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Drake Delores

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Drake Delores Empty Drake Delores

Post by SicilianDragon November 7th 2023, 2:38 am


"I'd rather drink rats than your blood"

The Bio

Real Name: Drake Delores
Renegade Name: Young Blood
Title: Fledgling, Urban Vampire
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Hair:  Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 145Ibs
Blood type: Vitae (inhuman, black blood)

The Looks

Drake looks like he woke up in a ditch, or rather like he never woke up. Paler than a ghost with grey skin, his glossy, dead eyes are hidden behind deep bags like he hasn't slept in weeks.  His beady eyes glow a bright red from their cavernous sockets. His hair is wild and unkempt, never growing longer than it was when he died, just above shoulder height. Beyond this, Drake has the makings of a handsome face. A nice jawline, a winning smile, a clean-shaven face, generally a good looker for a dead guy.

Drake has a slight build, being a healthy weight if not on the light side. His body appears stringy and wirey, lacking the muscle he secretly has. Overall, Drake looks like a long-haired, pale nerd with a body to match. Those who look closer see that Drake's Back has a tragic scar from one of his beatings in prison, a series of six stab wounds. On his left hand is a tattoo sleeve, mostly barbed wire but lined with parasitic insects  and skulls,

Drake Delores 17ae57ebc4527cfa836729d42938a6bf

The Personality

Being a vampire has changed Drake from a pleasant and friendly guy to a much more standoffish and gruff. He tends to stay stoic when he can, but when blood or answers are involved he becomes an exceptionally excitable individual. The few 'friends' Drake has left get to see the 'good' in him. Deep down Drake is just a scared young man lashing out in fear. To those close to him he is loyal, compromising, and a solid confidant. To others, he's a bloodthirsty maniac.

Drake detests being told what to do. He tries his best to seem like a dark, brooding, tortured soul but the harsh truth is he is a miscreant with a tendency to ignore his loose morals in the name of his benefit.  Drake is by no means nefarious, he doesn't have the ambition, intelligence, or skill. He doesn't plan, if he is breaking the law it's a hare-brained scheme he is already regretting. To most people, Drake is a strange but decent lurker in the dark. He tries not to cause trouble and struggles with his inner demons.

He is by no means heroic either. Drake is a coward who would do anything not to be stomped out like the roach he is, and he doesn't have a strong sense of duty or honor. He's more likely to lie and cheat. He does have a sense of justice though, there are things even he won't stand and despite losing his humanity and soul, Drake despises the idea of taking a life.

The Story

Drake grew up in a rough household. His family was disjointed and poor, and Drake learned to stay out of the house to keep his parent's ire away from him. He was raised by the streets learning many hard lessons. Eventually, his rebellious teen phase led him down a life of crime. Selling drugs, minor thefts, and plenty of other petty crimes helped him get the things he wanted. As he grew older, he grew bolder and his crimes grew more in intensity. Muggings, pickpocketing, and burglary were quickly added to the list. Drake's family abandoned him after he was sent to prison for his crimes and he spent three years trying to reform. As a young adult of 23, fresh out of prison, he decided to change his ways.

Drake moved away from his hometown, found a job as a line cook, and tried to keep his head down in his dingy new apartment. Being alone was torture, and the pain of poverty slowly crept back into his life. Finally, after his car broke down on him he grew desperate and once again returned to a life of crime. Rent was due soon, groceries were out, and his bank account was empty. Unfortunately for him, crime had other plans.

Drake's plan was simple. There was an enigmatic rich person who lived on a hill that looked over the city. Every day he had to stare at the luxurious estate only blocks away from his tenements. That night, he was going to break in and steal anything of worth to pawn off. He had done this before, it had always been easy for him. That night, however, when he entered the estate he witnessed a series of murders by the owner. They had slit the throats of the others and drank their lifeblood as it drained from them. Drake alerted the police, making sure to document the situation. Drake was found out, however, and the killer captured Drake with shocking speed and strength. Thinking this was it, Drake was surprised to feel the man drink his blood directly from his neck! Drake was killed that night. All the blood in his body was stolen and his body was a husk of his former self. His killer had intended to enthrall him. Turn this miscreant into his slave. Instead, the police arrived and the bloody mess was too much to hide before they entered. The vampire fled into the night, but Drake was taken to a hospital.

At the hospital, Drake baffled the nurses by being cold to the touch, and not having a pulse. Drake had just as many questions, but his newfound hunger took over.  Unable to control himself he was forced to watch himself bite into a woman and start to drink her dry. Fortunately, the police had been waiting to interrogate him. It took all six of the officers to pry him from the woman. Even then, they couldn't stop him from escaping into the night.  It became clear to him quickly what had happened to him, and soon the urges kicked in. Drake felt he was a danger to those he knew so once again he packed everything could into a car and left for a new life.

Drake spent most of the next few years driving around the country, feeding when he needed to, working if he needed gas. Driving around in a herse with tinted windows to protect them from the light, Drake does his best to maintain his humanity. He searches for a cure, ways to improve his powers, and perhaps companionship or a place to feel at home. An aimless wanderer on a hopeless, eternal quest.

The Powers

Inhuman conditioning:  Drake is stronger than any bodybuilder, can keep up with cheetahs and horses, and can take hits better than the most iron-chinned boxers. This is the standard power cocktail of inhuman capabilities. Drake can lift roughly 1.5 tons and clocks out at speeds of around 50 km/h. Normal humans can not deal sufficient damage to injure drake previously without guns or other advanced weaponry.

Regeneration: Drake's wounds heal at an inhuman rate. Bullet wounds heal within a few meager minutes, slashes, bruises, and more, all regenerate in a matter of seconds. In general, if a wound does not kill him, Drake will recover from it soon. Certain types of damage can not be regenerated without sufficient blood and long rest. Even then, wounds that would kill a normal man merely cause Drake to nurse his wounds for a few days.

Shapeshifting: During twilight before Dusk, Drake can take on the form of a bat, a wolf, a moth, or any parasitic animal. Once he takes this form, Drake is locked into it until the next Twilight. In these forms, Drake is not able to talk, but Drake can transform once more to take on gigantic, demonic versions of these animals.

Undeath: As an undead Drake does not require food or water, or even to breath. He never tires or runs out of stamina and he can appear as a completely dead body if required, laying deadly still.

Heightened senses: Drake's eyes can see in the dark with 20/20 vision, he can hear crystal clear. Most prominent is his sense of smell, which is immensely powerful. Drake has the nose of a bloodhound, able to track a scent for miles. Drake is also able to smell blood like a shark. Worse yet he can smell discrepancies in blood, taste them too! This acts as a way for Drake to detect other inhumans, as mutants, magicians and other non-human entities has different smelling and tasting blood. Drake can also smell or taste any chemicals in the bloodstream and any disease as well.

Hypnosis: If a living being looks Drake in the eyes, he can attempt to mesmerize them. Only people with exceptional willpower can resist his hypnosis and once caught in it he may keep you paralyzed or give you simple commands. The effects of this hypnosis wear off the moment he loses eye contact and does not work from a long distance. When you are freed from hypnosis, you immediately know what has happened to you.

Control of parasites: Drake is able to summon fellow blood-sucking vermin to fight at his side. Leeches, ticks, and mosquitos are the most prominent, but fleas and lice, and microscopic flatworms are also examples on the list. parasitoids such as wasps are also at his disposal. Beyond insects and worms, if he gains access to vampire bats or Snugnose eels. Drake has control over these creatures but does not understand them.

Spidercrawling:  Rather than gripping at stones, Drake's skin can become adhesive enough to keep him latched to a wall. This allows him to easily climb the sides of buildings or even on the ceiling.

The Weaknesses

Bloody cravings: Drake requires blood to live, and without it, his powers are heavily weakened. Worse yet, if Drake doesn't drink blood in a long time or uses his powers too much, he loses control. He will try to drink the closest people and act on instinct until he gets what he needs.

Vulnerable to magical weapons: Weapons imbued with the arcane, or weapons made of peachwood, silver, or bronze can not be healed by Drake's regeneration. These weapons will also cause deeper wounds than mundane weaponry.

Faith: Many people believe that crosses cause Vampires to be turned through God's will. In actuality, this works for any religion or faith at all. People's deep-seated belief in holy figures will cause Drake to be turned, basically rendering him unable to approach any further. Holy attacks of any type are also particularly brutal to Drake as they stop his regeneration and turn him.

FIre: Fire is one of the mundane ways for Drake's regeneration to be halted. Drake ignites like kindling and stops his regeneration, essentially being one of the strongest weapons against him. If Drake is running on instincts from bloodlessness, then he will avoid fire at all costs, having a deep-seated fear of it. Even with his wits about him, Drake has a healthy fear of fire.

Heart strikes: While many think that a wooden stake is needed to kill a vampire, that is only half of it and not completely accurate. Anything can be used to stab through Drake's heart for the same effect. It will not kill him but will paralyze Drake, rendering him completely defenseless.

Sunlight sensitivity: A classic addition to Drake's weakness is that being in direct sunlight will negate his powers and burn him like fire. Drake can be protected by shade, darkly tinted windows, and potentially extremely powerful sunscreen.

May I come in?: Drake can not enter places he has no claim to without permission. Luckily, he only needs permission once and then he can always enter, even if ownership changes or someone changes their mind. Vampires don't believe in takebacks.

Hey look, a penny: As is known from old folklore, Vampires can be distracted by tossing coins or seeds to the ground. This extends to a strange menagerie of needs. Drake is also compelled to count the holes in fishing nets. No matter what, once Drake starts he can't stop until he has counted them all.

Running water: Drake is afraid of running water and in his baser, instinctual self, he will avoid it at all costs. This is because clean, running water burns Drake as if it was acid. Drake can not physically make himself cross-moving water unless at high or low tide.

Torpor: Drake does not rest during the day, rather his body enters a state of true death. When Drake 'sleeps' he is completely unresponsive. Beyond a heavy sleeper even being stabbed would not wake him.

The Items

The Hearse: Drake's home and set of wheels is a macabre, black Hearse with the back lacking windows and the front window illegally dark in their tint. The hearse isn't much and costs a lot in gas, but there isn't a more fitting ride for a vampire. Drake does keep the car in great condition. A powerful engine, great tires ready for offroading, and his fluids never run low. The hearse is deceptively fast and controls well for a car its size.

The Fluff

Drake is able to drink the blood of animals to save himself but the taste of human blood remains very enticing. Though he does his best not to feed on humans, he can smell their delicious blood everywhere. As such, he is prone to losing control when in heavily populated areas. If Drake is going to be fighting heroes, he is likely not in control of himself. Drake Especially enjoys the taste of B+ blood, the type of blood he had as a human.

You may have heard that Garlic is a powerful neutralizer of Vampiric powers but the truth is that Drake's heightened sense of smell causes him to react to overbearing smells. Garlic's smell and other strong and putrid smells can cause Drake to hesitate, and possibly even puke!

Drake died, and he looks like it. Drake's skin is pale as a ghost and his body is cool to the touch. If seen in bright light or up close, it's easy to see that there is something wrong with Drake's appearance. This can make it hard for Drake to pretend to be human, especially to the keen eye. This also means his body can not replicate bodily functions such as a heartbeat, breathing, or even sexual arousal.

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Drake Delores Empty Re: Drake Delores

Post by inquisitor March 17th 2024, 3:18 pm

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