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When Time Runs Out

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Re: When Time Runs Out

Post by Hanna on August 28th 2013, 10:25 pm

Salone’s eye snapped open and she fixed him with a brown eye, as if she was knew exactly what he was thinking with the cooking and the daughters…. Oh wait… she kinda did. She made an amused noise and buried her head in the crook of her arm, before pointing at Artemis and Penny.

“Humans, decide.” Salone would much rather take a nap than do anything; even if it did give her nightmares. That caused Penny to sigh, Salone never ever used to want to take naps… or be sleepy in the day for that matter.

“Our flight is tomorrow morning, we can do something today if we wish or stay here and do whatever we please.” Penny needed to do something fun to get her mind out of its darkest recesses. She looked at Artemis, maybe the group could go look at some local thing… like sight see or boating… or something…


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Re: When Time Runs Out

Post by Artemis on August 28th 2013, 10:34 pm

Artemis shrugged. "I don't care either way. Although this place smells nice, different then the human jungles." said Artemis, then something Jake said clicked. "Hey! I'm human to! I think..." She looked at Jake for a few moments after before turning her gaze away. "For the longest time I thought there was no life outside the forest, then i discovered modern humans. And now I learn that there is stuff beyond the large water. I would like to check it out a bit more."

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Re: When Time Runs Out

Post by Hanna on August 30th 2013, 12:41 am

Salone made a noise of amusement, “I am pretty sure you are human Artemis that is why I did point at you and Penny after all.”
Soon it was settled, the four people left that day to go on an adventure. Penny had taken charge since Salone was half asleep, Artemis and Jake had no idea what to expect. After packing the car, Penny managed to get them all in. Sticking Salone and Jake in the back and she put Artemis in the front. Salone fell asleep within the first fifteen minutes of the drive that would lead them up into the mountains. For the time being the danger seemed momentarily at bay, the shapeshifter was no longer dying, and with time maybe they would all heal from this ordeal.

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