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Regulator Lovell (Hero)

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Regulator Lovell (Hero) Empty Regulator Lovell (Hero)

Post by Cynical_Aspie February 8th 2023, 5:16 pm

John Lovell

"You’ve got some grit - I’ll give ya that. But you’ll need more than just grit the minute some Meta decides the long arm of the law don’t apply to them."

The Bio

Name: John Lovell
Hero Name: Regulator Lovell
Title: “Everybody’s Ranger”, “Old West Shooter”, Captain Lovell
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black (Graying)
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 220 lbs
Blood type: A-

The Looks

John looks very grizzled and aged, like a man who has been to Hell and back. He has a head of salt-and-pepper hair with a well-groomed goatee. His casual wear consists of brown pants with a tan button-up shirt.

The Personality

As can be seen in his quote above, Lovell is tough and uncompromising. Not one to beat around the bush, he’s extremely blunt in his assessment of others. His subordinates, while not fond of him on a personal level, respect him because he can be relied on to be right next to them when the bullets start flying. In spite of his overall cynical worldview, he fights to do the right thing for others when the law can’t do it.

Having lost his wife in a crossfire between two groups of Meta-humans in his home state of Arizona, Lovell harbors a fair bit of suspicion for Meta-humans in general, frequently considering them loose cannons that are one single power trip away from turning on humanity. In spite of this general distrust, he has approved the acceptance of a few Meta-humans in the ranks of the Regulators based on their own merits. He’s also known to be a bit of a heavy drinker.

The Story

John Lovell was born in Flagstaff, Arizona and spent a good amount of his life there, even marrying his high school sweetheart. A small chunk of his life was spent moving from the sheriff’s department in Arizona over to the police department in Los Angeles, where Lovell spent a considerable amount of time in riot control units.

By the time he reached his thirties, Lovell was already a Police Lieutenant, but he retired from active service to move back to Arizona with his wife, settling in Prescott. Truth told, Lovell was also a bit homesick and craving the simpler life of a small town sheriff. He was deputized as part of Yavapai County Sheriff's Office, and routinely serviced the former mining town of Jerome - a quiet town and tourist attraction where no one would expect trouble to break out.

He was expecting a son with his wife. Unfortunately, an altercation occurred within Downtown Prescott, right along Whiskey Row, between two groups of Meta-humans, engaged in what amounted to a turf war. Lovell was off duty at the time, but was still armed - his wife got caught in the crossfire, accidentally fried by stray lightning from one of the Metas.

That day stayed burned into John’s memory. John never found Meta-humans particularly trustworthy as a whole to start with, but as Metas got more out of hand, his already considerable distrust of them grew into general contempt. The law’s arms turned out not to be long enough when one dealt with Metas that could easily escape apprehension or detainment. He ultimately retired from the Sheriff’s Office and looked for other methods of defending the populace.

The Regulators were an up-and-coming vigilante group that - in spite of its contributions to law enforcement - often found itself at odds with the same. They were not sanctioned by any government body, they were funded under-the-table by the general populace, and they didn’t shy away from lethal force like certain police departments did. In fact, Regulators occasionally saw deadly force as the only way to deal with certain Meta-humans.

Taking the skills he developed over his years in law enforcement to new heights, Lovell signed on. He made a rapid ascent through the ranks and in seniority, gaining a lot of respect - though not necessarily friends - in the ten year period.

The Powers

None - see Weaknesses and Items

The Weaknesses

Although in excellent physical and cardiovascular shape for his age, Lovell is entirely human, with no Meta abilities to speak of. As such, he relies almost entirely on his gear and tactical acumen to get through trouble intact, not to mention uncanny levels of luck.

The Items

Lovell’s loadout routinely rotates based on the needs of the job and the surroundings, but a few bits of gear remain constant no matter what:

Regulator Riot Armor: An older military-grade armor originally used by riot squads, this combat outfit is worn with a heavy duster with the insignia of The Regulators sewn into the left arm. The most characteristic element of this model is the helmet. A rounded shell protects the head from incoming gunfire, while the lamps on the right side of the helmet (including infrared and visible light projectors) provide illumination.

The armored mask designed to be worn with the helmet is necessary to use the IR lamp, due to the low-light optics integrated into the lenses. The mask also incorporates a locking mechanism to properly join it together with the helmet shell, ear covers with membranes that do not inhibit hearing while maintaining its protective qualities, and air filters.

The torso assembly is a flexible vest of rigid impact plates, worn with adjustable straps on the sides and shoulders. The protective quality of the plates is considerable, standing up to both blunt force and ballistic weaponry with durability to spare, and is even able to stop a 7.62mm round or two.

  • Mechanics: Armor provides additional protection against blunt-force trauma, Class III body armor against bullets (requires dedicated armor-piercing to break), Infrared and Low-light Vision.

Lovell’s Hunting Revolver (aka “Big Iron”): A strengthened, swing-out cylinder, five-shot double-action/single-action revolver that serves as Lovell’s backup weapon. It is hardened to fire very high pressure rounds and is chambered for the .45-70 rifle round. The low capacity and considerable recoil are the price to pay for the considerable kinetic power of the rounds.

The Subordinates

Lovell tends to travel with three hand-picked subordinates when on a dedicated combat assignment, all of them outfitted with Regulator Riot armor or in the lighter, but also less protective, Patrol Armor. These Regulators are tight-knit and always refer to each other by nickname; the squad consists of normal humans from military or law-enforcement backgrounds.

Lovell (leader and typically a rifleman, nicknamed “Alpha”)

“Brick”: ex-LAPD SWAT (close assault specialist, typically armed with a shotgun and grenades, in Patrol Armor)

“Voodoo”: ex-Army Special forces (gunner or rifleman, depending on the needs; usually carrying medical supplies)

“Deadeye”: Former Marine sniper (sharpshooter; always carries some form of sniper rifle, with a sidearm, in Patrol Armor)

Other Regulators out on patrol will also occasionally aid Lovell if they encounter him in a fight.

The Fluff

The Regulators are not a sanctioned vigilante organization, and there is routinely tense friction between them and official law enforcement. Police will often give Lovell a hard time when interacted with.

While there exists the occasional Meta-human, the Regulators are almost exclusively normal humans who come from a military or law enforcement background.

Regulator Patrol armor is a lighter, less protective iteration of the Regulator Riot Armor. While offering similar protection against blunt trauma, its ballistic protection is rated IIIA (capable of standing up to small rifle and 12 gauge buckshot).

He’s a well-practiced quickdraw honed through years of experience.

Lovell largely sticks to the Southwestern US, but occasionally travels further east.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Regulator Lovell (Hero) Empty Re: Regulator Lovell (Hero)

Post by Zonkes March 7th 2023, 12:35 am

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