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A Predator and it's Prey

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A Predator and it's Prey Empty A Predator and it's Prey

Post by Xerox on June 5th 2013, 8:02 pm

A high pitched scream, the sound of shattering glass and incoherent, yet violent, mumbling could be heard inside the building behind him. Eyes closed and head tilted downward, Richard shook his head and sighed. How many times had he done this before? Twenty? Thirty? He'd lost count. Not really being the most memorable or skillful of characters, Rich was often given the role of lookout. The work wasn't actually all that hard. All you do is tell the other guys when you see the cops or, god forbid, a superhero. At most you discourage any would-be-heroes from interfering whatever the rest were doing. However, the work was really damn monotonous for the most part. It was almost painful how boring things could get, especially on a night like this when the street seemed devoid of all life and his accomplices were taking their sweet ass time. He wasn't even sure what they were doing in there, but from the sound of it they were probably extorting the store owner or calling in debts that the couple inside couldn't pay. From the racket they were making, it was clearly not a simple robbery.

With a light drizzle falling from the overcast sky and an uncomfortable mist rolling in, things only seemed to worsen for the career criminal. Fidgeting, he adjusted his stance against the wall adjacent the front door. The brick was neither comfortable, nor that clean, but he didn't really mind all that much. If things went well he wouldn't be here much longer. Thinking back to the reason he actually came along with these guys in the first place, Rich scowled lightly. An old 'friend' called in a favor to help him out with a small job. The man himself was pretty good guy, as far as crooks went. Having known him from his days in prison, Rich knew him to be a nice 'bad guy' most of the time. Definitely better than some of the wackjobs Rich had come across, he considered grimly. Though Richard's opinion of him had taken a drop today after the tight pocketed lowlife made him do this for free.

More shattering sounds and another scream reverberated in the desolate street. Whatever they were doing, they were certainly not being gentle about it. A quick glance up either sides of the street confirmed no one else was around. If there was someone or something else here, they were doing an excellent job of staying out of sight. The desire to light up a fresh one was there in his mind and had his stingy accomplice not taken his last one, he'd have done so gladly. Without warning, a sense of dread swept over him like an iron blanket. His chest tightened and as if someone was pressing down on his rib-cage, his breaths became shallow and pained. Dilated pupils shot from side to side, scanning the surrounding area for...whatever it was doing this to him. Catching only a glimpse of a shadow in the mist. He rubbed his eyes furiously with his arm, his eyes were obviously playing tricks on him. With inexplicable fear and a cold sweat building, Rich banged his fist against the door. "Hurry the hell up in there!" His sense of urgency carried over in his voice. His eyes widened and he made an abrupt turn around. He knew he heard something. Upholstering his gun, he readied himself.

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