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Malt Shop Memories [Lucciano]

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Malt Shop Memories [Lucciano] Empty Malt Shop Memories [Lucciano]

Post by Super Cutie November 26th 2012, 12:40 am

Clayton, you've done it again! he thought to himself as he sipped the chocolate milk he paid for with his ill-gotten gains. For the first time in a long time, he felt genuinely satisfied. His brief stop in Chicago to acquire a prototype action figure from one toy company for another had been a success, and success paid well.

How the owner of a toy company of all people managed to get in touch with him was anyone's guess, but it didn't matter to him right then and there. He made his money, they paid in cash, and the man who gave it to him didn't pull a gun for once. The guy was actually on his way out the door.

So there Clayton sat in Dairy Queen, malt in hand, with large paper bag full of money at his side.

Unfortunately, sailing is never smooth all of the time.

Clayton finally took notice of the conversation going on in the booth behind him.
Normally, he never bothered eavesdropping. What other people talked about was of no concern to him. However, this conversation was different and concerned him greatly. They planned on robbing the place.

He stood in hopes of leaving before they got the chance.

No good.

They both stood up with pistols in hand and loudly announced their intentions to the diners. He turned to a man in a loud Hawaiian shirt and what was apparently his girlfriend with guns pointed directly at him since he was the only soul in the room on his feet aside from the employees.

Clayton put his paper bag of earnings down on the table, raised his hands, and rolled his eyes, "Typical." he muttered.


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Malt Shop Memories [Lucciano] Empty Re: Malt Shop Memories [Lucciano]

Post by Guest November 26th 2012, 12:51 am

Lucciano was helping a man fight of a few gang members. There were 3 of them the man was a good fighter but not super human so he left it to me I blasted fire at one he ran off Cuz he was burning the two gang members took there bats and tryed to hit me I took my sword and cut both bats in haif in one swing and thay ran off the man thanked me and left.

I was hungry so I want off to get some food i made it to the café at last walking to the door in the corner of my eye threw the window I see a man and a woman get up with pistols and point at a man. I rushed in and the robber fired off a shot. Lucciano threw his sword and deflected the Bullet and the sword stuck in the wall next to the man

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