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The Goblin Slave Market (WIP)

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The Goblin Slave Market (WIP) Empty The Goblin Slave Market (WIP)

Post by Gemini February 21st 2014, 9:50 pm


We all thought that slavery was run out of our lives many years ago, but recent developements in the docking area of Chicago have proven that some people aren't getting the message. There have been several reports of a slave market being run right in our city. While this may seem hard to beleive as it is, the reports also go on to say that they are being run by Goblins. While the idea may see crazy we have to accept that we do not live in the same times anymore and that magic and folklore are real. As are goblins.

While they may not be of our race, they will have to follow our rules as police officials have said they are working as hard as they can to trainagulate the location of the market. All the information on the matter we could get was that the police had a number of witnesses and have managed to pin the market to a specific district. I think I speak for everyone in Chicago when I say I hope they find them soon.

-Article by Trishy Voneromo.

Dreamcatcher put his paw on the newspaper to stop it from flying of in the wind, which caused his blonde fur to lap side to side like occean waves. His dry tongue lapped his lips before a determined furrow adopted his face. Taking his paw of the newspaper, it's pages turned over and eventually it was lifted into the air and began swirling around before vanishing into the overcast abyss above. "This is bad! Slaving is evil..' Dreamcatcher stopped for a moment and looked to the sky, trying to remember whether or not slaving was the one where you steal and sell people like objects to serve, or if it was some kind of roof building. 'I think..." Well it had to be, if even the newspaper people were making a fuss about it. I doubt goblin's running a roofing company would be newspaper worthy, unless it was maybe in an advert. And it's really unlikely they'd need the police invovled, unless they were doing extreme roofing with lasers and stuff. Giggling internally Dreamcatcher sat on the ground and turned his head to notice an elderly man sitting on a bench. Staring right at him.

"D-... did that cat just talk?"
he asked himself, raising an eyebrow in disbelief. Dreamcatcher just stared right back and in a panic said "N-no?" before trying to act like a cat with lots of stretching. The old man shuffled backwards and looked into his coffee that he'd mixed in with some vodka. He knew 9 in the morning was far too early for it, but he didn't have any family left to stop him. it was both tragic and liberating. "I need to stop drinking this stuff..." he spoke into his cup, before leaving it on the side of the bench and quickly walking off. Now that that was dealt with, he had to get to work on finding this slave market.
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