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Viktor Vaughn

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Viktor Vaughn Empty Viktor Vaughn

Post by lonbon June 5th 2023, 11:48 pm


"Humanity grows weak with 'heroes' about, and the 'villains' need no explanation as to why they must go. For the sake of all real Humans I will eradicate all supers."

The Bio

Real Name:Viktor Vaughn
Villain Name:Viktor Vaughn, or his secret name he sometimes uses, Savior
Title:Savior of true humanity
Alignment:Lawful Evil
Age:30 years old
Hair: Jet black in color
Eyes:Sharp, cold and black
Height:6 ft 2in or 187 cm
Weight:170lb or 77kg
Blood type:AB-

The Looks

Viktor is a fairly handsome individual with long and straight slicked-back hair that reaches his lower back. He's a mix of Caucasian and Korean descent with a face always set in a stone like a Visage, never truly showing any emotion other than apathy. His eyes always seem to have permanent bags under them. When asked if he is tired, his answer is always a cold “I’m fine”. And while we’re on the topic of his eyes; they are cold and calculating. Always searching for something he can use to his advantage. He's tall and rather lean, almost lanky as he never saw the need to gain muscle. The only thing he does to spice up his already pretty good looks is wearing black lipstick on his top lip. The main outfit he usually wears is a black naadam cashmere turtle neck with custom embroidery on the neck that read “savior” in Korean. For his pants and shoes, he wears black dress pants with custom metal boots that happen to have some form of machinery built within it. He also wears a long black overcoat with the savior written on the back in gold. on his hand, he has wrist-length black satin gloves on.

The Personality

Viktor is a very stoic man who takes great pride in being able to always think logically in any situation. He does not show emotion even in the most stressful of situations. He has been described as having about as much life in him as a dead fish. The only emotion he truly feels is his burning hatred for all magic users and superpowered individuals, who he sees as inhuman.  But besides that, Viktor is a genius who will do everything and anything to achieve a goal he has his mind set on, even if it means throwing away his humanity for just a moment.

When he talks to you, he has the tendency to speak as if you are unintelligent. And his way of speaking is very fast pace and to the point. When he walks somewhere it is always with purpose, like he's on an important mission 24/7. And in his mind he practically is. This was mentioned earlier, but Viktor absolutely hates people with magic and or superpowers respectively. He does not care if you are good or bad, if you have some kind of power, you are automatically seen as a inhuman thing who is a threat to humanity.
The Story

1999, New york city. The day of his birth. Son of one Chung Joo Won and Selina Walker from a one-night stand that both of them despised. When Joo Won found out that Selina was pregnant, the solution seemed to be rather simple. Abandon it. Not wanting to deal with the orphanages or have their families find out about what they did, they found a dumpster and dumped poor Viktor in, leaving him there waiting to die. but Viktor was rather lucky. One Jebediah Vaughn happen to find him, and feeling sorry for the poor boy, he took Viktor in and allowed the wheels of fate to spin. Fast forward to 2021, Viktor is now 22 years old. life couldn't have been better. He ranked top of his class at Columbia University, his staggering genius putting him leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of his peers. By this point, he has worked tirelessly and put in blood, sweat, and tears to get where he is now. His foster father, Jebediah, has done everything in his power to make sure that Viktor has every opportunity to let his incredible mind grow. Already there are talks about how Viktor Vaughn just might be the smartest man on the planet. Everything seemed good...Until Doctor Necrodium led a path of destruction upon New York. The heroes and villains' fight with Doctor Necrodium leads to a path of collateral damage that took everything from Viktor. His perfect future, his home, as well as the only person that gave him a chance, his father. This...broke Viktor. Everything that he cared for and cherished is gone, and those with the power to stop the one causing chaos couldn't do the job. Instead, they only caused more trouble and in the end, New York fell. But somehow...he survived.

This gave the broken genius the motivation needed to begin his plan and lit a dark flame in his gut. Supers and Magic enhanced individuals are a plague. They hurt and destroy all that true humans hope to build. So he will be the one to cure this plague and save true humanity. By any means necessary.
The Powers

12th level intellect:Viktor is a super genius who is capable of solving complex equations as well as making extraordinary inventions that help him in his quest. It has been said that Viktor is probably one of the smartest men on earth if not the smartest.  
The Weaknesses

Feeble human:Viktor is only human after all. His physical body has not been trained to the same extent as his mind. without the help of his incredible creations then he is pretty easy to beat.
The Items

Kinetic hard light forcefield belt:Viktor's favorite invention of his is a belt that produces a kinetic hard light forcefield. The way it works is that the belt is advanced enough to calculate the speed of an attack or something else and then makes a hard light shield around the user. The hard light shield also absorbs kinetic energy, being able to redistribute the force into a powerful blast or becomes harder to break with every blow.
The belt however requires a certain speed to work, around the speed of an average punch. Any slower and the belt won't be able to tell that its wearer is in danger.

Laser vision contacts: These contacts absorb solar rays and shoot them back out in two powerful beams of light. Making it look like the user has laser vision! The lasers also bounce off reflective surfaces like mirrors and the like and the lasers are strong enough to pierce through most metals and completely vaporized not properly defended individuals. But power always has a price. The contacts might backfire if used in repeated succession, blinding the user for 2 posts if they do end up backfiring.

Rocket boots:These are a rather simple invention. They are boots that allow the wearer to fly. The boots I love Viktor to move it around 310 mph and they're surprisingly silent. However, if the boots are used at their top speed for too long, (around three posts) the boots will become disabled and the unusable for the remainder of the scenario. See? Simple.

Revolver: it's a revolver. Nothing really special about it. Victor likes to keep it with him in cases his inventions fail him.
The Minions

The savior bots:
The Fluff

Viktor owns a company that makes inventions that help the world in many ways. It is so successful that Viktor's net worth is around 200 billion dollars.

Viktor is seen by the public as a man with a heart of gold that just wants to help the world. Not many know of his evil intentions.
The RP Sample

The office was quiet. The sound of a pen writing on paper and a clock ticking in the background were the only sounds anyone could hear. Viktor could be seen doing paperwork, his face is as blank as ever, and his breathing was steady and practiced. Then suddenly a ring could be heard. Viktor looks to the side, remembering his phone was there. He picks it up, seeing that he got a notification from some news app he had. Normally he would have ignored it, but the title had gained his interest...

Ms. Amazing found dead!

And so he read the article, realized what had happened, and for the first time in a long while, Viktor Vaughn smiled.

"Looks like the savior bots were rather busy." Viktor chuckled lowly, his voice was as smooth as butter and surprisingly deep. This was fantastic news. It proves that the bots were capable of holding their own. And this also means that the first step of his plan was now in motion. He puts his phone down and continues to finish his paperwork. His cruel small smirk was still on his face. "Now operation 'No more supers' can finally begin."

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Viktor Vaughn Empty Re: Viktor Vaughn

Post by lonbon June 13th 2023, 11:26 am

Edited: Made some edits to the kinetic hard light Shield belt, now can switch between shooting a powerful blast of kinetic energy or making the shield harder for better defense.

Describe the strength of the lasers as well as described the weakness better. Now the contact lenses backfire if used in Rapid succession

Described how fast the rocket boots made Viktor move as well as added the weakness to said rocket boots. Rocket boots now become disabled completely if used that top speed for too long.

Gave Viktor a gun.

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Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 5
Location : New york
Age : 20
Job : Pretending to have one lol
Humor : Anything really, my humor is broken
Registration date : 2022-01-25

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