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Homeless Cyborg with a Cool Van

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Homeless Cyborg with a Cool Van Empty Homeless Cyborg with a Cool Van

Post by Sage May 11th 2023, 9:22 pm


"The whole world’s my home. No one can take it from me anymore.”

The Bio

Real Name: Jane Rosner
Hero Name: Scraprig
Title: Scrapmaster, Mad Scientist, Crazy Lady with a Wrench, etc
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 23
Gender: AMAB Female
Race: White
Hair: Messy, brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 210lb
Blood type: A

The Looks

Homeless Cyborg with a Cool Van 1414503_ormchXf0

The Personality

Jittery, harebrained and just a little maniacal in her actions. Jane is slow to trust people to hasn’t gotten to know, but doesn’t outright antagonize them. She will, however, withhold certain things from them until they can show they’re worth trusting. Once you get past the surface, Jane seems about as chill and unbothered as a person could get. Angelic dragons and literal demons just don’t register on her radar, and if they do, she just doesn’t worry about them.

Jane tends to take things as they come. Her erratic nature is betrayed by a complete disregard for life-threatening danger. The worst villain on planet earth could be staring her down, and she wouldn’t care. Not out of apathy, or some absurd sense of bravery, but because there are things Jane has experienced that many people haven’t. Those things didn’t kill her, so she’s not about to let some punk with a cape name ruin her day.

The Story

Jane’s life was mostly normal for most of her childhood. She was born with her powers, and they manifested early on in life. She could power a microwave with earth’s magnetic field, and make it operate twice as efficiently in the process. As a kid, she mostly hung out around places where abandoned scrap was left; Junkyards and landfills where people threw out defunct computers. She knew she wasn’t like most kids her age, as most kids couldn’t just magically make things work to the extent she did. Her powers simply allowed tech to work in strange ways, but she chose not to be open about it. Jane spent enough time on the internet to know better than to go around flashing her superhuman abilities to anyone who would pay attention, and she didn’t have any explicit plans to be a superhero one day. No, Jane was just content to do her own thing, and she did that. Right up until the point a disaster hit her home.

When she was 16, Jane’s entire neighborhood was attacked by a mob of self-styled villains. They were all two-bit thugs, but they were mad at the world and heard about some superpowered kid who lived happily in a nice neighborhood. Jane wasn’t aware of that last part, but she was aware of the fact that the guy leading all of these people was someone who had the power to temporarily grant other people random abilities. This, combined with the sheer disdain for superhumans that the crowd harbored, meant the entire street was leveled. Homes were lit on fire, lasers were fired through the air in an attempt to enact what the mob thought was “poetic justice.” People died, and some of the temporarily powered maniacs got their hands on Jane, one of which was carrying an axe. They hacked away at her as she kicked and screamed. One of them lit her on fire just for the fun of it, blood splattered everywhere, and they left her for dead.

At least, they thought she was dead.

Hours later, Jane woke up in a hospital covered in bandages, and she was missing a limb. Her headspace at the time was… Awful. The doctors and the law enforcement caught her up on everything, and they identified her as a superhuman. They weren’t really sure what to do with her given the circumstances and her desire to keep her powers secret. Of course, they couldn’t blame her knowing that was the driving force behind what was essentially an act of terrorism. Either way, they didn’t have to figure it out immediately, seeing as she would be staying in the hospital for several days. Half of Jane’s rib cage was snapped, she lost enough blood to rule out standing up for a while, and her skin hadn’t fully recovered from being lit on fire. Jane was nothing short of dejected the entire time, but after she had recovered, everyone involved came to the conclusion that she needed to be put somewhere that she could be watched, for her own sake.

Two weeks after the incident, and many attempts by the media to get the story from the “Lone Survivor,” Jane was sent to a place for superpowered kids in similar situations. It resembled an orphanage, a school, and a superhero team, but it wasn’t officially any of those things. Rather, it was an initiative put together by a B-list hero to support people like Jane. The hero in question, a teleporter called Longshot, took her in at his personal HQ along with a handful of other kids of various ages. It was here that Jane learned a few things about how superheroes operated. Jane, of course, was given plenty of space to do her gadgetry, and eventually built herself a mechanical arm that she grafted to her bones and nerves. She made friends with the other kids, but the whole thing felt off.

The other kids acted as Longshot’s teammates when they weren’t at home, and all had aspirations to form an official team of superheroes once they were old enough. They had massive dreams, and they treated each other like family. Jane, on the other hand, watched her family get butchered, all because she had superpowers. They all meant well, but Longshot seemed to want her to join them all someday, and Jane just didn’t know what she wanted. Nothing felt right living in a glorified foster house with a bunch of people she couldn’t relate with, after seeing the things she did. But it was normal, and Jane didn’t really have anywhere else to go. Jane eventually started putting together devices for the others, but she never went out into the spotlight. She just wanted to stay at home and be a normal human being as much as she could. Despite this, Longshot and her “family” insisted she use her powers. This continued for another year, until a few months after Jane was 17, and she decided she wanted to do her own thing.

Jane didn’t ever mind her powers, she enjoyed building things, but she didn’t want to fight villains. This life she was living felt forced, and she didn’t think she belonged. One day, Jane gathered up everything she had, and took off without a word. She left a note at Longshot’s front door saying, “I’m leaving. Thanks for taking care of me.” The other young superkids were nice to Jane, but she couldn’t ever connect with them. Not that she tried very hard, but she always felt they only cared about her for her powers and not her. Jane set out to find some sense of belonging in life, something that would give her purpose or just make things different for her, or at least make her feel less like a passenger in her own car, in a sense. Six years have passed since then, and Jane has taken to simply wandering the country in a teched out van, meeting up with heroes and living one day at a time. Aimless as it may seem, it’s a life she chose willingly, and she feels like she’s in control of it. For her, that’s all that matters.

The Powers

Superhuman Engineer
Jane understands technology on an absurd level. She has a supernatural grasp on electronics, mechanics, and human-integrated machinery. As a result of this, Jane can build futuristic machines that defy conventional logic and would baffle the best minds of today. Whenever Jane attempts to build something, it simply works even if it wouldn’t normally be possible by today’s technological standards.

Anything that has moving parts and circuits, or is capable of linking to a person, can be built by Jane to a more sophisticated extent than what another person could build. Examples include, but are not limited to:

*Biointegrated Prosthetic limbs that can be controlled by a person’s brain.

*Heavy weapons such as railguns or gatling gun turrets.

*Computers or “brain-powered” devices that free up a user’s hands.

*Mechanical suits of armor that enhance the user’s abilities.

*Large vehicles capable of transporting multiple heroes and their gear.

*Literal mechs.

The Weaknesses

Method to the Madness
Jane’s tech may seem to defy any reasoning to an onlooker, but her particular brand of engineering follows a set of rules that affect the final product. These rules aren’t able to be “broken,” as if they aren’t followed, then the tech simply doesn’t work.

1: Jane’s tech, while capable of unusual levels of effectiveness, still requires a source of power. This power source can be whatever Jane wishes, as long as it takes the form of electrical energy, or can be converted into electrical energy. Larger devices naturally require more energy.

2: Any tech that Jane produces cannot perform calculations or similar computations on its own, and must use a living person as a processor if that is required. For this reason, Jane can’t build an AI, but she could build a supercomputer designed to use someone’s brain for calculations. If a machine is to think, a person must power it.

3: No matter what Jane builds, it must fall into one of three categories: Heavy Machine, Bio-Integral, or Electrical. A device can be as few of these as Jane wishes, as long as it is at least one of them. For example, a prosthetic limb can be as minimal and sleek as physically possible so long as it is both fully integrated into a person’s body and powered entirely by electrical signals from the brain. Conversely, a limb that was incredibly massive and strong enough to shatter stone wouldn’t need to be integrated at all, and could be simply battery-powered.

Support, not DPS
Jane might have a mechanical arm capable of crushing bones, but she’s not an actual fighter. She isn’t trained for direct combat against an enemy. Her strength lies in her resources, and what she can bring to a fight against villains, rather than what she can do to villains.

This also means that villains capable of tearing apart technology would have an advantage against her. Certain EMPs, technopaths, and even some hackers could compromise Jane’s operations with ease.

The Items

A van that looks like an aesthetic mess on the outside, but the inside looks like something inside a spaceship’s cockpit. Contained inside Jane’s van is a mobile workshop kitted out with everything a mad engineer like herself could possibly need. The outer walls of the van fold outwards to allow for more space if Jane needs, and the inside can be rearranged for sleeping or turned into a mini-kitchen when needed… Jane lives in this thing if it wasn’t obvious.

The may look chaotic, but its engine has enough horsepower to tow a whole tank, and runs on electricity and magnetism. Jane hasn’t paid for gas in a long time, despite living life on the road. Everything she needs or has is in there.

Electrocybermechanical Arm
A prosthetic limb fused to Jane’s nerves at the shoulder. It has enough grip strength to snap rebar in half, and built into the wrist is a small screen no bigger than a cellphone. Using Jane’s nervous system as a CPU, this screen can process data about devices, such as current flowing through them, Jane’s GPS coordinates on earth, or emit a radio signal that others can use to communicate with her. It even has a wifi signal… At least Jane says it does, but she won’t give you the password to it.

Mother of All Toolboxes
Wrenches, spanners, soldering irons, even an arc torch or two. Jane has just about every tool a manic grease monkey like herself could possibly need stashed in her van.

The RP Sample

See: Stareater’s character sheet

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Homeless Cyborg with a Cool Van Empty Re: Homeless Cyborg with a Cool Van

Post by FantasyBound May 13th 2023, 9:22 pm

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