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Color Codes/Values for Colored text!

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Color Codes/Values for Colored text! Empty Color Codes/Values for Colored text!

Post by Chellizard on March 17th 2013, 2:00 pm

When using these codes,
if you're going to use the numbers, make sure you use the
< # > hashtag/pound symbol before the numbers when using the code:


Alicewhite | F0F8FF
Antiquewhite | FAEBD7
Aqua | 00FFFF
Aquamarine | 7FFFD4
Azure | F0FFFF
Beige | F5F5DC
Bisque | FFE4C4
Blanchedalmond | FFEBCD
Blue | 0000FF
Blueviolet | 8A2BE2
Brown | A52A2A
Burlywood | DEB887
Cadetblue | 5F9EA0
Chartreuse | 7FFF00
Chocolate | D2691E
Coral | FF7F50
Cornflowerblue | 6495ED
Cornsilk | FFF8DC
Crimson | DC143C
Cyan | 00FFFF
Darkblue | 00008B
Darkcyan | 008B8B
Darkgoldenrod | B8860B
Darkgray | A9A9A9
Darkgreen | 006400
Darkkhaki | BDB76B
Darkmagenta | 8B008B
Darkolivegreen | 556B2F
Darkorange | FF8C00
Darkorchid | 9932CC
Darkred | 8B0000
Darksalmon | E9967A
Darkseagreen | 8FBC8F
Darkslateblue | 483D8B
Darkslategray | 2F4F4F
Darkturquoise | 00CED1
Darkviolet | 9400D3
Deeppink | FF1493
Deepskyblue | 00BFFF
Dimgray | 696969
Dodgerblue | 1E90FF
Firebrick | B22222
Floralwhite | FFFAF0
Forestgreen | 228B22
Fuchsia | FF00FF
Gainsboro | DCDCDC
Ghostwhite | F8F8FF
Gold | FFD700
Goldenrod | DAA520
Gray | 808080
Green | 008000
Greenyellow | ADFF2F
Honeydew | F0FFF0
Hotpink | FF69B4
Indianred | CD5C5C
Indigo | 4B0082
Ivory | FFFFF0
Khaki | F0E68C
Lavender | E6E6FA
Lavenderblush | FFF0F5
Lawngreen | 7CFC00
Lemonchiffon | FFFACD
Lightblue | ADD8E6
Lightcoral | F08080
Lightcyan | E0FFFF
Lightgoldenrodyellow | FAFAD2
Lightgreen | 90EE90
Lightgrey | D3D3D3
Lightpink | FFB6C1
Lightsalmon | FFA07A
Lightseagreen | 20B2AA
Lightskyblue | 87CEFA
Lightslategray | 778899
Lightsteelblue | B0C4DE]
Linen | FAF0E6
Magenta | FF00FF
Maroon | 800000
Mediumaquamarine | 66CDAA
Mediumblue | 0000CD
Mediumorchid | BA55D3
Mediumpurple | 9370D8
Mediumseagreen | 3CB371
Mediumslateblue | 7B68EE
Mediumspringgreen | 00FA9A
Mediumturquoise | 48D1CC
Mediumvioletred | C71585
Midnightblue | 191970
Mintcream | F5FFFA
Mistyrose | FFE4E1
Moccasin | FFE4B5
Navajowhite | FFDEAD
Navy | 000080
Oldlace | FDF5E6
Olive | 808000
Olivedrab | 688E23
Orange | FFA500
Orangered | FF4500
Orchid | DA70D6
Palegoldenrod | EEE8AA
Palegreen | 98FB98
Paleturquoise | AFEEEE
Palevioletred | D87093
Papayawhip | FFEFD5        
Peachpuff | FFDAB9
Peru | CD853F
Pink | FFC0CB
Plum | DDA0DD
Powderblue | B0E0E6
Purple | 800080
Red | FF0000
Rosybrown | BC8F8F
Royalblue | 4169E1
Saddlebrown | 8B4513
Salmon | FA8072
Sandybrown | F4A460
Seagreen | 2E8B57
Seashell | FFF5EE
Sienna | A0522D
Silver | C0C0C0
Skyblue | 87CEEB
Slateblue | 6A5ACD
Slategray | 708090
Springgreen | 00FF7F
Steelblue | 4682B4
Tan | D2B48C
Teal | 008080
Thistle | D8BFD8
Tomato | FF6347
Turquoise | 40E0D0
Violet | EE82EE
Wheat | F5DEB3
White | FFFFFF
Whitesmoke | F5F5F5
Yellow | FFFF00
Yellowgreen | 9ACD32

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