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Vulcan Empty Vulcan

Post by ProwlerKnight December 14th 2022, 12:57 am


"Flesh is a doctors canvas, meant to be changed and improved."

The Bio

Real Name: Dr. Sebastian Wheeler
Villain Name: Vulcan
Title: NThe Mad Doc
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 52  
Hair: Brown
Eyes:Changes color due to Augmentation
Height: 5’11
Weight:220lbs (Augmentations add weight)
Blood type:Unknown

The Looks

Augmented with Cybernetic enhancements.


The Personality

Vulcan is the very definition of “mad scientist”

He is not someone you want to fall asleep in the same building, for his desire to work and improve the human body is nearly uncontrollable.  

He desires to fix the world of its flaws, and evolve humanity to a higher level.  

The Story

Sebsatian was once a proud surgical doctor, and had even helped advanced the science on a couple occasions in ways that most people use today (His practices helped create the Cybernetic advancements Anthem Enterprises utilizes.).  

His life seemed perfect, happily married, with a young son, named Lucas, Sebastian was living the best life.

Unfortunately, helping people merely get on their feet wasn’t enough for the Doctor, as he obsessed with the ideas that the human body was merely a vessel, meant to be filled with enhancements.  

Eventually, patients would slowly start to disappear, as he would take them after they were released, and use them as test subjects in his new experiments, which he tried various methods to improve them, such as adding a second heart, or metal to certain places as armor, or even weapons.  

None of his subjects survived, he would cremate the bodies.  

One did manage to live, but only long enough to escape, and, due to insurmountable pain, killing two people, before someone shot them, killing them instantly.  

Investigating, the cops soon discovered his secret operating room, and he was arrested.  

In prison, Sebastion eventually met a man who claimed to admire his work, and was looking to be “improved” himself. The man was horribly disfigured, connected to an oxygen tank, and burned all over.

One night, the prison was attacked by unknown assailants, and he was taken from his cell.  

He learned quickly that the disfigured man had established a powerful connection in prison, which he used to break them both out, and stash them in a secret location, where Sebastian was allowed to improve his craft.  

Studying Anthems cybernetic enhancements, Sebastion helped to improve the disfigured man, turning him into a cybernetic super soldier. Though, he refused to fix his lungs, as he needed something he could exploit, if the man were to ever turn on him.  

Much to his surprise, the man actually respected this decision, saying “Never trust anybody but yourself, and even then, only so far.”  

Now, under the new moniker Vulcan, and with some enhancements of his own, Sebastion works with Revenant, the man he saved, as they work to fix the world.  

The Powers

Super Eyes: His eyes are augmented to allow him to zoom in to a microscopic level, see in infrared, nightvision, thermal, magnetic, X-ray, and even Heart Beat sensor.  

They also protect from Flashbangs

Build-in Rebreather He has a built-in rebreather, protecting him from airborn poisons and gasses, as well as able to breath underwater.  

Super human intelligence Sebastion has an eidetic memory, and retains information he has read once, meaning his knowledge is vast.  

He specializes in biology, anatomy, and cybernetic engineering, with other skills in medicine, computers, coding, and so on.

The Weaknesses

EMP: While resistant, EMPs will shut down his augments, leaving him blind temporarily, and unable to filter the air, the stronger the EMP the longer the effect.  

Human: He is still human, and can be killed.  

Glass Jaw: As far as humans come, Sebastion is not a fighter, and cannot face anyone head on, thus why he prefers to strike from blind spots.  

But, if conflict arises, he will either run, hide, or surrender.  

The Items

weaponsVulcan has a set of surgical tools, drugs, and other things at his disposal, which he can, and will, utilize in a conflict.  

His tool of choice is a custom dart gun, which he uses, with various poison darts.  

Doctors garments: His costume is made with a nanoweave, capable of stopping knives, and fireproof.  

It cannot stop small arms fire.  

The RP Sample

Stephanie had it all, the job, the apartment, the dog, and a car. She was living her best life, and was not planning on stopping, not till she was dead. To everyone who met her, she was an angel sent to Earth, with a kindness that was too rare for this world.  

Which is why when she woke up, she was shocked to find herself in a room she didn’t recognize. From a quick glance, from what she could manage to see, given her head was strapped to a cold, metal table, she was in some old, clearly once abandoned, hospital room. She could feel the cold metal of the table all along her backside, indicating she was naked, covered only by thin medical covers.  

“Ah, good, you are awake.” A figured stepped into her view, hidden behind a rather ominous mask, holding a scalpel in one hand, and some kind of gun-like device in the other. “Don’t be afraid, today is a very special day for you.”  

She tried to scream, but realized she couldn’t open her mouth, or move her body at all.  

She was completely paralyzed.  

“Oh, I’m sorry...” The figure wiped a tear from her face, knowing what she was trying to do. “But I had to take the precautions, everyone always panics and screams when they first wake up...” He chuckled. “They don’t understand, I’m only going to help them.”

Her eyes darted around frantically, as if she was going to spot something she could use to help her out, forgetting her entire body was unable to move.  

“You see, you are a very special girl, so kind, and sweet...” The figure walked over to a cart. “When I first met you, you treated me so kindly...” He rolled the cart over, revealing a series of tools, and what looked like implants. “When your employee got my coffee wrong, you didn’t hesitate to help me.”  

This man was one of her customers, at the coffee place she worked at. Her mind scrambled to remember all the customers she had to deal with, due to wrong orders.  

“You are so close to perfection...” He turned the valve on a tank, placing a mask over her mouth. “All you need is a little adjustment.”  

As she found herself trying to fight, she quickly fell unconscious, unable to stop it.

“Good, sleep my precious angel, for soon...” The figure turned to look behind him, seeing a pair of what looked like mechanical wings. “It will be time for you to fly once more?” He let out a sinister chuckled, before turning back to her, and beginning his first cut.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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Vulcan Empty Re: Vulcan

Post by Arcana December 14th 2022, 4:32 pm

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