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Hellena Vexus

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Hellena Vexus Empty Hellena Vexus

Post by Madame Versailles on June 3rd 2012, 11:01 pm

Real Name: AD Model #4355362
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: HellenaVexus
Title: N/A
Alignment: Villain
Age: Looks 29, assembled 3 years ago, activated only a few months ago.
Gender: Female
Race: Android
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue/Grey
Height: 5'5" without Heels
Weight: 125

Costume Description/Image:
Hellena Vexus Sc5-s38

Personality: She was programmed without any emotions even though her speech patterns may show otherwise. Helena was given a very dark sense of humor by her creator, Elena. She programmed in hundreds of millions of different situations that the android may encounter and the proper response or combination of responses that she found appropriate. Helena can function as a normal human being in society but was created to be a killer. Her loyalty only lies with her creator and a select few that were chosen by Elena.
Helena does not know pain nor failure, and had absolutely no regard for human life. Anyone who had encountered Elena Vexus before would most definitely see the uncanny relationship between the despite there being almost no similarities in their appearance. Helena has a prototype program for free will, it's main function is to assist Helena in making new allies. Trusting someone calls for human judgement, which is not something Helena has nor something that can be programmed. Her PseudoWill Program learns as it experiences more situations and collects more data, if it weren't for the limiter that Elena had places on the system itself, Helena could become her own individual.

History: Helena was created by none other than Elena Vexus herself. Her main programming goal is to eliminate whomever killed her creator Elena. The original Vexus had it so that her systems would record the last hour before her death and relay it to Helena so that she would know who to target. This Assassin took three years to create and program and sat dormant in one of Vexus' labs for an additional three years. It was not until her recent passing that she had been remotely activated.

Helena's systems flashed to life as her eyes quickly scanned the room. The lab was empty, a couple of bubbling beakers and flasks at that. She calmly pushed open the class door to her container and was about to take her first steps into the world. Helena felt a tug on her shoulders and back and saw that there were wires still attached, she pulled them out and stepped down into the lab. She looked down to see that she had on a skin tight leather suit and some bright red heels. She had never met her creator, but this outfit choice did say quite a bit. As she walked around she saw a note on a table a top a box that read very simply "To Helena, with love. Vexus~" Opening it she found two Glock 17s that had been converted to full auto. They also had extended high capacity magazines, suppressors and laser sights. Laying next to them was a holster for the two guns and a belt to hold more ammunition. As she was putting on the new gear, she spotted a long black trench coat and another gun locked in a square glass case. She walked up to the coat and put that one and then took the lock to the case in her hand and simply crushed it. It was a pink glock and figured that her creator wouldn't miss it. She knew that her activation meant her creator's death so taking a little parting gift wouldn't do anyone any harm... Except for maybe whoever she used it on. She had in her memory banks who needed to be eliminated and exited the laboratory. A few minutes after leaving there was an explosion that came from the lab, from where she stood it seemed like everything had been destroyed. Something sparked in her memory that told her it was a defensive mechanism. The lab was set to explode if someone entered and did not disarm the self destruct. But since Helena was only leaving, the explosion did not effect her.
After a few miles of walking, she finally found someone who might have some information for her. It was a small town, looked like a few family owned shops very quiet place. Helena polietly asked a passing gentleman where she was and he responded by telling her that she was in Little Eagle, South Dakota. Her face twisted a little with this news, she thanked the man and began heading in the opposite direction. The reports she received told her that her targets were in New York. Vexus let out a sigh and put her hands in her coat pockets, to her surprise she pulled out a tiny wallet from the right coat pocket. Inside were five different credit cards, and nearly two thousand dollars cash. Her creator was clever, plenty of money to get her to where she wanted to go. But why make it quick? Her programming wasn't on any time schedule as far as she knew, so she decided to have some fun. Helena undid the buttons on her coat and grabbed her two guns...
Helena drove off with one of the cars she had left untouched, the town in ruins behind her. The smoke billowed high into the sky and on her way out almost a dozen police cars raced past her towards the town. Not one of them thinking to turn and follow the one car leaving the war torn village. Since the two she was after were heroes, she thought that to try and get her name out to the press. One the way to the Big Apple she stopped at almost every weapons shop and robbed them dry, but not kill one employee. All she wanted was her face and name to be everywhere. Helena wanted this two little heroes to know that she was coming for them. She only gave her first name "Helena" which was quickly dubbed to HELLena. Most of the papers she saw described her as 'Hell in High Heels' which she quite liked. She made a stop in a couple cities in Ohio and cleaned their ammunition and weapons shops out. Helena told them that she was headed to New York, and said it was completely okay for them to tell the authorities that. Might make for more of a challenge later on. She was only a few hours from her target city, but figured she would take the scenic route. Vexus wanted to give the press a little bit of time to reach New York.
"Deluge, Phoenix... Hell will be knocking at your door sooner then you might think..."

Powers: Helena doesn't have any supernatural abilities, Vexus gave her hundreds of different combat programs and fighting styles for near any situation she would be in. From gymnastics to jujitsu and mastery with nearly every kind of weapon. However Helena is much more of a gun slinger and likes the bang of modern technology. She has a targeting and a tracking system, infrared and ultraviolet vision, and motion detectors to aid against sneak attacks. THough an android, she is very agile and inhumanly flexible. Helena may dislocate most any part of her body and pop it back into place later. Helena may also completely detach any one of her limbs while still controlling it remotely. This may only happen by her will if it is detached by force then it would have to be repaired. Unlike her creator, Helena is not connected to the internet or any type of system so the only way to hack her would be through a direct link.

Weapons: Automatic Glock 17
Hellena Vexus 569px-Glock17ext
Pink Glock
Hellena Vexus PinkGlockAnniv._DuraCoat

Power Grid:
STR: 6
SPD: 5
END: 6
INT: 5
ABI: 0
FS: 8

Power Grid colours: Red 'n Black with some pink

Character Image/Description: See Above

Roleplay Sample: ---
Madame Versailles
Madame Versailles
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Post Mate

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Hellena Vexus Empty Re: Hellena Vexus

Post by Arcana on June 5th 2012, 5:13 pm

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Site Moderator

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Hellena Vexus Empty Re: Hellena Vexus

Post by Forceaus on January 2nd 2013, 5:46 pm

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