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Disarmonia Empty Disarmonia

Post by Guest on May 27th 2013, 7:31 pm

"That writen in the ink of the scholar fades less quickly as the blood of a martyr."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Brayden Lynch
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Disarmonia
Title: The God Slayer
Alignment: Neutral Good / Neutral Evil
Age: 20 years old / over 10,000 years old
Gender: Boy
Race: Human / Spiritual entity
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 foot even / 6'5"
Weight: 184lbs. / 510lbs.
Blood type: O+ / O-

The Looks

Brayden Lynch:
Disarmonia Joanry11
Disarmonia Disarm10

The Legacy

Brayden is the cocky New Yorker who KNOWS he's all that. He's the best baseball player his college team has, he's the hot guy on campus and he's the one everyone likes. The fact that he's had attention his entire life has given him basically a high-horse attitude and he seems to rub off as a prick. This is correct. Brayden has a bit of an attitude issue and isn't looking to get it fixed anytime soon. Everyone wants to be this kid, and everyone treats the guy like he's the second coming of Christ. He's an aggressive, hard-headed guy who comes off as a perverted jock with a god complex.
Disarmonia views himself as a god amongst men. He's cruel, heartless, manipulative, and always straight to the point. He's proud, violent, and has absolutely no fear. A total God-complex creature who knows no fear and holds life as nothing more than something for him to take away from those who are not of his design.

Brayden has a tortured history. He had always been a star baseball player in his home town, he had enough talent to even make it professionally his little community believed. But while Brayden appeared to have it all, no one really learned the truth until it was too late. When Brayden was ten his parents underwent a gruesome divorce, which took a heavy mental toll on the poor boy. He blamed himself and he thought that he was the cause of the divorce. Brayden spent years alternating which parent he lived with, and no matter where he went he had it rough. His father was a raging alcoholic, who rejected his son for everything he did. No matter how good he was at sports or no matter how hard he tried to be the son his father wanted, he never could seem to measure up. Within the time at his dad's house he was abused, beaten, neglected and criticized on the harshest of levels. Even when he escaped from his father, he was with his mother. While his mother was much kinder to him, she was forced to make a lot of 'less than moral' choices and sold herself out just to make due with the life she had tried to build. No matter where he was, Brayden was never safe. A few years later, his mother ended up bringing home a client that took more interest in violence than what he made it out to be as. The man killed Brayden's mother, then after finding Brayden, violated him and cut him to death's door.
Once he recovered from the ordeal physically, he went to his dad, who now had full custody. Life with his father only worsened, now his father would tell Brayden that everything that happened WAS his fault. Eventually Brayden ran away, leaving his home and running to Chicago, on foot. Once there, he went to his mother's sister's house, and hid there. Brayden's father never looked for him, he refused to even have a funeral when they presumed him dead. Now Brayden lived with his Aunt, he finished high-school and with his Aunt being the influential person she was, pulled strings with the prestegious College of Genetic Research and Biological Sciences in Chicago. Brayden got in only because of his talent as a baseballl pitcher, and it earned him a full-scholarship. Brayden ended up almost failing out of the first semester, and ended up enlisting help from one of the smarter people in the entire college, a fellow student Zell Atterrius. Zell agreed to help Brayden so long as Brayden left him alone after that, a deal Brayden wasn't able to hold up to. The following year Zell and Brayden ended up being randomly assigned to the same dorm room, and There they both are to this day.
Disarmonia is the manifestation of 'The monster within' Brayden. Disarmonia is a guardian spirit that lives within the ancestry of Brayden's family. A Magi, one of the first men ever to master magic, created the being known as Disarmonia in order to help him conqure the world of mortals.The creature was so powerful, that he brought the beings who were known as God's to their knees. Brayden's Ancestor was the man who killed the magi. In the last of his moments the Magi fused Disarmonia with the knight, and cursed his bloodline. The Magi dies saying "One day, My power shall be unleashed once more." Now, Disarmonia has manifested inside Brayden.

The Powers

Power: Disarmonia Awakening: Grid shift from Brayden to Disarmonia. (2 ABL)

Power: Psionic barrier: Brayden's emotional stress levels or high adrenelin levels will trigger a chemical reacion in his brain, which will cause a nearly indestructible telekentic barrier that shields himself from harm to form. The shield is like a seocnd skin and fits tightly to him. (8 ABL)

Disarmonia's powers.

Power: Fog of War: Disarmonia takes the form of a misty haze. while in this form Disarmonia cannot be detected within the realm of mortality, neither can he be affected by anything of the physical realm. If disarmonia is inhaled, the mist will confuse the person who inhaled him. (Mist duration 2 turns. Turn CD) (2 ABL)

Power: Magic

1. Shadow's Masquerade: The Shadows in the pressence of Disarmonia will become unattached from their 'casters' and dance around like lunatics.(Basic)

2. Magic Veins: His veins glow with the magic coursing through him.(Basic)

3. Minor fire: Disarmonia throws out a fireball. (2 turn CD)(low)

4. Land of Confusion: Disarmonia ensnares an enemy inside an invisible box of psionic power. Lasts 3 posts (9 turn CD) (low)

5. Telekenesis: Disarmonia gains telekenetic powers, able to lift non-living things with a weight equal to a 3 Strength. lasts for 5 posts (15 post CD) (Medium)

6. Tag!: Disarmonia beomes a pool of blakc liquid that can manuever through cracks and creases. In this form Disarmonia is unable to harm an enemy, but can attempt to enter an enemy and reform inside them, forcing his way out of them [Kills when alllowed, only becomes unharmable to other PC's. 4 post intangibility, 12 turn CD) (Medium)

7.Keep-Away!: Disarmonia charges an object full of explosive energy and propels it as a high velocity. (4 turn CD) (High)

8. Disarmonia Mundi: Disarmonia unleashes a massive barriage of flame pillers that deal massive damage. Pillars last 6 turns (18 turn CD) (High)

Brayden's Grid:
Fighting Skills:1

Disarmonia's Grid:

Fighting Skills:4

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Disarmonia Empty Re: Disarmonia

Post by Guest on May 28th 2013, 4:07 pm

Ready for judgement

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Disarmonia Empty Re: Disarmonia

Post by Forceaus on May 28th 2013, 9:07 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

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