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I didn't do it...? -Invite Only.-

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I didn't do it...? -Invite Only.- Empty I didn't do it...? -Invite Only.-

Post by Ember_Fangs August 25th 2011, 2:17 pm

Having come to the decision she needed to train with her powers, Gracie had found herself down town in the late afternoon with an iPod plugged in and attached to her waist while wearing the ‘uniform’ she usually wore when doing ‘power-things’, she wouldn’t call it hero stuff because honestly she wasn’t a very good one. She’d like to think of herself as more of a hero but no-one was completely straight and narrow right? Sometimes money was more important than moral thoughts. Besides, everyone had different thoughts on what was right and what was wrong, like abortion, she didn’t mind it but others probably did. She tucked the money into her pocket she’d earned from making a drop off to a house while thinking about moral rights and wrongs. If someone wanted to waste their lives on cocaine why shouldn’t she make a bit of money off of them?

Frowning Gracie shoved those thoughts to the back of her mind and then looked up at the park fence in front of her. Pausing, she half bent her legs and broke into a run, pushing off the ground with her left leg she grabbed the top of the fence, one hand either side of the golden spike on top and wall-crawled up the black pole. Her feet slipped a few time but she managed to heave herself on top of the fence and back flip over the top, landing neatly in a crouch in the grass on the other side. She brushed herself off and glanced around the abandoned park. Police tape was still strung up around the area the body had been found under a tree. The yellow ribbon fluttered in a breeze which also lifted Gracie’s loose hair up and blew it into her face. Pushing it out of her eyes she made her way to the other side of the park, near the lake she had been testing her mini submarine. She needed to train with her powers more and she hadn’t had an answer from John so she was going to do it on her own.

The lights in the park were turning on by this time, the sky was darkening and Gracie slowly closed her eyes and took a deep breath like John had taught her and reached out for a source of energy. Gracie was a connector so to speak, energy was absorbed then used straight away. Opening her eyes she looked at the buildings opposite her, on the other side of the small lake and behind the fence. Business men and women were milling round inside, she could just make out their shadows as lights flickered on. Tugging on a source of thermal energy from the pipes below ground she absorbed it then turned it into a stream of slow moving red hot energy which she shot along the surface of the lake. Satisfied with her technique she began to pull larger amounts of energy and soon she was moving with it, imagining there was some Evil-foe in front of her wanting to kill an innocent person. It was a sort of inside joke to her but it was working.

However she was too caught up to realize how tired she was getting and how greedy she was getting. The city was light up brightly now but the lights in the park were flickering on and off dramatically. Gracie pulled on the energy stronger this time which sent the entire park into darkness and slowly, one by one the rest of the city began to flicker off from a power cut. Gracie swore but before she could put the energy back and fix her problem she was overcome by a sudden horrible pain. The energy was already at the surface and out of control. The electric blue bolt ripped from her hand and launched across, smashing through the fence and hitting the building the other side with a sickening crunch.
“Oh f-“ Gracie was already running round to the other side of the lake, vaulting the fence and cutting her trousers open at the knee, and landed on the concrete just as the building shot into flames.
“Oh man I am so dead,” she ran her hands through her hair as she watched, spell bound that her bolt had caused this much damage. Now should she walk away before someone pinned it on her or help the screaming men and women…?

Scarletta Carleen Jones

Gracie Marie Daniels

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