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April Lambe

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April Lambe Empty April Lambe

Post by Dipskiff October 26th 2023, 12:34 pm


"I guess being a hero isn’t that bad. I like helping people, anyway!"

The Bio

Real Name: April Liana Lambe
Hero Name: April
Title: None as of yet.
Alignment: Neutral good
Gender: Fenale
Race: Human — Caucasian
Eyes:Pink when using power, brown when not.
Height: 5’2 ft
Weight: 120lbs
Blood type: A

The Looks

The Personality

In short, April is a pushover. She’s overly kind to everyone, especially to those who don’t deserve it, and is easily manipulated. She’s rather cheerful, and often doesn’t understand social cues such as when to stop talking or when to say she’s sorry. April usually has an apologetic smile on her face and worries if she’s doing something wrong.
The Story

Like many others like her, April was born with superpowers. Specifically, the power to accelerate plant growth. her mother was born with the meta-gene, and it was passed down to her. Her mother was a baker with the power of organic object manipulation, and her father was a scientist working mostly with plants. After her father divorced her mother, April’s mother began to cover almost every windowsill and garden bed with flowers. Unluckily for her, her mother had a bit of a black thumb, so April mostly took care of them. She only realized she could manipulate plants when it was pointed out that while talking to plants was normal, them responding wasn’t.
The Powers

  • Plant Communications — “I heard it through the grapevine.”

    She can use plants to gather knowledge, although it’s sometimes indecipherable. She can ask a house-plant what its owner was doing on a specific date and time, and get an answer. The answers are usually short 1-5 word sentences. An example would be: “Dark, very dark. Human alone.”

  • Plant Growth — “Grow as tall as a sycamore!”

    She can accelerate a plant’s growth and increase its size very quickly. If you gave her a seed, she can grow it into a full blown flower in seconds. The younger the plant, the easier it is to grow. She says that older plants get “stubborn”, and “cranky”. She usually carries a couple of seeds on her at all times, just in case she’s working indoors or at a place with no plants. She isn’t capable of making something out of nothing, and can’t just spawn a plant. She needs either seeds, saplings, or sprouts to work with. She can also shape the plant to suit her needs. If she needs long, tangled vines, then she can do that. She recently has been working on her precision, practicing making bush-art of human faces.

The Weaknesses

-She’s deeply afraid of fire.
-Plant communication takes a lot of concentration, and can be easily broken.
-Plant growth takes a lot of energy.
The Items

She always has a pink flower behind her ear. Nobody can quite tell what species it is.
The Minions

She basically is a minion herself lol.
The Fluff

The RP Sample

April blanched, staring at the seascape ahead of her. She never liked the ocean, she she especially never liked boats.

“Ergh…” she muttered, rubbing her head, and stepping back from the front of the boat. It was a small cruiser which was painted bright yellow with black lightning strikes running down the sides. She thought it looked a bit tacky, but what was she to say about it? This was her first real mission as a superhero. She couldn’t complain.

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April Lambe Empty Re: April Lambe

Post by FantasyBound October 29th 2023, 3:23 pm

This works

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