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Al Capone's got nothing on me!

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Al Capone's got nothing on me! Empty Al Capone's got nothing on me!

Post by Crime_Reaper on December 24th 2011, 11:31 pm

Richter Desmond; The patchwork killer, has arrived in Chicago. He drove from New York City under the order of Chucky Vance. Richter grew tired of Chucky Vance, he grew tired of being his lap dog and having to heel at his order. Richters ambition to crush the Illuminati and the Crime Reaper had overode his loyalty to the Vance Family and Chucky Vance's constant power trips had signed his death warrant! Richter was going to make a permanent war mask, one that he wont cease to wear until he completely overtook Vance's Family
Richter went to visit the grave of Al Capone, who was his fathers hero. He gave a little speech to him

Richter Desmond
"Al Capone! The granddaddy of organized crime! You sir are a role model, I am hoping you can help me with something. One organized crime mastermind to another. You see the Vance Family is getting in my way. If I am to stop them it will require me to get rid of them, permanantly! So I am going to take something from you and use it to stop them...Im not much on speeches but yeah.

Richter goes into the trunk of his car and grabs a shovel, he begins digging and when he reaches the grave he cracks the casket open and pulls out Capones skeleton. He rips the skull off and throws it in the trunk. He drives to the address that Chucky wrote for him and it turns out to be a sleazy motel.

Richter Desmond
" If i wasnt already planning on killing you, I would have chose to do that now!"

Richter went into the room he was given, he puts the skull in a bucket of bleach to clean it off, afterwhich he begins to saw into it. cutting the face off. He then puts some screws into parts of it and adds a strap. he turns it into a grotesque skull mask. Richter then decided to hit up the downtown, to blow up one of the Vance Family's key nightclubs in downtown Chicago. Richter walks in, goes up to the bar and asks to speak to the manager.

"Listen freak, theres a dresscode here. This isnt a fucking rave. Il have my bouncers toss your ass...How the fuck did you get in the door?"

Richter pulls the bartenders mutilated windpipe out from his pocket. The bartender hits the alarm and all of the clubbers run outside and 4 huge bouncers approach Richter

Bouncer 1
"Listen punk, its time to teach you some MANNERS!"

The bouncer swings at Richter with a caddle prod, but Richter catches it and kicks the bouncer in the balls. He then smacks the bartender unconcious.

Richter Desmond
"Hahahaha this is oh so fun!"

Richter rushes the bartenders, they try to strike with fists and the cattle prods, but fail. Richter eventually knocks them all out. He then approaches the bartender, and throws him onto the bar.

"Wake up honey! Your gonna be late for the school bus!"

Richter then grabs a few buckets and fills them up with various liqours. He begins waterboarding the bartender with Liqour.

Richter Desmond


Richter continues to waterboard the Bartender, but grows bored and decides to just break his neck.

He then impales the first bouncer with the cattle prod and shocks his heart directly. He then pulls out his Taurus Judge and shoots the downed bouncers. He goes up to the Managers office.

Richter kicks the door open, he catches the club manager having sex with his slave girl.

"What the fuck do you want asshole? Cant you see I'm busy here?"

Richter Desmond
"I want to set an example for Chucky Vance!"

"hahaha Oh wow, you come in here with your halloween mask and your little revolver that probably jams all the time. Kid get the fuck out of here."

Richter Desmond
"This mask is 100% Al Capone skull, You may have heard of me, the names Richter Desmond, ring a bell?"

"Oh god no..."

"Yes yes save the begging please I hear it all too often, but I am going to give you a choice, actually Im not oh well, Maam i would appreciate it if you would left. Otherwise I might have to kill you."

the slave girl runs out of the club screaming for help. Richter kneecaps the Manager with his Judge and then starts dumping kerosene on him, and around the club. Before throwing a flaming cloth onto the flamable liquid, causing a fire. Richter exits the club and throws a bundle of dynamite in the club. He is then approached by someone on the street as the club explodes

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