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Midnight Flight [invite only]

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Re: Midnight Flight [invite only]

Post by Gastly on August 26th 2012, 3:55 am

It was all in good fun, in the end. Tony found it entertaining enough to be able to run with two relative strangers while being chased by cop cars. Then again, he found lots of things entertaining. He still had the baton in hand, planning on bringing it home to examine and possibly keep for future usage. He wasn’t letting stuff like this go to waste, the dead guy probably wouldn’t even miss it. He was relieved when they had finally gotten them off their tail. “It was a great run!” he said, laughing, “You’re with a pro escaper, I think you’re fine.” he then gestured to the wings, “I should grow a pair of those.”He joked to David and grinned, not that it was visible. “Gastly. Call me Gastly.” he said with a nod before turning to look at Sparrow again. “It was a pleasure meeting with you. Thanks for saving my life, guys.” he stuck out both his hands for handshakes from both of them, “Now at least I’ll live to fight another day.” and he laughed. Tony found these people interesting, and he was hoping that he’d meet them again, one day, maybe under better circumstances.


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Re: Midnight Flight [invite only]

Post by dantoon on August 26th 2012, 3:57 am

David shook Gastly's hand and said "Call me Devastate". He smiled at Sparrow before turning around and walked home. It was quite the night. David couldn't help but feel he would meet them again.

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Re: Midnight Flight [invite only]

Post by Sparrow on August 26th 2012, 4:06 am

I have to say these guys were not as bad as I thought they would be. Usually people could not be trusted and experience had taught me that but maybe they were different than most people;maybe they were good people like the heroes I heard about? I shook Gastly's hand vigorously and nodded to the Muscle man,my lips still in a big dumb grin. Was I actually feeling happy? Had I actually managed to make friends when I was a fugitive? Something within my chest seemed to expand as a warmness permeated through out my being as if as warm fire had been lit.

'I hope we cross paths again.” I muttered believing what I said and hoping it would come true. Adjusting the collar of my jacket I looked up at the starless sky of New York as if I could really see them. Yeah,it seemed like things were really looking up for me afterall. With a hop in my step I walked off,maybe to try for some more jerky or even fast food. My stomach could sure use it.

'Enjoy it while you can. This dream won't last forever.” A single figure whispered looking down upon the happy mutant from a rooftop before fading into darkness. All was not what it seemed.


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