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Alarm Clocks Don't Work for Vampires

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Alarm Clocks Don't Work for Vampires

Post by keblinky on June 5th 2013, 8:17 pm

"Christ, coming to this wasteland of a city was a mistake, now all I can do is wait as these freaks gut me, what was I thinking?" A panicking vampire laid out on a surgical table is the first one involved in this little story, a fellow who went by the name of Luther, quite the knowledgeable fellow, he fancied himself an archaeologist. He used to live in London, but came to New York in search of easy prey, what a fool he was. Now, the good people over at Seis Technologies were dissecting him. Of course, he didn't know who they were, just that a team of men with very large guns had taken him down and brought him here. "Wait, WAIT! I can tell you about things! Lost knowledge, yet unknown to you! About a powerful vampire, an ancient named Ambrose!" At this, one of the scientists stopped the dissection and proceeded to tap a button. He was calling down a very important man, the head of Seis Technologies. This would certainly be interesting.

Meanwhile, far down south, another vampire was making his move. A man by the name of Leonard, he was a fairly meek vampire and wasn't even superhuman. Only strong by human standards, Leonard had focused on intellectual pursuits instead. Having lived in London most of his life, the young vampire had made a discovery that he felt he needed to share. He needed to give this information to the Lord of Shadows himself. With a quick flight across the Pond, the youngling came to New Orleans and went to a highly respected vampire. He was pointed towards Cain, and was currently shouting into an intercom. "I have found something, something you need to know my Lord! I have found it, I have found the sleeping place of the Elder, Ambrose!"

Now this Elder, a man by the name of Ambrose, was known quite well among the high society vampires of London. A bit of a legend, this vampire was known for his curious brand of brutality, and his extreme strength. Originally from Greece, and turned in the lands of the Middle East, he was one of the last of an immensely old bloodline. Their true name was only known to him and a few other Elders, but among historians, they were known as The Hounds, and among the common folk, The Baskervilles. These beasts were Demonic hounds, capable of wreaking terror and destruction across entire nations, ancient vampire lords, masters of their powers, and mostly psychopaths. Now they remain either dead or buried, with only two or three still roaming the Earth, the remnants of a vampire bloodline now lost to time.

Ambrose had been banished during a meal. A vampire hunter with a very special gun most rudely interrupted the ancient man. The gun fired a silver bullet. Normally, this would have been no issue for Ambrose, but the bullet was made of a melted down cross taken from Manchester Cathedral, and then blessed by the Archbishop. Confined to an ancient crypt, Ambrose would slumber for eons, only waking once to feast on some coal miners, but with the bullet still imbedded inside of him, fell back into torpor.

The crypt itself is massive, spanning across many graveyards, and at the very center, lies Ambrose. Around him, in the smaller coffins, are the minor vampires and beasts that were captured, a few weak thinbloods, some lowblooded lycans, even a few zombies and ghouls were spread around here. The stench of rotting flesh is overpowering down in the crypts, and anyone foolish enough to enter them will be savaged by the various vampires, werewolves, and zombies stuck down their. These were put there both to protect the local people, and to guard Ambrose. The vampire hunter sure didn't take many chances with the Elder.

Ambrose himself was currently in a fitful state of sleep, slowly rotting without fresh blood, yet kept alive by his ancient blood, a dead god dreaming. His dreams were swirls of predatory ecstasy, dreams of ancient gods, chaotic swirls of madness, and the fantasies of a long forgotten vampire, to gorge himself on the blood of these new humans, to make a feast of the world. Yet with every passing minute, he was losing strength. Ambrose needed to be awakened soon, and with quite a bit of blood. Preferably by another vampire, but Ambrose would be willing to take help from ANYONE at this point.

Now, as these events converge and Ambrose slumbers, the underworld shakes with anticipation. Who will find this vampire first? The Lord of Shadows? The mad scientist? A vampire hunter? Who, who, who, this is the question, for Ambrose feels the bonds of his slumber slowly melt away as the fates bring these men closer to him. He will no longer slumber.

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Re: Alarm Clocks Don't Work for Vampires

Post by CainVulsore on June 10th 2013, 7:48 pm

The sudden explosion of sound and rushing about in the theater down below caught Cain’s interest even from his high away room hidden in the shadows above. It seemed that as a joke one of his ‘higher ups’ had a poor chap from London screaming into an item that he was told was an intercom, yet as soon as the words left his mouth that actually made sense to said higher up. Well the poor naive Vampire was escorted across the plank and up the stairs to the door that led into The Lord of Shadow’s room. When the man barged in Cain of course wasn’t too sure what he was supposed to say, other than get out which he of course was just in the process of saying when the story was yelled out again.

This time though the New York, London, and New Orleans Vampire stopped to let the words settle in. An Elder Vampire was found in some crypts back in sweet old London, England? He wasn’t sure if the tale was true or not but the name of the vampire was certainly one he had heard tales about before. Oh yes, a vampire enthusiast such as himself, before becoming one of course, had heard all the tales of Ambrosius Baskerville or simply Ambrose. He was a truly frightening individual if the legends held true and was also someone Cain wanted back in this world if he had his say in the matter. Which just so happened thanks to little Leonard he did. “Get me Isak, a brute, a tracker, and a flyer. We’re taking a trip to London…”

The Lord of Shadows was in the mood to kill and in the mood to get what he was after, whoever dared to step in his was way certainly in for the surprise of their lives. Cracking his neck and sliding on his favorite leather jacket as he walked down the stairs to the main stage he clapped his hands getting the attention of everyone in the Theater at the time. “Attention everyone, me and the lucky three of you chosen will be going to London for the discovery of a lifetime, while I’m gone Leonard here will be in charge.” He said smiling ever so brightly at the shocked faces, patting Leonard on the back before snapping the vampire’s neck, picking the fool up and chucking the dead weight of a body down upon the spikes that made up the floor. There went the only other person in the room who knew the location of where Cain was headed.

“Hmmm well that was sudden, guess I’m in charge again… any of you try anything and you’ll end up just like poor Leonard over there, got it?” He asked with a cackle before turning to Isak, and the three vampires he requested. “Ready Isak? We’re going to shadow travel a tiny bit further this time boy… this time we’re off to London.” He said grabbing the ‘boy’s’ shoulder as the shadow monster rose up and grabbed his own shoulder, completing the circle between the six of them. Without any other questions they were all ‘swallowed’ by the shadows and transported to the exact location that Leonard revealed to Cain when telling him where Ambrose resided. Everything was slowly falling into place…

Cain Vulsore


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Re: Alarm Clocks Don't Work for Vampires

Post by Eric Slattery on June 12th 2013, 12:42 am

It had all begun in whispers, young vampires speaking about things that they knew nothing about. These whispers had come to the ears of none other than the ancient, that daughter of Rome known as Delicia. In fact it had come to her from a weathered immortal of five centuries known simply as Margaret these days, with her flowing brown locks and curious eyes that seemed to take in light, and those orbs became something even more interesting. She spoke of an ancient whose age even exceeded the great Daywalker, that alone made him a great threat to her. Cain was bearable, considering that he was still human when it came to his emotions and that was exploitable.

However this strange one would be unpredictable, something that she could not allow to simply be revived. So there was enough reason for her to go out and do a little research upon the immortal, though she remembered some of him from what her sire had said. He spoke alot and that was one of the reasons that she took care of him, but ow she tired of his talking was not the only reason he had to expire. "Do you know where this immortal is? I don't like wild goose chases." Delicia noted raising a silver brow, pale lips forming an extreme line.

"My information networks don't like elder." She assured with that business like smile.

"Very well, I will be off immediately." She said standing to her feet from the small plush chair she was sitting on moments ago, the sun long ago having sunk beneath the horizon. She would have to got there by plane but that alone would not be hard, considering that Delicia had friends in all of the right places. No, she would be there within hours, if she wanted to swim. Then the thought had hit her like a tone of bricks; she could just swim there. Within a few minutes she was off and on her way to London, and she would be there in a few hours.
Eric Slattery

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Re: Alarm Clocks Don't Work for Vampires

Post by Isak Zielinski-White on June 13th 2013, 11:39 pm

Isak wandered around in the abandoned amusement park. He had nothing to do and this whole place was still to be scouted by him because he had too much spare time. He had walked around most of the rollercoasters, the structures, the kids' playground. He was somewhere near Cain's theater, in some sort of food court. He saw a bench and sat on it. The boy truly was bored as of now and he didn't knew what to do. His savior arrived shortly after a long inspiration. It was a vampire, probably one of Cain's helpers. He had a serious look on his face.

-The Master wants to see you now. It is something of the most important matter.

Isak nodded without a word and followed. He wondered what Cain wanted. Last time had ended with a toasted local hero back in town. He hoped it was not some more twisted assignement given to him by the Master or even one of his plans. Anyway, the boy got in the theater and heard Cain giving a speech about going to London. Isak frowned. What did he had in mind? He knew he wasn't smart enough to find out like that, which is why he thought he'd discover it later on. He was brought to the Lord along with three vampires. There, his mentor told him they would do some shadow travel. Not that again, thought Isak. But before he could protest he was transported somewhere else. Isak looked around, curious, then he turned to Cain.

-Can I know why you chose me to come along in London? After what happened back at the bank I'm not sure I can do anything useful.

He seriously was wondering about being okay with teaming up again with Cain. But this time they were more than just the two of them so Isak guessed it was alright. Somehow.


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Re: Alarm Clocks Don't Work for Vampires

Post by hazard5259 on August 5th 2013, 3:27 am

((Sorry if I held this up. I figured I would give you guys some more time to make a grander move before I introduced Jake, but seeing as we haven't see some activity for a while I guess I'll drop a post.))
Los Angles

On the grounds of an estate just outside of the city to men squared off against each other. One wielded a rapier, the other A kattana and Wakazaski held Icepick style. One was older with a dark beard that covered his face. The younger shared many of the same facial features, including the signature dark thick black hair. Their dark green eyes focused on each other, awaiting for the other to make a move. The older man, the father to the younger, advanced and extended his arm takeing the rapier from the sky to parallel to the ground before thrusting at the younger.

The son, Jake reacted quickly, using the wakazashi to parry the attack before slashing at his father. He quickly reacted with a retreating step and a side step before riposting with a second thrust. This went on for several minutes, attack, parry, riposte, dodge, again. You could almost here the again after each set. The pattern perfect, until the father broke it with a fake and finely connecting with his rapier on his sons shoulder the ball not breaking skin, but forcing the blade to bend as the pressure increased.

Jake dropped his head in defeat, let out a great sigh and stood at attention bowing before his father, who in turn bowed to him. "Beware pattern my son, this is how you are tricked. Become to comfortable with the way something is constantly and you become un prepared for change." Jakes father continued, "This is the purpose of todays lesson. We have begun hearing rumors of stirrings over seas. You are being sent there in order investigate and in order for you to better learn this lesson. You plane leaves in 5 hours, pack up and be ready to go."

Jake was dismissed and went to his room to pack.


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