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Rooftops At Night (Open)

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Rooftops At Night (Open) Empty Rooftops At Night (Open)

Post by Roark March 30th 2013, 6:07 pm

“I’m moderately sure you do these things just to bother me.”

Ross snickered at the voice in his headset as he jumped from one rooftop to another. He’d been running for over an hour now and nothing had come up over the scanner. Maybe he was going to get lucky and it’d be a strangely quiet night for crime in the Windy City. Maybe pigs would fly. Maybe ice cream sprinkles would turn to gold and winning lottery tickets would fall into his mailbox from thin air. Any of those options seemed equally likely. The helmet he wore had a communication link back to their temporary base in Chicago, from which a team of specialists monitored every move he made. The irritated English voice in his ear was Amelia Terrence, the head of the Ops team and his take no nonsense supervisor. She didn’t seem to be impressed by his rooftop hopping. “You know,” He told her with a grin “I don’t know what you’re so worried about. Superheroes can fly.”

“Right. Most can.” Amelia replied curtly “You can’t.”

“Only because you guys wouldn’t spring for a jetpack.” Ross grumbled and charged toward the end of the roof before he leapt again. This one was a little further away and he tucked his head in, expertly shoulder rolling with his momentum to carry him back to his feet and keep moving “And don’t give me any of your ‘it’s not actually a-‘”

She ignored him “It’s not actually a jetpack we’re working on. Technically speaking, it’s a modified repulse technology operator that works on…Right. Yes. Jargon. I know. Anyway, the point is that Oversight isn’t convinced you’re worth that kind of investment . Maybe after you’ve got a little bit of experience under your belt. Speaking of, how is it you’ve been running around this long and haven’t even found a purse snatcher?”

That was a question worth asking. Chicago was a rough city, oh it hadn’t gone completely to hell the way New York had but it also hadn’t been hit nearly that hard. It also had more protection than most places. Maybe other heroes had scared the criminal population off. It was hard to say. The idea of sending him here had been to build his name, build a reputation in an area where people would be paying attention. “I have no idea.” He replied softly “Maybe we’re in the wrong neighbourh-“

Movement. Footsteps near him and something moving in the dark. A shadow against the shadows. He froze and scanned the darkness. Someone was out there.

“I’m not alone.”

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Rooftops At Night (Open) Empty Re: Rooftops At Night (Open)

Post by Thorgron April 18th 2013, 1:17 am

Redline inhaled deeply, his lungs struggling to process the brisk night air. Silently he cursed himself, the damnable thing that he was. Everyday he bore the scars of his sin and tonight he was paying the price for it. The cold air ravaged the damaged tissue of his lungs. Every inhale shot pain through his chest, regardless of how shallow they were. Luckily tonight was not one where his abilities were needed...yet. But if they were, he would not hesitate, his sole purpose was to stop the spread of evil in all forms, regardless of his condition.

It would appear that luck, was not on his side tonight. Looking up to the rooftops he saw a metal man leaping from building to building. Having been hospitalized for the past few months, the faces of the town had become foreign to him. And this man was not one he would have soon forgotten. Scott's accelerated mind was able to take in every facet of the shiny man as he moved in slow motion through the air. That armor, it was nearly blinding, its white paint job glimmering in the moonlight. This meta was obviously showy, he wouldn't wear something so garish otherwise.

The idea of such a person angered Scott. Through whatever means this person had been granted great power, and with it they chose to flaunt their abilities others to adore. "Heroes" should be adored for their actions, if at all, not a ridiculous outfit and flashy personality. Those types bred the filth of this earth, the kind of person Scott had been in his youth.

He let out a sigh, this might get messy. He turned a nob on his respirator, releasing a small amount of gas into his lungs. It would free up his breathing for the time being and reduce the pain, but only for so long. In a flash he took off towards the building. With n incredible leap he hit the side of the building, his feet still peddling at breakneck speeds. The titanium claws dug deep into its concrete structure as he sped up the face, arriving on the roof in an instant. As silently as he could, he made his way into the shadow of one of the larger buildings. Stealth however, was not necessarily a strong point of his and the man in the suit turned to his direction. Damn, he thought as the man vocalized his awareness.

With few other options and an irritated need to know this man's intent, Scott stepped from the shadows, getting within a few feet of the man in the suit. Scott drew in a deep breath before speaking, the rasp in his voice amplified through the respirator. Every few words he would have to stop to breath. "'re not alone...and just who do you think you are...running around the a showy thing like that..." He had to focus intently to prevent his speech from increasing in pace. "Just what exactly is your business here?" Scott readied himself against the man. He had yet to devise his exact powers, but the suit itself was impressive. no doubt it protected him at the least, possibly amplifying strength or speed. A visor on his face, possibly show, intimidation, augmented reality, again all speculation. And then the wrist, asymmetrical, some sort of shelling device, a weapon? Scott's mind raced with possibility as he awaited the man's reply in whatever form it came in.

Rooftops At Night (Open) Pbucket
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