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Outlaw Empty Outlaw

Post by ProwlerKnight June 9th 2024, 4:25 am


"Dead should stay dead."

The Bio

Real Name: Sean Colter
Renegade Name: Outlaw
Title: The Gunslinger
Alignment: Renegade
Age: 188 (looks 26)  
Gender: Male
Race: Spirit
Hair: Black
Eyes: Steel Gray
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 195lbs

The Looks

The Personality

Sean is rough, hard to work with, and can easily be angered. He tends to do things his own way, and almost never listens to orders.

Those who get to know him, will know he is a man who has walked the earth for a long time, and will most likely continue to do so for a long time after.  

But deep down, he has a good heart, and will go through hell and back people he cares about.  

He doesn’t like to work with others, because he doesn’t want to risk their lives, and would rather it be him instead.

The Story

Sean Colter was the son of a slave owner, and was the black sheep of the family. He personally disliked slavery, and even fell in love with one of his fathers slaves. When the Civil War started in 1861, Sean took the chance, helping many of his families slaves escape to the north, including his love.

In the North, Sean and his love, Mary, planned on settling down, Sean enlisted in the Union Army, and would send his earnings to Mary to save up for a house.  

In the battle of Antietam, Sean was among the Union soldiers that were sent by General McClellan across the river. They were caught by Confederate solders, who were lying in wait, and were gunned down in the corn fields, Sean among the bodies.  

Everything went black at first, then, suddenly, Sean found himself outside of his old home. Though nobody could see him, and he couldn’t seem to touch them.  

All except for one person, a pale older man, dressed in black, his hair was gray, and well kept. He introduced himself to Sean as Death, and explained that his death was orchestrated by his own family, who had made deals with some fiendish beings. Offering a chance to get justice, Death offered to return Sean to the living, and grant him to tools to take down his family, and those they were working with.  

Before Death to explain the terms of the deal, Sean agreed, returning to the mortal world.  

Bestowed with gifts, and a special weapon, Sean returned to the mortal world, discovering Mary was found by his family, kidnapped, and brought back to his home, where she was killed in a demonic ritual.  

When he arrived back home, he slaughtered his entire family, gunning them down one by one, until there were no members left. He then burned the house down, and freed the rest of the slaves.

Unfortunately, the deal was made, and Sean was now an Agent of death, contracted to walk the earth forever, hunting those who would cheat death.  

The Powers

Deaths Gun: Seans soul is linked to a custom designed LeMat Revolver from his time in the Civil War. It is capable of wounding and killing creatures and beings of supernatural origins.  

In any other hands, the gun is just a simple revolver.  

Death Eternal: Sean does not age, nor does he need food, water to sustain himself. He is immune to poison and diseases.  

From the Grave: A stipulation in his contract with Death, burying Seans body in a grave if he is “Killed” will bring him back, and heal all injuries.  

Death Sense: Sean can see the spirits of the dead, and through illusions or supernatural disguises. He can sense the presence of anybody in a five mile radius, see auras, and can sense when someone is going to die.  

The Weaknesses

Ammo: The Revolver still requires physical ammo to fire.  

Mortal Flesh: While ageless, Seans body is still susceptible to mortal injuries, and he can be rendered unconscious, and even killed.  

The Body: In order to Sean to resurrect, an intact piece of his body must be buried. If he is cremated, or vaporized, he will have no body to return from.  

Deaths Agent” Seans contract with Death requires him to keep the balance between life and death, which means helping souls pass on, and eliminating anybody who would cheat death.  

It does not matter if they are heroes or not, Sean might be able to delay the kill, but he will eventually have to fulfill his end of the contract.  

This makes it hard for people to trust him, on top of his rough attitude.  

Magic: Sean is still susceptible to magic.  

The Items

Deaths Hand: Sean carries a special custom designed LeMat Revolver, the .44 pistol channels Deaths very essence, and is capable of harming, and even killing anything, including supernatural beings. The pistol still requires physical, and the power only works when the pistol is being wielded by Sean.

For anybody else, the pistol is just a regular revolver.  

Love of another life: Sean carries a locket, inside is a black and white picture of his first love, Mary, who was killed by Seans family after he had “died”.

The Minions

The Fluff

Gunslinger: Sean is a master with a six shooter, able to draw and fire accurately faster than most people, and can hit a target at max distance with sharpshooter accuracy, even while the target is moving.  

Brawler: Marcus is tough as nails, and can throw a punch.  

While not skilled in any form of martial arts, he is proficient with grappling and boxing.  

The RP Sample

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Outlaw Empty Re: Outlaw

Post by inquisitor June 11th 2024, 5:16 pm

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