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Requeim of a Dying Regime

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Requeim of a Dying Regime Empty Requeim of a Dying Regime

Post by The Black Angel April 12th 2013, 9:41 pm

(I have a big story line for this planned, I'll reveal more in the coming days.)

(Five Years Ago)

(Music for your listening enjoyment)

"The parapet is crumbling and no one bothers to repair it, officers seem concerned only with securing their exit from the city, or planning their last stands. The regime has fled, leaving only the hardcore supporters, as the weak have long defected. It is over for the Assad regime, as the capital city smells like death. The day of reckoning over a decade in the making is here, and nothing will stop the rebels blood letting. - Excerpt from the New York Times)

Mount Qassioun, Damascus, Syria: President Assad's stronghold in Damascus was an island in a sea of hostile rebels, as the more then a decade long stalemate had ended with the exhausted regime finally becoming exhausted from the effects of the long civil war. The Syrian strongman, desperate to prevent foreign intervention back when the war was still winnable began a nuclear weapons program, with vast support from Assad's Iranian allies. The fruit of this program, several prototypes, which were several years from even being considered operational. As the collapse of the regime became imminent, scientists fled for Iran mostly, leaving the program unfinished.

Located on the stronghold of Mount Qassioun, the program was for the moment secure, however as the rebellion grew closer and closer to the facility, it became obvious it along with the regime would soon fall to the rebels. This greatly scared the western powers, Israel, and the gulf states, who all feared a nuclear armed, fledgling Syria, with Islamist's vying for power. Dipomatic efforts were underway, which would give rebels massive financial aid, in return for western and Arab countries sending a team to secure the Mount Qassioun. The more militant groups within the Syrian Revolutionaries argued against accepting the Washington-Qatari proposal, however the majority agreed it was what was best for the revolution. The securement team, set to depart from the UAE, was ready to travel to Damascus in two days.... Unfortunately for them the weapons would already be gone....

China was one of the few countries to continue to support the Assad regime, not enforcing a travel ban, even providing some material support. Using these healthy ties, the Triads Mountain Master, known only as Dragon Head, used his considerable influence within the Communist Party to arrange for he and a small team to stow away on one of China's final flights to Damascus's besieged airport, with the official cover of evacuating regime members. This however couldn't be further from the truth for Dragon Head and his team of two dozen highly trained Triad foot soldiers, two being Jades, and as their Ilyushin Il-76 landed, the small team slipped away into the confusion all around the airport.

Through their contacts in the Syrian Army, who by now were near mutiny following Assad's fleeing of the country, met the Triads at the airport with a small column of 4x4's and 2 T-72 MBT's. Quickly speeding through the streets of Damascus, which were by now a total war zone, the convoy reached the gates of the Syrian stronghold atop Mount Qassioun, and as the massive iron doors swung open, Dragon Head, dressed in his usual black military styled pants, and black cut off, exposing his massive bicep muscles, breathed easy, they'd made it without getting attacked by more then an easily dispatched rabble..... Not that he was worried he couldn't handle anything the rebels possessed, however he was on a bit of a schedule.

Once through the gates, the column entered the dreary fortress, which mood resembled a funeral, as tired soldiers accepted the fact these would likely be there last days on earth, any beliefs of martyrdom gone with their leader into exile. Dragon Head was the first out of his 4x4, followed by the two young female Jades, who flanked him on either side, giving the Mountain Master quite an entrance as he approached the exhausted looking commander of the fortress, who inquired to Dragon Head "You have my money??", ignoring him Dragon Head said to the Jade on his right "That's the facility over there, take A squad and secure the weapons....". The commander, now angry yelled "Do you have my money!!", to which Dragon Head calmly said "Relax General, it's in the 4x4, count it yourself if you like.". The commander nodded, then said "And a ride on your helicopter?", Dragon Head nodded and said "Provided when it arrives.". The commander smiled the smile of the saved and walked to the 4x4 with several guards, as Dragon Head turned and entered the nuclear facility with B squad.

As he entered the storage room, which housed the two unfinished warheads, he noticed the first had already been placed inside a large metal Sarcophagus, and a hoist was being used to do the same with the second. Leading this stage of the operation was the nervous looking, bookish Dr.Hong, who Dragon Head stood behind as he secured the second warhead "Easy doctor.... Can't afford to kill us all...." the massive Triad leader sarcastically remarked. The Dr, sweating as he carefully worked, said "It's not capable of going off..... But it's highly unstable.... A breach of the warhead, and we're all dead from the radiation.". Dragon Head laughed and said "Some of us.... Not all", alluding to his near invulnerability to man made effects.

Just as he finished the Syrian commander and his two guards entered the room, the commander saying "Your helicopter is outside, are we ready to leave?" as he finished electrically counting the $50 million dollars he'd been paid to allow Dragon Head to take the warheads. Dragon Head turned and said "We are... Jade 1...", at which point the beautiful Jade 1 quick drew her pistol and instantly dispatched the commander and his guards with shots to the head before they could react. Walking over the commanders body as the warheads were rolled out on large dollies, Dragon Head said "Death often comes to those who try and avoid it General.... No one can know we were here, not even you...", and then coolly left the storage chamber.

Outside a roaring Chinook transport helicopter was landed in the center of fortress, and two AH-1 Cobra's circled overhead. Dragon Head jogged out to meet the rest of A and B squad, as the two squads pushed the dollies into the massive cargo area of the helicopter. Once the warheads and the squads were inside, Dragon Head put a headset on, barking to the crew "Were good here...", and moved to a window to watch the helicopter take off. Lifting off the ground, the Chinook soared into the air, and the base became smaller and smaller, as the three helicopters disappeared into the dark desert.

When the securement team arrived after the fall of Mount Qassioun, there findings were marked as "Restricted Data" by all nations making up the team, and a top secret search was launched by Interpol.....

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