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Prison. (open to 3 people.)

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Prison. (open to 3 people.) Empty Prison. (open to 3 people.)

Post by The Womb October 25th 2013, 5:07 pm

I've started an RP in chicargo set in a prison. The sentiment behind it is that the Womb wants to find someone who thinks like he does and so lets himself become incarcerated. I'd like to start up a group again and I was thinking it could start here. It's a good setup cause you could either already be there for some reason, or join later on by way of being hauled in by the cops. You can all have your own reasons for being there and get creative with it. If you're looking for good character based progression then this is a good place too come. If you're interested in philosophy of life, morals, sociotey and even comedy and love, then you should know that those kinds of themes are strongly linked with my character.

I'm really trying to advertise this cause I'd like to get some good, new writers together. I dunno how many newbies there are these days but if you're fairly new and consider yourslef to be of a higher than average writer then hit me up here. I have a plan for this rp, but that will be discussed IC. I like to do all my plot IC as it means the story can become more maliable and get more creative in it's way.

So yeah I think that's everything. Oh and by the way, old charries can join too, it's just that I like to give the new guys a cause cause it can be hard to get into Rp's at first.

"Only from The Womb springs Life and Death" - WOMB
Prison. (open to 3 people.) Offica10

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