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Plant Man

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Plant Man Empty Plant Man

Post by The Perfect Sandwich on September 6th 2013, 4:50 am


Basic Biography

Real Name: Xeno (Project Xeno)
Title: Plant Man
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 67(looks 30, feels 14)
Gender: Male
Race: Plant
Hair: White
Eyes: Lime Green
Height: 5'1
Weight: 123
Blood Type Plant Sap

The Looks

Either include pictures in Spoilers, a smaller picture/s for the PROFILE, or a very detailed description of your characters physical appearance and costume.

First Form
Plant Man Casual-man-rigged-3d-model-cman0017m4
Second Form
Plant Man Plant_man_by_lady_stage-d8nbq7h
Third Form
Plant Man 36985e52141ef5d698f577ec3902e75e

The Legacy

Though he might be an experiment; he still has normal emotions with the advanced science to give a plant human understanding. He has self awareness and can socially speak with others on advanced levels. He continues to evolve and adapt to all  strict and harsh environment.

A long awaited time in the lab, Dr. Dennard Le Brotroiux  had been going over a couple researches that would further advance human stasis in survival. He had been mutating a plant cell to sustain under extreme conditions to survive in all climate changes and grow in a prosperous manner to rapidly produce oxygen cells.  After several more hours of coming up with ways to produce the cell to sustain massive life, it started to go perfectly. It was being designed to be placed on the moon as another source of oxygen for longer spans of research while other scientist were up there.

As everything seemed to be going as planned the doctor went through a heart attack knocking his research on the ground and table. The liquid that had the enhanced plant cells began to run onto the floor and onto the doctors skin. It was a merge of plant and mammal cells until both became enhanced to the point to co exists together. I`t would not take long for other researchers to find and retrieve the doctor and get him to medical needs, but you could also say this same event had shut down the wing that was doing experiments on the plant cell. As the doctor recovered Project Xeno took place and began to mutate and revive itself as if it had a material body. Several days went by and the plant had been able to grow into a human size tree, but was still not done. With the enhanced cell pattern the plant slowly grew characteristics resemblance to humans with body and thought process becoming a human plant.

After a while and the mess cleaned up, no one suspected anything since no trace of this man or plant was found. Before the plant left on its own accord it had read the name tags on the vile learning it's name. Xeno was now free, but was not done advancing into something great. He began everyday activities till the point he learned human language and fighting styles. He also learned various skills like socializing, cooking, cleaning, and even the ability to play music on many different musical instruments. In others eyes he was a genius and a prodigy. Able to compete in everything they though of him as the prodigal human athlete who was also gifted in intelligence. They knew it right, but he knew better. After also reading the news and watching TV he knew he was also like the other meta humans.

He had many unique traits, but only showed a few in the human world. He was resiliently strong, fast, and durable. He had amazing regeneration and an intelligence to help him out of the craziest of times and he could also transform when the situation was dire. He was born a good plant, but could also act like a good meta human and human to boost. He would be the next big change in human society.

Small summary was he was human when ever he needed to be or at least when the sun was present or Carbon Dioxide. He could change to a super human when he absorbed more or had two present solution energies to absorb from and could take means even higher when he had a constant flow of all three energies he needs to fuel his final form. His energies he needed was water, CO, and the energy from sun rays. He was a human living on the needs of a plant.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are BALANCED with proper weaknesses.)


Power List 1:
1: Super Strength- 500+tons
2: Super Speed- Mach 3
3: Super Durability- unknown limits
4: Super Intelligence- mental capacity of a super computer and can help in fights and in situations of need
5: Regeneration- quick enough to fix or heal broken appendages or stop fatal damage.
6: Transformation- Will change appearance and abilities for a higher form
7: Heightened Perception- He can perceive things at the speeds he can run allowing him quick movement in cramped places

Power List 2:
1: Plant Manipulation- Can control the start and manipulation of plants
2: Monstrous Strength- 1000 tons +
3: Cellular Regeneration- He heals at a much faster pace closing the most vital wounds in 3 minutes or more
4: Nigh Invulnerability- So far it is his highest durability, but still has unknown amount of force



Weakness  List 1: 
1:Dark based attacks do more damage
2:Cold temp below freezing makes him run normal human speed
3:All types of fire
4:Being too Prideful, can lead to him messing up than out thinking his opponent
5:The only way for his body to regenerate is to absorb water into it
6:Only transform with water, carbon dioxide, and sun is effecting him
7:Can not socialize with outside world

Weakness List 2:
1:Does not move, except spinning around in one place

RP Mechanics


RP Mechanic(s):
After absorbing his max energy and more. He releases or creates plants faster in order to relieve energy.
If he dies in combat or other methods, He will turn into a tree and be reborn from a fruit of the tree.

Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Reaction: 3
Agility: 2
Endurance: 4
Strength: 1

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Plant Man Empty Re: Plant Man

Post by Arcana on September 7th 2013, 4:13 am

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Plant Man Empty Re: Plant Man

Post by The Daemon on April 11th 2015, 8:18 pm

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Plant Man Spirit10
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Plant Man Empty Re: Plant Man

Post by The Bolt on October 13th 2015, 3:44 pm

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