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Supernus Empty Supernus

Post by Supernus December 3rd 2013, 4:57 pm

Supernus landed with a ground cracking thud, shaking the trees of the park around him.

It was a seemingly calm summer afternoon, the sun was dimming, casting an orange hue over the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. The town was still buzzing with rush hour traffic, and few citizens noticed the young man land on the open grassy area in the park north of the city.

He rose from his kneel as he brushed the dust off his skin-tight chained spandex suit (Much like the Man-Of-Steel suit). The suit itself was a dark steel-ish color, but it looked bronze at this time of day.
His blue cape rustled in the gentle breeze and all seemed to be fine in the area he had recently begun protecting.

Supernus was a sixteen year old boy. He had dark brown hair, hazel eyes, was muscular for his age. As well as respectively tall (6ft, give or take an inch).

A woman looked at the young man, and shook her head as if she couldn't believe this is what the world had come too.

He smiled apologetically and shrugged.
'Not everyone is going to like me, I suppose...' Supernus thought to himself as the smile slowly melted off his face, returning to his usual frowning expression.
'Being a superhero means you've got to be quick and Aler--'


He was thrown toppling backwards, unable to finish his thought as he slammed into a tree, leaving a splintering indent from where he had hit it and sending leaves spiraling in all directions.

'Oof...' He thought thought; dazed. 'What the hell was that?'

"I see you're the so called 'Hero' everyone's been suddenly praising!" a resentful voice called from his right.

Supernus turned to face his adversary.

The man was in a black spandex suit that covered the entirety of his body, except for his chest and legs, which were covered in plate armor, similar to knights armor. He looked to be older than Supernus, only judging on body structure in comparison to his, which looked to him as about his early to mid twenties.

"Oh come now, does my reputation not proceed me?" He asked, his arms spread out to the side in an openly sarcastic gesture.

"I, uh..." Supernus said, "No. Who are you..?" He replied, his arms folded across his chest.

"I am Devestro, heroic wrech!" He snapped, clentching his fists.

"Well. I'll give you one chance to leave now, and we can forget this buisness." Supernus warned, his brow furrowing.

Devestro said nothing, but looked Supernus in the eye. His eyes were covered by mirrored lenses, so you could not see his actual eye. They made him look menacing, as you could still make out facial features such as his scowl of his mouth or the deep frown hidden under that spandex mask.

He finally replied.


Time seemed to slow down as Devestro came at Supernus with lightning speed, hitting the hero in the jaw.

"GAH!" Supernus yelled as he spun in the air, but recovering when he hit the ground to prevent a full wipe out.

"Go! Run!" He shouted at the citizens to Charlotte, watching in awe as two super-powered beings clashed in their city.
They quickly obliged, grabbed their belongings and dashed out of the park.

"No more mister nice guy." Supernus said as his eyes glew like firey coals, only they we're an icy blue.

He kicked off the ground with blinding speed, soaring at his opponent who yelled a battle cry and sprinted at him.

They clashed.

It was a flurry of punches, strength against speed, good against evil.
They fought viciously.
Devestro shot bolts of energy from his hands when at a ranged distance, often clenching his fists after charging energy to enhance his punches and make them dangerously hot.

"I won't let you hurt this town!"

"You will try!"

Supernus' anger got the better of him, as he began to use more of his superhuman strength and speed to outmatch his foe.

He loved a fair fight, but he thought about what might happen if he lost.

Supernus fired a beam of arctic blue energy from his eyes that was barely dodged by Devestro, and turned the tree behind the villain into a solid chunk of ice.

He struck while his oppenent rubber-necked to see what the beam had done, and caught Devestro in the side of the head with a backhand and followed up with an uppercut to the jaw, knocking the villain unconscious.

The fight was over, and he had won.

Every muscle in his body ached from pushing his powers to an extent he had not tried before.
That's what powers were like to him: They were muscles. The more you used the power, the more you controlled it, and the more powerful the ability became.

He was sweating and his short hair was glued to his forehead as he walked over to check the vital signs of his unconscious opponent.

'Good. He's still alive...' Supernus thought to himself as he looked around to survey the damage. Not too shabby... Except for that tree, which was slowly thawing and now had a squirrel licking the water dripping off it.

Devestro sputtered, and choked up blood. "This... this isn't over, Supernus. I will find you again... I will take what's yours... And then I will kill you."
As soon as he finished that sentence, his head lolled back and his eyes rolled back into his head.

"Yeah, you can try." Supernus muttered as he picked up the villain and flew him to the CMPD (Charlotte-Mecklemberg Police Department) to drop him off and return home.

(Reviews are welcome!)

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Supernus Empty Re: Supernus

Post by Chellizard December 3rd 2013, 5:05 pm


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