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Bad art

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Bad art Empty Bad art

Post by BrightChaos August 13th 2012, 8:34 pm

Soaring through the skies a boy in a green costume with a golden leaf emblem over his chest passed through a cloud feeling the cool droplets form on his skin. He emerged from the cloud feeling the wind blow the droplets away. He descended figuring he would need to find something to eat soon. He smelled something. Someone was cooking! Maybe it was a barbecue! He always had good luck getting food from those. He frowned as he got closer. It was one of those buildings where lots of people seemed to go to eat. They never would give him any food though he never understood why.

A loud bang felled the air. His head jerked in the direction of the building. Curious he landed in front of the building. Everyone was looking at one man waiving a gun around. The frightened lady at the register was handing him something that he stuffed into a bag. The man stared running towards the door. He stopped for a second and looked to Miracle Boy which is when the boy snapped into action. He charged forward and and punched the criminal in the gut causing him to fall to his knees dropping the gun. Miracle Boy scoped the gun up reeling his hand back threw it to the roof of the building.

He then felt a knock to the back of his helmet. He turned to see another man with a metal shouting...meat-a-human? Was that an insult? He must be an accomplice to criminal. He quickly punched that guy in the gut also brining him down. He grabbed the bag the first man had dropped and brought it back into the building.

"Here's your stuff back." He said dumping out it's contents which were. Green paper? He looked questionably at them. It was a picture of an old man's face.
"Nice." He said before turning to see a burger on the counter.

"Do you mind if I have one?" He asked the lady. She shook her head yes. He hastily took one before leaving the building ascending back into the sky while taking a bite out of the cheeseburger. Maybe the people in these food buildings weren't so bad after all. He just wish he knew a nice way to tell her that was really bad art.
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