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Could it be a coincidence?(Open)

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Could it be a coincidence?(Open) Empty Could it be a coincidence?(Open)

Post by susej April 21st 2013, 10:35 am

Skulking on top of an apartment complex the Masquerade listened into the dull, humdrum police chatter on his headset.
Two domestic disturbances, one of which involved a raccoon, an old lady trapped in a bathroom stall and broken down UPS van holding up traffic. It's not exactly an exciting evening. he thought. He rolled onto his back and looked up at the stars that were barely visible above the light pollution of the city. His suit was supposed to make any position comfortable but just sitting around not doing anything made him uneasy and finding impossible to sit still. He was just drifting of into a snooze he knew he shouldn't be taking, when a the police radio seemed to explode with a cacophony of noise.

What do you mean? The building just spontaneously combusted! The voice seemed angry but also deeply concerned about the information he was being given.

That's what I'm saying chief! The whole thing just went up in smoke, we're gonna need at least five car help cordon off the area. It's in at the corner of West Chester and Kennedy.

Geez that's right in the centre of downtown, you're gonna need more than five cars to control the traffic down there. Especially at this time of night half the city is trying to get home that way and the other half is going to trying to get to their night shifts. He officers voices became muffled as he spoke to other officers in the room. Try and contain the situation son we sending help your way now.

Thanks chief but it looks like there's about fifteen people trapped on the higher floors and the fires spreading fast.

Masquerade shut off the radio, he didn't need to here anymore to know that he had to spring into action. He sprung to his feet and began to race in the direction of downtown Chicago. He had about twelve blocks to cover and each minute he wasn't at that apartment he knew that the window of opportunity to save those people was becoming smaller and smaller.
He leaped over air conditioners and rolled under piping, grabbing onto a nearby pole swung round it and then used to catapult himself across the busy road below to the other side of the street and continued running at impossible speeds across the roof tops.

He paused for a moment on an office rooftop as the sensors on his hud picked up a high level of sound on the street below. This wouldn't usually interest him but sensors had scanned and isolated each noise on the street below and had flagged up something, the sound of an automatic weapon being loaded. He had a choice he could stop and apprehend the criminals below him but it was after office hours so few people should be within the building or he could continue to the fire and save those people who were trapped inside the building. He didn't have the power to be in two places at once.

He looked up in his database what building he was stood on, it was the Alliant Techsystems building. Further investigation showed that there was a large conference on The future of Alliant Techsystems' joint venture with blah blah blah, however this meant lots of high ranking dignitaries from across the globe were visiting and they would be showing off some highly valuable, highly secret tech. There should have been a lot of extra security given by the police department but with that fire downtown the police were spread pretty thinly around the building and the surrounding area.

That could have been a police weapon being loaded that still didn't sit well with The Masquerade but then his sensors finished the scanning of all the noises below. It was a P90 being loaded, that definitely wasn't standard issue for the police. He decided to check out the conference, Could be an interesting talk and I'm sure the fire services can handle the fire.

He picked the lock on the fire escape door to the roof of the office, pretty complex door security, and silently sneaked into the building. He quickly switched to an infrared vision on his helmet and marked all the heat signatures on the floor above, below and on the floor he was on. Switching back to the normal frequency of light he swiftly continued down the access stairs that ran down the side of the offices. He had downloaded the office layout which had a few classified black spots but he could still effectively navigate around the building and stopped on the floor above the conference hall in which the talks were taking place. He could make out the amplified murmur of voices below which told him that he must be close to the conference hall. He opened the door that led into the office spaces, he had to be careful as he stuck out like a sore thumb in his high tech light show of a suit and his camo would be useless in the bright halogen lighting of the office.

He saw on the office schematics that there was a vent system that he could use to access the maintenance walkways that were suspended above the conference hall. Mostly used to fix lights and the air conditioner they were perfect for spying on the conference to make sure nothing sinister or otherwise happened.

Clearing the office hallways without incident he found the maintenance closet which contained the vent he needed. Entering the room he saw the vent was partially hidden behind a stack boxes filled with cleaning equipment. He picked up the first box and moved it out the way, the second box was a little larger and held a precarious amount of bleach in it. Carefully lifting it he saw a few bottles of bleach begin to wobble and fall. Tumbling through the air the bottle clattered to the floor, luckily the lid stayed on, it rolled around for a few seconds then came to a stop by a collection of mops. The Masquerade stayed perfectly still for a few seconds until he was satisfied that no-one was coming to check upon the noise.

Pulling the vent off the wall he wormed his way into the ventilation system and began to crawl. Two lefts and a short drop and he was directly above the conference room. Opening the vent from the inside proved to be a little more difficult, especially as The Masquerade had to grip the sides of vent otherwise he would have been standing on top of an open vent. Finally he opened the vent and clambered out onto the walkways that hung above the conference room, he hunkered down onto the walkway and waited to see if his efforts had been worth it.

Stand back Everyone,
Nothin here to see
Just imminent danger
In the middle of it, me!

Yes Masquerade is here
Hair Blowing in the Breeze,
The day needs my saving expertise!

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!
It seems destiny ends with me saving you
The only doom that's looming is you loving me to death
So I'll give you a sec to catch your breath.

Without suit: 2 STR, 3 SPD, 3 END, 6 INT, 0 EP, 6 FS
With suit: 2 STR, 5 SPD, 3 END, 6 INT, 0 EP, 6 FS

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