young woman, clearly somewhere in her early twenties. Her skin is a rather pale shade of white, and her facial structure is rather smooth. Her hair is straight, a very yellow blonde, and it goes down just past her chin. Her eyes aren't a natural color, as they're a warm orange color, and they seem to often have a gleeful twinkle in them. Her clothing choices are pretty varied, though almost always colorful, and made of a variety of different materials. Her favorite materials seem to be linen and denim for casual wear and her one precious silk dress for formal wear.
Her hero outfit is very eclectic: Though it has a simple blue under-jumpsuit, it has an extra layer of fabrics on the shirt and pants, as well as on an extra mini-skirt. These fabrics are of almost any given kind, and form a pattern of rainbow lines that spirals through the entire outfit, making it very distinctive, very colorful, and actually quite tough.

The Legacy

Elke has a rather lighthearted personality as a whole. While not manic, she usually does have an airy cheeriness about her, practically projecting a warm happiness. She looks on every situation, mundane or magical, battle or social, optimistically, expecting that she can find a good way to deal with nearly anything. Though this does boost her confidence quite a bit, it also has a downside: she has trouble learning when to quit. She has a mischievious side to her, not afraid to mess with someone a little if it would be hilarious. This isn't out of any sense of viciousness, however, merely a particularly terrible sense of humor. Speaking of said terrible sense of humor, she is especially fond of terrible, terrible jokes and puns, which can be quite a nuisance... but she does find a way to take cheer from quite a lot. She's very friendly, and despite her seeming naivete she actually has a little bit of an understanding of the things beyond the world.

She doesn't handle disappointment very well, and should it become apparent that a situation truly can't end well for her, the energy pretty much deflates from her. This can prove a pretty bad liability should things go sour, and may lead to a drop in her combat ability. It goes without saying that if someone should actively attempt to demoralize her, she may be hit very hard, despite the fact that she is quite bubbly until then.
Elke Gewinde Eberhardt was born into a family that had dipped into the occult. Her mother Carla, weaver by day and mystic by night, had gone beyond the simple shams of a street-corner psychic and had actually begun to discover the world of the occult. Her father was a man aiming to be a wizard, and the two met learning from the same mystical teacher. They fell in love and eventually married. Neither of them possessed the metagene, but then again they didn't need to: their combined magical prowess ensured that their child would end up rather versed in the occult arts. Unfortunately, twelve years into Elke's childhood, her father Henry disappeared while on the hunt for some particularly magical materials, leaving Carla a simple mother.

After that, Carla was understandably heartbroken and, seeing how it had ended for her husband, refused to further teach Elke in the ways of magic, and instead redirected her to her much less occult job: weaving. And though Elke did take to weaving like a charm, the allure of the occult would never leave Elke satisfied. She went through her father's texts whenever she knew she wouldn't get caught, and though it was far, far slower learning than it had been when her father had actually been there, Elke slowly picked up a few things. She became more adept in the knowledge of the occult, and she also learned of the item her father had been searching for when he disappeared: the Silver String, a heavily enchanted piece of thread that was rumored to be able to create an incredibly powerful magic item when sown into a fabric.

And when Elke turned 18 she pursued the String. Unlike her father, she managed to find it, and remain alive in the process. When Elke got a hold of it, she grasped it in her hand tightly as she left the forest, triumphant, if saddened by the memory of her father's disappearance. The Silver String had an effect that was completely unexpected-- it completely took her meager spellcasting ability, but in return gave her the far greater powers she has today. She learned her limits and gained stronger with them for four years, quietly practicing her new art, but... she wasn't satisfied. She felt that there was no point to having these abilities in the first place if she didn't do anything with them. So, feeling ready to act with her powers, Elke looked to the outside world for inspiration. And, after the disasters that happened with NYC, she didn't see metahumans as monsters. She saw them as the ones who had defended the city, the ones who were helping it get back together. She saw superheroes and she knew she had found her calling.

The Powers

Power 1: Woven Summon (8 ABI): The main power given to Seam, Seam can weave together fabric-beings beforehand with a  supernatural speed and ease, and then by tugging on a string in a special little box, she can bring the fabric-being being remotely towards her, summoning said being to fight or work for her. There are a few, specific spirits for these beings, and therefore she cannot simply make a mass amount of them for storage.

Level 3: Knits:
Knits, small servant summons:
Level 4: Weaves:
Weaves, basic fighting summons:
Level 5: Warrior Weaves:
Warrior Weaves, trained fighting summons:
Level 6: Threadcasters:
Threadcasters, entangling ability summons:
Level 7: Cable Titans:
Cable Titans, extremely durable summons:
Level 8: String-Slicers
String-Slicers, skilled and dangerous bladed golems:

Power 2: Eye For Detail (1 ABI):  As a secondary effect of the burst of magic that gave her superpowers, Seam's eye for detail has been enhanced to superhuman levels. Specifically, she is capable of seeing things smaller than a human normally could, in addition to being able to spot small details with more ease.

Power 3: Boosted Speed (6 SPD, 5 FS): Seam's speed and reflexes have been enhanced to superhuman levels as a tertiary effect of the burst of magic that gave her superpowers.

Power 4: Boosted Occult Learning (5 OCC): Seam has found that, with the Silver String, her ability to learn the ways of the occult has been enhanced.
Occult: 5
Strength: 3
Speed: 6
Durability: 2
Ability: 8/1
Fighting Skills: 5
Magic: 0
Spells: 0
Flight: 0
Wealth: 1

Argil stats: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Seam stats: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Flagfall stats: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Seam Empty Re: Seam

Post by Odien September 22nd 2014, 9:33 pm

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