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Sovereign Siren (Alurea)

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Sovereign Siren (Alurea) Empty Sovereign Siren (Alurea)

Post by Cynical_Aspie June 13th 2024, 1:13 pm


"What? Tired already?"

The Bio

Name: Alurea
Renegade Name: Sovereign Siren
Title: Countess of Ruin
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: Unknown (believed to predate Vizier Ramesses I of Ancient Egypt)
Gender: Female
Race: Demon (Succubus)
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Magenta
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 127 lbs
Blood type: Unknown

The Looks

Alurea’s true form is that of a beautiful woman stuck in her late Twenties to early Thirties, with angle-length silver hair, out of which horns prominently stick out. Her eyes are a deep magenta, with pointed ears hidden by her hair.

A pair of bat-like wings and a chitinous tail sprout from the small of her back. Sporting an hourglass figure with an ample bust, she dresses provocatively to accentuate her figure.

The Personality

As demons come, Alurea is of a far more understandable nature. She feeds on lust, and acts similarly seductive. Not only lust in the sense of the physical, but also the chasing of desires such as money, power, food, or hedonistic indulgences.

All told, Alurea is self-centered and self-indulgent, amoral, but not actively a malicious creature. If anything negative happens to others, it’s by accident, a result of not thinking ahead, or a result of someone she lends her abilities to abusing them in some manner.

She’s caused many hearts to stray, with men (and some women) losing themselves in her gaze. Anyone with the willpower required to resist her gaze is automatically a person she’s interested in, since she loves a challenge. Like many succubi, her interests tend to be fickle.

As far as being a succubus goes, Alurea had one major flaw in her younger years: she had a nasty habit of getting attached to such strong-willed men. This, as much as anything else, has been the source of many heartaches as men died while she couldn’t age.

When one man flaunted her affections and threw her to the wolves to defend his own skin, her antipathy towards humans grew, becoming far less caring toward others.

The Story

Deep within the dimension of the Abyss, demons are born and given form in accordance to abstract principles and the psychic emanations from other realms. Demons born from rage similarly reflect such a nature with insatiable bloodlust, for instance. Among all the demons born like this in the Abyss, Alurea was of a far simpler nature.

Born from feelings of lust and desire, Alurea is strengthened when people pursue such things. Her formation was punctuated by one proclamation to those caught in her maze of desire: “One of you will experience pleasure like nothing you’ve ever known”. These weaker demons turned on each other in a frenzy. Days later, Alurea approached the last one standing, kissing him and filling him with unparalleled pleasure before snapping his neck, all while others looked at the body, seething in envy.

Alurea, born with gemlike rare and magical eyes, took pride in how these gems shattered countless fragile wills during the wars that tore the Abyss apart. She referred to these captives as her “pets” and they took pleasure in the title. By the end of two millennia since her formation, Alrea was the most lusted after demon in the Abyss, with millions head-over-heels for her. Despite her dominance, Alurea grew to become bored of the Abyss - her fickle interests led her to pursue the affections of humans.

When she first went among humans on Earth, Alurea marveled at human creativity. Human designs were uniquely ingenious, especially the architects of ancient Rome and the weavers of Greece. It was nothing like the extremely crude designs of demons. Alurea thoroughly enjoyed the exquisite garments and lavish lifestyle - all of it footed by her pets, of course.

It was around the first century that her fickleness with men took a shift, and she began staying with men who desired her for life. She’d seen many such men shrivel and die while she never aged past her physical prime. These men would never find their souls claimed until they had taken their last breath of life that time allowed them.

She wandered, alone, during the Hundred Years’ War, before coming to find the son of a Count in the Kingdom of Bohemia who had become a figure of intrigue to her. For once, it seemed that her gaze - one so powerful that all who looked into her eyes would fall for her - had no effect on this noble’s son. It had been the first man in centuries who was resistant to her charming gaze.

As the two spent time, the young noble professed his love to Alurea - that he was already in love with her from the beginning. He pleaded with her to help him ascend to his father’s position, with the promises of a life of luxury and a gift from him every day they were together.

Believing his promises, Alurea swept aside all resistance to the son, including his father. Upon taking his father’s place as Count - with great reluctance by the King - the son kept his promise, and with each day that they lived together, Alurea had a new opulent dress. This was short-lived. The king was hesitant to appoint the Count’s son due to concerns about the son’s knowledge of politics, extreme ambition, as well as general maturity.

This concern was well-founded, as the new Count squandered things for Alurea, but primarily for himself. His father’s death was already believed to be foul play. After twenty years of mismanagement, the Count decided to deflect all his wrongdoing onto Alurea and revealed what she was.

As Alurea was awaiting the guillotine, the list of charges was brought up: conspiracy, entrancing the current Count into murder, conspiracy to embezzle funds, murder by proxy, leading to the deaths of hundreds by starvation. All while the Count sat, a grin on his face, as if he was untouchable.

For a long time, she regarded him, unable to truly bring herself to harm the Count. When demanded to speak in her defense, her words were simple: “I entranced nobody - his actions were of his own will”.

Enraged, the Count demanded that the execution commence. With the realization that the only human she truly loved had betrayed her, Alurea’s anger peaked, her eyes turned red. The hearts of all were captured, and they proceeded to tear the Count and his guard apart.

The county subsequently fell into chaos as countless people began tearing each other apart for Alurea’s approval. At this time the legend of the “Countess of Ruin” began. In spite of taking revenge, an emptiness entered Alurea’s heart. There came a realization to her - a mortal man should never be trusted to keep an eternal vow.

Vowing to never love again, the Countess of Ruin ruled the county for many decades, lavishing the attention of her pets. Only once the Hundred Years’ War had ended did she abandon the county, leaving it without a ruler. In the centuries that followed, the memory of the Countess of Ruin faded, but the legend remains alive in the European region of Bohemia.

Since those days, Alurea became a hedonistic tempter of humans, using them up before abandoning them, for centuries. Kept alive by the psychic emanations that others gave in pursuing their desires, she remains one of the longest-lived succubi in existence.

When the Horn sounded, she heeded the call - but not for the reason anyone expected.

The Powers

At the peak of her power, Alurea was able to command the love of men and demons with simply one look of her gaze. That power has greatly diminished over time, but still remains. A succubus, her ability lies in seduction and deceit.

Flight: A winged demon, Alurea is capable of flight.

Enhanced Senses and Demon Magic: A high-ranking demon, Alurea has access to certain magics that lower-ranking demons lack. For example, while most demons have increased night-vision, olfactory, and auditory senses, not all of them have access to higher level magic.
  • Portal: Demons as high ranked as Alurea can create a portal network that allows one to travel from Point A to Point B. Portal magic, however, relies on preparation to set it up between places - it can't simply be used on the spot, and once open, anyone can travel through the portal. Further, it relies on Alurea having already physically been in the area.
  • Hex: Alurea has access to psychic magic that is unique to succubi and can curse her enemies with pain and leave them in a daze.

Increased Attributes: A demon, Alurea’s speed, strength, and toughness are amplified compared to the ordinary human - but they still fall short of more specialized demons, and even a few Metahumans.

Charm: It comes with the territory of being a succubus, but Alurea can capture a mortal man’s heart (and even the hearts of some demons) with a simple wink and smile, and can get mortals to protect her. In a pinch, she can use such people as bodyguards and disposable troops.
  • Countess’s Blessing: An offshoot of her Charm abilities, Alurea can bless her pets and even allies with increased attributes and power at will, but she takes some of their vitality in exchange.

Limited Shapeshifting: In a manner of speaking, Alurea can shapeshift, though the extent of this is limited to hiding her demonic features and appearing as human, but she's not capable of changing shape altogether.

The Weaknesses

Frail for a Demon: Succubi are not especially physically hardy or strong; Alurea is no exception, easily injured as far as demons go through even conventional methods.

“Holy” weapons: Any weapon that can be considered “holy” is repulsive to Alurea.

Strong-willed/Meta: Particularly strong-willed individuals can resist her charms, and Metahumans are far more difficult to influence. The more removed a Meta’s abilities make them from the human baseline, the harder they are to influence.

Blank Minds: People unable to feel emotion or empathy cannot be fed on by Alurea, and can be left unaffected by her. It goes without saying that characters whose minds are fully or even partially robotic cannot be affected.

The Items

Demonic Whip: A whip made of demonic energy, Alurea uses this for physical attacks in absence of magic. Because she’s so long-lived, she can use just about any weapon with varying degrees of success.

The Minions

In essence, Alurea has a handful of men in every city she's ever visited ready to throw their lives away for her on command.

The Fluff

Long-Lived: On account of being a demon in general and a succubus in particular, Alurea is very old and can maintain her youth indefinitely as long as there is a steady supply of emotion to feed off of.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Sovereign Siren (Alurea) Empty Re: Sovereign Siren (Alurea)

Post by inquisitor Today at 7:46 am

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