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Post by Esper on March 15th 2012, 12:10 am

((OOC: I hope I did this right.))

Real Name: Jason Parks
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: Mirror
Title: none yet
Alignment: villain
Age: 34
Gender: male
Race: augmented human
Hair: none
Eyes: reflective (see description)
Height: 6'00"
Weight: 215 pounds

Costume Description/Image: No costume (see description)

Personality: Jason grew up thinking that killing was acceptable due to his father's career. He is driven to not only be the best, but to prove it. To that extent he often refuses to outright kill any hero or villain, preferring instead to at most leave them in a death trap that they can escape from simply to show that he could have killed them if he wanted.

History: Jason Parks was dedicated to being the best. Sadly, he was following in his father Nathan's footsteps as a hitman. To that end he trained himself relentlessly, and was getting quite good. Still, Jason felt he needed more. When he happened to be in a crime boss's house regarding a hit and overheard a scientist talking about a formula that would make a normal person into a killing machine, Jason was ready to volunteer. The scientist had him lie back in what looked like a silver bathtub, and then what looked almost like mercury began pouring in. The very touch was painful, his flesh being replaced, but it went beyond that. He could feel his whole body changing. The surface of the liquid was still for awhile, and the scientist thought he had failed yet again, but then Jason emerged. The formula had changed him completely. But then the scientist, in his excitement, talked of being able to make more like Jason. Jason didn't like that, and the scientist didn't live long enough to breathe a word of his discovery. By time he left, Jason made sure the lab was an inferno, and on that night Mirror was born.

Powers: 1.Disguise (3 EP): Mirror can alter his appearance to look like anyone. NOTE...he does not gain any abilities or stats from this, just the appearance. 2.Doppelganger (3 EP related): Mirror can create a duplicate of himself which is subservient to him and has his disguise power as well. NOTE...creating his doppelganger takes some of his energy, the same way an athlete would expend stamina running. If his doppelganger is killed Mirror can create another, but the death will leave him too weak to do so anytime soon.

Power Grid: (You have 22 points to spend on your Power Grid unless you can fly, in which case you have 20. Each stat can start at 6, not 7. 7 must be earned.)
STR: 3
SPD: 3
END: 3
INT: 2
EP: 6 (3 in each power)
FS: 5

Power Grid colours: Yellow with black background.

Character Image/Description: Appears to be an athletic human build, but with flesh that resembles a clear mirror. There are no facial features, ears, or even male parts. When he talks it sounds like a kind of echoing voice, as though from deep inside the mirrored shell that is his existence.

Roleplay Sample: For Lou "Brass Knuckles" Stone life had always been simple. The bosses needed something done, and he did it. Nothing complex as a rule, just beating some sense into someone here, or maybe taking care of a loose end there. The thing is, you can't do that for long without making some people mad, but Lou always figured the syndicates had his back. They did, which is why he didn't become the target of a loved one left behind, or someone who had suffered a beating. No, Lou Stone had just become the target of Mirror. Now the syndicates knew this, and so Lou found himself under constant guard. It wasn't that Lou couldn't be replaced, but rather that an associate of theirs had been targeted. No, they weren't going to let Mirror get this target.
The hotel room was the fifth one he had stayed in that week. They kept him moving constantly. Like a family road trip...only a different kind of family. The guards wouldn't let him go out of the room or near the windows, nor would they allow anyone inside. Lou was almost surprised that they didn't demand to accompany him to the bathroom. It seemed like this was going to be his life from that point on, but then it happened. When it did happen it happened quick. A knock on the door, one of the guards answering while two more shielded him from view. Then the faint hiss of a silenced pistol going off. The guard at the door stumbling back, allowing them to see a maid holding a pistol. One of the remaining pair of guards stayed behind to guard him while the other ran out after the maid.
Time ticked by, and the sound of screams more than anything let Lou and the guard know that it wasn't over. The guard who had left in pursuit came back, his arm bleeding. "I got her, but we have to roll, now," he said in a gruff, pain filled voice. They started getting ready, fast. Lou's heart was beating so fast that he thought that no killer would be needed. Then, as he slammed his suitcase lid shut, he heard the hiss again, twice. The other guard collapsed. Spinning, he saw the guard who had told them to get ready slowly changing, like his body was just melting together into something different. It became like, not metal, mirror!
"Please man, just leave me alone!" Lou screamed.
"I intend to, after I conclude this business," the cold, echoing voice replied as the gun raised, firing another two times. Lou fell to the floor, and after a short blur of transition an unarmed maid left the room.

"Mirror mirror on the wall, which of my enemies will be the first to fall?"


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Re: Mirror

Post by Super Cutie on March 15th 2012, 9:37 pm

Unique idea.



Super Cutie

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