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Mercury (Villain)

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Mercury (Villain) Empty Mercury (Villain)

Post by Cynical_Aspie February 5th 2023, 3:48 pm


"The Creator’s orders must be followed - and she has deemed your elimination as a priority."

The Bio

Host Body: Alex Miller
Villain Name:Mercury (Also “Prima Mercury”)
Title: Subject Zero, “My Magnum Opus”
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 28 (based on host body); 2 years (based on time from activation)
Gender: Female (default form)
Race: Bio-Metallic Life Form (based on a human)
Hair: Medium Length Silver
Eyes: Electric Blue
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 157 lbs
Blood type: ERROR [Does not apply to machinery]

The Looks

Made almost entirely of liquid metal, this woman’s entire body - including her “hair” - has a silver sheen to it; her mechanical eyes glow blue. A set of electrical conduits (think “Tron lines”) run up the length of her body, from her knees up to her chest.
Mercury (Villain) Mercur10

The Personality

Mercury is plain and emotionless, able to understand and fake human emotions on a rational level, but unable to truly feel them herself except as programmed to by her designer. She operates almost entirely on the collective logical thought processors that are shared through her nanites’ runtimes.

She operates not on malice, but on her programming, and acknowledges Doctor Amelia Frey Franz-Bernstein as her designer and Creator. As such, she is bound to follow her Creator’s order, regardless of the morals or ethics inherent in the orders, even if she finds them questionable from the standpoint of reason.

Her stated purpose is to obey and serve her Creator without question, to maintain her Creator’s physical and psychological well-being at any cost, ensure the Creator’s safety and serve as a tool to forward the ambitions of the same.

The Story

Apollo Systems started up in the 90s as a cybernetics and software company that made money for cutting-edge operating systems that were sold off to larger companies in the business of combat androids. OSs were also created for systems in the US and NATO; however, following the New York Assault, an increased demand for not just OSs, but combat cyborgs hit the market.

In response to the increased investment of shareholders and government grants, Apollo Systems stepped onto the scene with its first combat android model: the GOPPERT. Not cutting edge when compared to the larger companies, the GOPPERT’s Jack-of-All-Trades nature nonetheless made it a workable stopgap against Meta threats in the smaller NATO countries.

Then Doctor Amelia Frey Franz-Bernstein, one of Apollo’s scientists, came into the scene with a breakthrough: fully adaptive nanotechnology that could assimilate metal, be programmed for combat, and - through use of a human host - think far more flexibly in terms of tactics compared to constructed combat androids.

However, the Apollo Systems board of directors rejected the request to proceed with human trials, citing the potential public backlash, ethics violations, and financial costs on a company that was beginning to hemorrhage money. Amelia considered her theories a work of genius, citing the extreme threat that Meta-humans could potentially pose were they all to go rogue, and was incensed at having her research shot down.

Doctor Franz-Bernstein was single-handedly responsible for coming up with the design, if not the performance, of the GOPPERT. She considered herself the only reason Apollo had not yet gone under.

Fine, if they wouldn’t give funding for a human trial, she would simply find a subject herself. Highjacking several androids, she took over one of the construction factories - local security forces stood no chance, so a special forces team led by Captain Alex Miller infiltrated to apprehend the Doctor.

The operation failed when the weapon was revealed to be active. In order to improve her invention’s adaptability, Doctor Franz-Bernstein, had her nanites assimilate Captain Miller. She dubbed the resulting creation “Prima”; for a short time after he was assimilated and transformed Miller remained the dominant personality, only to quickly be overtaken by the personality rewrite.

The result became a totally obedient bio-metallic life form with the inventiveness of the human mind, but the lightning quick processing power of machines. Prima considers the host body she was built around to be a completely different entity that no longer exists. She existed purely to facilitate the Creator’s ambitions and desire for revenge; revenge for having her genius spurned by simple businessmen and bureaucrats.

The Powers

  • Metallic assimilation: Can assimilate metal of any kind into her overall mass

  • Limited shapeshifting: While able to shape shift to impersonate humans to a limited extent, Mercury’s primary ability is her ability to shapeshift her limbs to form bladed weapons made of metal. To an extent, she can also phase through solid metal objects.

  • Self-repair: as long as she has a readily accessible source of metal to assimilate or sufficient excess mass of the same, Mercury can regenerate from most conventional forms of damage her body sustains via self-replicating nanites.

  • Multi-spectrum vision: Mercury’s vision modes include standard, infrared, EM detection and low-light amplification.

  • Ballistic and melee resistance: bullets cause very little permanent damage to Mercury due to her ability to assimilate metal, and due to being liquid metal, damage from punches and melee weapons is heavily reduced.

  • No need for oxygen or biological needs: Mercury has no biological processes to service, and requires no oxygen to function, making her capable of traversing hazardous areas, including vacuums, for extended periods of time.

  • Immune to mind-affecting powers: although she can access memories from the host body she assimilated, Mercury’s thought process is entirely controlled through the unified power of the nanobots that give her form. As her perceptions are done electronically rather than biologically, she’s immune to mental powers and illusions that would fool an organic.

The Weaknesses

  • Mercury is highly vulnerable to temperature extremes; extreme cold will inhibit her self-repair capabilities, while extreme heat plays havoc with her ability to form solid shapes. Melting in a pool of slag would render her inoperable.

  • Magic and energy weapon vulnerability: Mercury’s self-repair systems were not programmed with magic in mind, and exposure to laser or plasma weaponry heavily taxes her repair systems (forcing her to spend multiple turns in succession repairing).

  • Electromagnetic radiation: EM radiation interferes with Mercury’s optical sensors and overall structural formation, and particularly large amounts can render her immobile. In addition, electrical attacks disrupt the network of nanites and can force her to solidify and become immobile.

  • Easy to stagger: although able to shrug off bullets with little lasting damage, the same weapons can stun her more easily than a robot with a rigid, solid-metal frame. An entire firing line of machine guns can easily pin her in place while the attackers withdraw.

  • Range: Short of picking up a ranged weapon herself, Mercury is entirely a melee fighter.

  • Disintegration: the only way to render her fully inoperable and unsalvageable is complete disintegration that would destroy the nanobots themselves. This could be from specific types of magics to the epicenter of a nuclear blast.

The Items

Not Applicable

The Creator

Doctor Amelia Frey Franz-Bernstein designed not only the nanites that comprise Mercury’s form, but also the runtimes that drive her systems. Amelia is no more resilient or combat capable than another human of her age, but is typified by her unusual appearance (aqua blue, ankle-length hair and hazel eyes) and her genius-level intellect.

In addition to Mercury following her orders, Amelia has several fully-mechanical combat androids guarding her at any given time. These models are far less advanced and far less flexible in the tactics and freedom of thought that they can employ when compared to Mercury, but they are far more rigid in structure and more difficult to stagger.

The Fluff

Mercury’s natural voice is an Alto, with an “echo” effect present anytime she speaks.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Mercury (Villain) Empty Re: Mercury (Villain)

Post by Zonkes February 5th 2023, 4:13 pm

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