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The Mercury-Vulcan Group

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The Mercury-Vulcan Group Empty The Mercury-Vulcan Group

Post by Emilia Lilian Barosoque September 29th 2015, 9:12 am

The Mercury-Vulcan Group 33actxy

The Mercury-Vulcan Group

Group Color: Various, but exclusive members receive FF9933

Who We Are:


Our History:

The First Era:
Mercury Industries began over 45 years ago at Harvard University in a small but well-funded research laboratory headed by the Japanese-American Dr. Yuki Arano. Yuki Arano began her journey over 12 years prior as she ascended through academia in some of the most prestigious universities on the planet. From Harvard, to Yale, Cambridge, to Stanford and Oxford, to half a dozen of the universities that host the world’s greatest mind, she has pioneered at them all.

Holding several degrees in analytics and possessing the capability to change the world, it was her mind that realized that the world’s brightest needed to come together and that she could not do this alone. Yuki Arano was correct, and in her laboratory with the minds she had gathered what would be one of the world’s greatest innovations had began. She brought them together to change the world, and it created something beautiful that could very well make an impact large enough that it would affect the future of global affairs.

The mass data analytics platform known as WINS was given birth, and with Arano at the head she created the corporation that you know today as Mercury Industries. News of one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century quickly spread throughout the nation and she forged relationships with the largest national corporations. That was when Mercury Industries’ share price exploded and the company shot out of the US into international waters.

It took a while for Mercury Industries to do it, but they soon achieved the publicity that they had needed and began to expand past the borders of more and more nations. The corporation’s blaze across the globe had just began as it caught the interest of major corporations that bought stock in it and invested in the WINS project. This investment had been just what the small corporation that would become a fledgling giant had needed to expand and establish a small cabal of subsidiaries.

Included in this list of subsidiaries significantly smaller than the corporation was Orion Cellular, Ventus Energies, Apex Minerals & Resources and Pan Medical among others. While still considered small, and with most of the profit they had made invested in research and assets instead of being liquidized resources, Mercury had just begun the founding of a great legacy. This legacy was something that the aging Dr. Yuki Arano had hoped would set up the future of not only her corporation but the world as well.

It was thirteen years later that Arano had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that caused tumors to develop across the entire body, and despite it being in early stages she was too old and too out of shape to he helped especially with the amount of small tumors already developing. Knowing that she was doomed to die a slow and painful death, Arano used her entire fortune to create the Arano Humanities Foundation and hoped that, in the future, other corporations, her nation and one day other nations would adopt the same policies. Mercury Industries thus was destined to adopt a newer, younger CEO because of Arano retiring early and after a few months opting to use an assisted suicide program, beginning the dawn of a new era at the small, but steadily growing, corporation.

The Second Era:
Lady Emilia Lilian Barosoque, a “young” and brilliant London-borne woman holding three doctorates among five different degrees, two of which were Master’s, that had went to Cambridge at age 9, and former Chief of Research at Mercury Technologies was elected to run the corporation in the mid 90’s. Emilia was one of the world’s greatest minds, and similar to Arano had a vision but this vision had a wider scope for the business, one that didn’t primarily focus on research. It was this vision that had begun the second era of Mercury Industries and Emilia’s excellent leadership skills that set the foundation for a great new beginning.

The age of innovation had begun back in the 80’s and it was this innovation that had allowed the corporation to grow exponentially and become the primary corporation that the government and people in the US went to in most areas such as medicine and pharmaceuticals. They were doing great work at Mercury Industries, and people were taking note as the corporation grew and its subsidiaries began breaking major ground in various areas. However, the company was still relatively small despite all it had done due to the fact that research and assets had always been the primary focus under Arano.

Emilia took this as the indication that Mercury Industries needed to take a different direction, and she began stopping the research of new potential roads of development, storing their ideas for later, and instead focusing on current projects before anything else began. This would allow Mercury to stay at the cutting edge without eventually becoming broke due to the fact that there were always more thoughts than there was funding. It was her ambition that drove Mercury to restructure themselves under her mind, and luckily it coincided with the thirty year plan Arano had laid out and simply accelerated things.

That being said the 32 year old Barosoque was ruthless, intelligent, brilliant, highly analytical and constantly studying in new fields so that she could do what was required to ensure a future for the company. Barosoque busied herself with as many aspects of the business as possible, enveloping her mind in research while also managing as much of Mercury as she could handle. It was then, in the early 2000’s that she began restructuring the subsidiaries to hand all of most of their research over to two massive new subsidiaries known as Mercury Technologies and Mercury Mobile Technologies.

These new subsidiaries were large because every research project was now handled by Mercury Technologies and Mercury Mobile Technologies, with the various other subsidiaries handling only a small portion of what they were specialized in. This allowed the subsidiaries of Mercury Industries to focus on growth, advertising, developing partnerships and otherwise handling what mattered most. The second era of Mercury Technologies had begun speeding up right about this time as management changed and Emilia took full reign over the corporation.

It was a welcome change, and the corporation had the world’s brightest flood to them once more as they were allowed to recruit out of universities around the world. It was arguably one of the most exciting developments that had occurred within the corporation and its subsidiaries within the last four decades. Thus the end of the second era ended and the modern era had begun with more experienced hands, two of which were Emilia’s, guiding the next generation’s minds.

The Modern Era:
The modern era was one that would see the rise and fall of countless corporations, the end of oligarch empires, and the beginning of a new day at Mercury. Mercury Industries was renamed as Mercury World Industries and given a list of commandments and a large, growing set of discoveries to make. Emilia, as always, was at the forefront with her right hand being the more experienced executives and her left being the wunderkids.

Emilia’s latest purchase to enhance the corporation, and possibly the largest to date, was none other than Harvard University and it was one of her proudest moments. Emilia began an organization devoted to recruiting, schooling, training, and preparing the greatest minds on the planet from continents ranging from Eurasia, to Oceania, to North and South America, and even Africa. Her goal was to prepare the next generation to work at Mercury, and it developed into a highly successful endeavor.

While still supporting general applications and those who didn’t want to join Mercury, the face of Harvard University had been changed to show that Mercury was the biggest priority. PIU became a workhorse that shuffled out some of the most brilliant students in the university to work with Mercury. Three years into the 2000’s Mercury saw their workforce grow from 30,000 to over 125,000 fresh minds that were brilliant at what they did.

The corporation’s growth was exponential, yet at the same time it was sustainable due to how Mercury focused on their projects and how they worked. Divisions were created to house new sectors of research and development and by 2005 the company had been restructured to support a sufficiently larger amount of research in subsidiaries that needed it so that all of the researchers weren’t stuck in one corporation. Mercury saw the dawn of a new age with a hybrid business model that let them dominate the market at every turn; Emilia looked upon the thing she had molded into her own creation and smiled.

In 2007 the first major partnership with a massive multinational manufacturing corporation known as Vulcan Manufacturing was forged, which resulted in standardization and a higher quality over all products. Over three years of the partnership culminated in two corporations that worked in perfect synchronization, corporations that attended each other’s meetings, gave each other advice, and shared technology, techniques and a variety of other things. Inevitably, Emilia Barosoque, the CEO and majority shareholder of Mercury, and Argus Miyake held a meeting between the two boards and the company performed a massive merger in 2010.

By 2011 the company once known as Mercury World Industries changed their name to the Mercury-Vulcan Group (MV) and established themselves as a major presence in the business world. Over 500,000 employees made up one of the most efficient workforces o the planet, and this workforce was the one that fueled the Mercury-Vulcan Group. The Mercury-Vulcan Group caused a reckoning on the planet as one of the most capable corporation ever to exist, and to this day continues to innovate in industries across the world.

One day Mercury-Vulcan will define the planet in every area, with the hopes that their technology will truly make a change and benefit the world in ways unimaginable. Working on the cutting edge, innovating current technologies, preparing humanity for the future, improving everything they get their hands on, Mercury-Vulcan is a work machine. Mercury-Vulcan is the company to come to if you want to achieve your dreams, for they flow like liquid silver and have a passion that burns with the heat of the God of volcanoes himself.

Welcome to the future, welcome to the Mercury-Vulcan Group.

The Goals:

The Mercury-Vulcan Group is devoted to bringing to the world a new standard in technology, morals, and political ideals so that they may be capable of ensuring that Innovation is one of the goals met during their attempt to make a stronger world, a faster world, a better world for those with and without Mercury-Vulcan. By making use of their skills in a good will attempt Preparation for the future of the members within this organization, Mercury-Vulcan can have success within any area and propel members into a new category, an upper Echelon. We are Alpha, we are Ultra we are apex and omega, our organization is one of Unity and Protection that brings its members together and takes care of each other to ensure a common goal. Those goals are Power and Wealth, whether it be through gnarly politics, long sieges against a drug cartel run by metahumans, the seizure of assets through legal means or just simply arranging the most powerful group of metahumans and the most valuable gathering of humans on the planet the Mercury-Vulcan Group in alliance with Ultra and direct association with the member known as Alpha is setting themselves up for success.

The Positions:

Executive Positions:

(Primary Leader) Co-President & Founder- The Co-President & Founder handles day to day matters, aids in OOC & IC efforts, handles giving out commissions both IC’ly and OOC’ly as jobs (IE. mission OR making new tech), and is capable of overriding the other Co-President both IC’ly and OOC’ly

Lady Emilia Lilian Barosoque

Vice President(OOC’ly)/Co-President(IC’ly) - The Co-President handles day to day matters, aids in OOC & IC efforts, aids in OOC & IC efforts, advises the primary leader, handles giving out commissions both IC’ly and OOC’ly as jobs (IE. mission OR making new tech), and answers to the Primary leader

Charles Manders

Head of Sapien Human Resources - The Head of Sapien Human Resources handles ALL human matters, and can at times overlay with the other organizations, they handle complaints and work in orchestration with the leaders as an adviser and a keeper of the peace

Travis Masters

Head of Vulcan Security - The Head of Vulcan Security manages the entire security section and handles operations while also acting as bodyguard to both of the presidents and effectively handling equipping, preparing, training, recruiting and organizing security after we get to the point where we can do so, and they normally have a say in both OOC and IC matters regarding the Vulcan Security subsidiary

Open to RP’er w/common sense

Head of Mercury Research - The Head of Mercury Research handles all matters regarding technology, research and science and continuously advises us on areas that have to do with this matter so that they can create technology for the Mercury-Vulcan Group, come up with unique abilities

Open to Quality RP’er w/good resume & creative mind


Vulcan Security Officers - Open
Mercury Researchers - Open
Sapien Human Resources - Open

The Family:

The Great Mother - The Great Mother leads the group and organizes missions, handling diplomacy and funding the group.

Lady Emilia Lilian Barosoque

The Great Father - The Great Father handles the discipline and training of the group.
Open to quality RP’er
The Son -

The son is a young and powerful metahuman that follows the orders of the Great Father.


The Daughter -

The Daughter is a young and powerful metahuman that will be given jobs and follows the orders of the Great Mother.


The First Cousin -

The First Cousin is much the same as the son & daughter.


The Second Cousin -

The Second Cousin is much the same as the son & daughter.


Allies: Ultra

Enemies: N/A

Current Targets: N/A

Resources & Equipment:

Stock Value: $1,038
Funding: $1.4 Trillion
Technology Level: Advanced, specializing in solar and plant powered/solar and plant based technologies

Standard Technology:



[b]Name:[/b] (Make sure the name is a hyperlink to your character’s application)
[b]Age:[/b] (This is the age of your character)
[b]Active Locations:[/b] (These are the locations that they can be active in)

[b]Alignment:[/b] (Please put the alignment that you have on your character application here)
[b]Current Occupation:[/b] (What does your character do?)
[b]Resume:[/b] (Optional but raises the possibility of gaining a membership)

[b]Are You Part of Another Organization?:[/b]

[b]Powers:[/b] (Just the name of them)
[b]Abilities:[/b] (Just a list of important skills and non-power abilities)
[b]Class Level:[/b] (Class Zero = Human or Peak Human; Class One = Powers that affect you a bit too much and have little to no benefit; Class Two = This is for powers which are slightly below average or have more flaws than the average one; Class Three = Your standard level of powers; this is for those who are about average; Class Four = Class four is powerful but do not have the capability of affecting things on a massive scale, IE: bringing someone back from the dead but not bringing back to life anyone who has ever lived in a city; Class Five = Capable of affecting entire cities) (All classes are accepted, but class ones may not be accepted even if Class Zeroes are)

[b]Combat Training:[/b] (This is a yes and then how much and what kind of combat training you have OR no category)
[b]Degrees/Certificates/Licenses:[/b] (These are the degrees (and level of degree), certifications (and type/level of certifications), and licenses (and type of licenses)
[b]Do You Want Training?:[/b] (Yes or no, and then IF YOU WANT you can specify what

[b]Requested Position:[/b] (This is the position you request out of those that are available)
[b]Why You Want to Join:[/b] (This is why you want to join the organization)
[b]What You Can Offer:[/b] (This is what you can offer us, and make sure to make us want you)
[b]Capacity to Follow Orders:[/b] (Can you follow orders? If so, or if no, explain why (if no) or give an explanation on what you’d be willing to do for the organization
[b]Suggestions:[/b] (Optional) (Offer suggestions on new categories, new areas for the application, important parts of the organization I forgot to mention

[b]Other Information:[/b] (Optional) (Any other information you can think of that would pertain to your joining of this organization)

Everyone knows that the queen has arrived, that the Great Mother is here to save them all and to lead this generation, the last generation, and the next generation into the future. The metas will rise, the humans will conform, and the world will be at peace through any means necessary. We will innovate, create and destroy, and man it'll be awesome.
Emilia Lilian Barosoque
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