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Jonah/Sovereign Empty Jonah/Sovereign

Post by Davinbridger March 27th 2016, 1:55 am


Basic Biography

Real Name: Jonah Williamson
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Soveregin
Title: "Judge, Jury, And Executioner."
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Shaggy Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 88 kg (194 lbs)
Blood type: A-

The Looks

Jonah: Quite the looker, with his shaggy blonde hair that effortlessly falls on his shoulders perfectly and his piecing blue eyes, no wonder he can get almost any woman he wants in bed with him, when not in his Sovereign outfit he can usually be seen in black dress pants and a white button-up shirt with a black necktie. His Sovereign outfit features a White hood, in which he usually wears a mask underneath just to keep his identity hidden, he wears a white trench coat with a grey kevlar vest underneath it and some padded cargo pants, and some combat boots to but the icing on the cake.

The Legacy

Personality: "How to describe me? I would say... a friendly, outgoing class clown who doesn't take things too seriously a lot of the time. Now, describing Sovereign? A brooding, intimidating anti-hero with a code of conduct." Thanks, Jonah. Now, Jonah is usually what you would assume your normal college guy to be, wild, nonsensical, ladies man, class clown, he's infamous for bringing at least one girl to his house a week, though what he would never tell anyone is that he secretly has a heart of gold, especially when it comes to anything young and defenseless, Jonah has been known for running a secret animal shelter in one of the unused rooms in his house where he feeds and provides a nice home for any stray and friendly animal he sees, and he secretly sometimes volunteers to help for adoption centers and shelters.

But then we come to him as Sovereign, and this is where he changes drastically, civilians who have seen Sovereign at work describes him as quiet and eerily calm, and this is true, for the most part. While on the mission, Sovereign rarely ever speaks, and keeps a calm, collected vibe, which hides what lies in his mind while on the streets, in his mind, he constantly traces back to when his parents and his lover died, his desire of finding their killers keeping him going. When Sovereign takes a person in for interrogation he becomes relentless, doing whatever he can to get information out of them, and since he only takes in those he deems as bad guys in for questioning, the interrogations usually end with the one being questioned usually with a bullet in between their eyes.

No one knows which side of Jonah houses his true identity, the kindhearted yet wild college boy, or the relentless killer who will do anything to erase crime. Or if both sides of him are equally a part of him, but no matter what side of Jonah you're dealing with, any ill speak of his parents or his lover WILL result in a broken bone or two, bruises, or if dealing with Sovereign, potentially a bullet somewhere in you.  

History: Jonah was a typical, rich and preppy yet athletic teenage guy with a sense of humor, living in a happy home with his adoptive parents, he never knew his birth parents but he could gather enough from conversions and stories. His biological dad was a drunkard who usually beat his biological mother, and unable to raise Jonah in a household such as that, his mother gave him up for adoption, but after that, no one knows. His adoptive mother was a genius who constantly made groundbreaking inventions, of more recent, yet unfinished projects, was the weaponized use of laser technology. His father, on the other hand, was  a Navy SEAL, who always made sure Jonah was in top physical condition, mainly with personal training and martial arts lessons, giving Jonah both his brains and his brawn. But at 16, his desire for stopping crime began, and it started out as a harmless hobby, after hearing about a home invasion in his neighborhood, and after hearing this, he believed he could be just like the heroes he was constantly hearing about all over the world. It was all fine and dandy for about a year, but then, every hero's worst nightmare came true, Jonah's costume didn't really cover his identity, and in a small neighborhood such as this, it wasn't THAT hard to figure out who he was, and one criminal who Jonah stopped from his cliched stealing of a woman's purse did just that, he found just who Jonah was and slipped into his home, shooting his mother in cold blood  and almost getting a shot on his father, and due to his parent's recently estranged marriage, his father's scene at the crime, and  as his father wrestled away the gun away from the real criminal, his fingerprints were on the murder weapon, the cops were quick to assume his father as the murderer, despite his pleads and him knowing who the real killer is from his acts of vigilantism, in fact, he was punished for his vigilante acts. And in the span of six months, his father sent Jonah to live with his mother's sister, and soon took his own life. Jonah, now with his parents dead and fresh from a few months in juvy, Jonah was left ruined, this is, until his senior year of high school , he met a girl. Amy Sterling, the two instantly clicked, and just like that,  a light was shined on his recently darkened life, he even returned to be being a vigilante, which surprise surprise, led to tragedy. Even after what happened with his mother, he decided to keep that one rule that all heroes keep. To not murder, no matter how vile a person someone's dealing with,  and he kept true to that until wash, rinse,  repeat, someone else he loves is killed, this time it is the aforementioned Amy Sterling, and again, the law failed to come to the correct conclusion, this time not finding a killer at all. Now seeing just how incompetent the law and these goody-two-shoes heroes are at stopping this criminals from killing and abusing the innocent, he decided that he's gonna try this vigilante act one last time, but this time, he decided to change up a few things, he trained until he was on par with at least 4 well-built, armed  bodyguards, next, he studied and spending his time with every field with everything his mother majored in, plus also teaching himself how to hack, then came the weapons, luckily, he knew a group of guys from high school, not everyone can grow up and do great things with their lives, and these guys happened to hit so low that they became black market dealers. And finally he had to decide on a name, and of course, this is the hardest part, he first thought about "The Fury", then it was "Executioner", but he thought that sounded too villain-ey, he finally decided on the name of "Sovereign", why? He thought it sounded cool. And now, by day, Jonah is your average college freshman college student, but that lax, happy-go-lucky young man might  just be a facade, a mask hiding the sorrow and desire for vengeance that lies within his heart, he doesn't really have a secret lair, but a whole bunch of cases that are tightly locked which contains all of his equipment, and there's room, which if you would every be that person who was lucky enough to spend more then just more than one night in Jonah's bed, he'll warn about not going into the room, but in that room there's nothing in there, nothing besides four walls, four walls that contain every single lead about the killers of his parents and his former lover. But enough about that, Jonah has a strict code of conduct as Sovereign, which he shall never break. No matter what.

1. He shall not kill an innocent person.

2. Those who have committed infractions or misdemeanors are not worth his time usually.

3. Those who've committed murder or felonies on par with murder shall be quickly killed.

4. Anyone involved with any type of violent gang, mafia, or anything of the sort shall be killed.

5. Only two men shall be met with a slow and painful death, the murder of his parents and the murderer of Amy.

6. The law will not be trusted.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Power 1: Peak Physical Condition: Due to his father's training and the martial arts lessons, later a specialized training regimen based on the training of Navy SEALS, he has nearly arrived at the line that divides a normal human from a superhuman, but the highest he'll be able to reach is only AT the line, since he is only just a human

Power 2: Peak Mental Condition: His mother's rigorous studying session sure did pay off, it gave him a drive to continue his studies which led to him gaining the ability to hack, and quite well at that, but to also continue with his mother's project of laser technology, though it is still largely in a prototype state. And once again, he is near but well never cross the line of superhuman levels.

Power 3: Sharpshooter: Once again, because of his father's training and also few hours every week for quite a few months, he has become quite the shooter.


Weakness 1: Still Just a Human: Means exactly what you think, guns leave holes, knives leave cuts, blunt objects leave concussions, trauma and broken bones, and ALL of these have a chance of killing Jonah if he isn't properly equipped.

Weakness 2: Quick to Action, Quick to Anger: As mentioned before, despite Jonah's cool, calm demeanor as Sovereign, he will instantly target and mercilessly and gruesomely beat down on anyone whoever speaks the slightest insult about his parents or Amy.

Weakness 3: Obsessive: Finding whoever killed the three most important people in his life has obviously taken over a major part of his life, so whenever a lead on the whereabouts of the killers shows up, it instantly takes over every part of his life as he does major investigating on finding where the two men are.
RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):
Becomes an ocean of tears at the sight of one of those sad ads about the animals and kids living in such poor conditions.
Enraged at insults of parents or lover.

Still, somewhere deep down inside, kindhearted
Obsessive about  parents and lover's killers.

Sleeping Beauty  and Maleficent (Desert Eagles) : The first two weapons that Jonah got as Sovereign, Goldilocks is composed completely of gold and silver and costed him a pretty penny, but works like a dream, most of the time. Then there is Black Diamond, which no, is not made out of actually black diamonds, even Jonah, who was left with an enormous will by his parents, could not afford that, alas it is only made out of normal metal that was dyed black to look cool, doesn't feel as smooth as Goldilocks but it gets the job done.
Weakness: They're just normal desert eagles, and for some reason, Goldilocks has a tendency to Jonah once in a while.

Red Riding (Coach Gun): Ohhh, now this is Sovereign's baby. Now, Goldilocks and Black Diamond might have been the first guns Sovereign bought, Red Riding holds a special place in his heart, he found this gun under his parents' bed while cleaning out the house, and he's been using it ever since.
Weakness: Is a doubled barreled shotgun so it can only shoot out two shots before having to reload, and if for whatever reason it happens to disappear, Jonah will more than likely have a panic attack.

Bluebeard (m16): Just a basic m16 he bought, the only thing special about is  a scope attachment and it's blue and black design.
Weakness: Is literally just an m16, nothing too good or too bad about it.

Prince Charming (Trench Knife): Hey, if you're gonna get a melee weapon, might as well get one of the most bad ass melee weapons that's ever existed, the knife is what's usually used for actually about though as the brass knuckle part is usually used for interrogations.
Weakness: Although skilled in used with knifes, he is not OVERLY skilled.

The Beast (Minigun): Hoo boy, you that Goldilocks was expensive, try buying a GODDAMNED MINIGUN, yeah, not too cheap, but ungodly amounts of  fun when actually able to be of use.
Weakness: It is s a giant minigun, so it can't usually just be brought along during missions, so it's usually reserved for the BIG missions.

Quasimodo (Laser Pistol PROTOTYPE): This is it,  one of Jonah's mother's greatest scientific achievements, while not such an engaging thing to look at, it's still a freaking gun that shoots out lasers, so looks don't really matter.
Weakness: Barely qualifies as working, sure it shoots, maybe like once or twice while under a blue moon, nine times out of ten it overheats and you're left with a burnt hand and crushed dreams, though Jonah is making an effort on making it more usable.  

Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)

"Judge, Jury, Executioner."

Status :

Quote : "So I'm a bad guy for killing the ACTUAL bad guys?"

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Jonah/Sovereign Empty Re: Jonah/Sovereign

Post by Arcana July 12th 2016, 5:14 pm


Status :

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