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Erebus (Story NPC)

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Erebus (Story NPC) Empty Erebus (Story NPC)

Post by Hyperion October 29th 2022, 8:03 pm

Erebus (Story NPC) 9

Basic Biography

Name: ???
Villain Name: Erebus
Titles:  Herald of Annihilation, Existences Bane, Lord of Chaos, The Destroyer
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: ???
Gender: Male?
Race: Void Ethereal
Hair: Black
Eyes: Silver with flecks of neon green and black
Height: 5’5
Weight: 129 lbs
Blood type: Void

The Looks


The Legacy

Erebus is a person that seems to revel in destruction. Watching mortals and all that exists writhing before him, taunting them and amusing himself at his own whims. Not one to follow orders even from his own master, he does what he wills and takes no heed to any warnings given to him. If something interests him he acts upon that, even if it might not be the smartest thing to do at the time.

Like all Scions, Erebus was chosen from a world The Black Beast chose for consumption and became it’s most staunch champion. Usually chosen for the vanguard, especially when an ideal vessel exists.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Ti’taen Hybrid Physiology:  Being that one of his parents was part of a race of beings composed of death and entropic energy known as nether, Erebus has inherited genes from their kind that has given him beyond human capabilities. His body is suffused with nether down to the cellular level, and considering that his body is made to be this way, allows him to perform feats that would be unthinkable for average humans.

  • Enhanced strength: With muscles that are greatly enhanced with nether, despite the fact that he is incapable of making use of the strength of a full Ti’taen, Erebus is considerably stronger than any human. Is physically capable of lifting most school buses with a medium amount of effort, though his maximum without enhancements has been measured to be capable of shattering entire city block with single strikes and even more. With this vessel he doesn’t appear to have a maximum limit to his physical strength.

  • Enhanced Speed: Along with his increased strength thanks to enhanced musculature given by nether enhancements, Erebus is capable of moving with greater swiftness than the average human. This speed can range from a jog of  mach 80 to a full sprint of mach 200 mph when unenhanced and pushing himself. His speed seems to have no real limit when enhancing himself through Ultima.

  • Enhanced durability: Erebus’s physical constitution and durability all gain from this enhanced amount of energy within his body. Bones, muscles and even soft tissues are considerably tougher thanks to the energy concentration within them that allow his body to be far more physically efficient than a human body in even peak condition. His skin, bones and muscles all form a protective layer that cover the internal organs from all threats made by man and many supernatural threats even when unenhanced and he could potential make himself nigh invincible by enhancing himself.

  • Enhanced  Reaction and perception time: His body to cope with his ability to move faster has  greater reaction times, allowing him to perceive and react far quicker than the average person is capable of doing. This mostly manifests as being able to do things like catch an arrow out of the air, or dodge a bullet by guessing where it comes from by looking at the gun’s barrel as well as being able to keep up with his own natural speed. Nothing is beyond his ability to follow.

  • Enhanced regeneration: Due to The Black Beast empowering him, his body rapidly repairs itself, knitting together injuries within seconds and even damage that would threaten his life takes at most thirty seconds to be pulled back together.

  • Nether manipulation: With how closely tied to entropic energies his body is, Erebus is capable of drawing in, creating and even controlling this energy as a form of manipulation. This energy when wielded by Erebus takes the form of a black, flowing energy that has the consistency of mist that rapidly corrodes and decays anything that it touches. It can be condensed into a denser form with concentration, allowing it to become shields, as well as  even becoming dangerous weapons or various other constructs that the user can think of. While gathering nether from the surrounding area is easier, the user is capable of creating it themselves at a greater physical drain to themselves as far as energy is concerned.

Ultima Ethereal Manipulation:  A side effect of his genetics, Erebus is capable of manipulating the very energies of his own soul. This takes the form of an outward manifestation of oddly grey energy, though it can change color to a seafoam or black energy outlined in red when using pure or dark ethereal that he can manipulate to form almost any construct that he could put his mind towards.  Functions in a similar manner to his nether manipulation, but lacks the decaying and corrupting effect that the prior mentioned element has. A secondary of manipulation over this element is that he can suffuse his body with this element, and allocate it properly over the various aspects of his physicality. This can mean an exponential increase in speed, or maybe even explosively increasing his normal strength, as well as any of his abilities.

Void step: By calling upon the destructive nature and power of the shard of The Black beast within him, he can essentially step through the nothingness that links all things and appears anywhere he desires.

Void Step: By synchronizing with the destructive energy within him, Erebus can become like the void. Unable to be touched by anything that exists while within this state, though in turn he cannot touch anything that exists.

Aura of Malice: Erebus can project his negative emotions and animosity outwards, instilling those within a 600 yard range with a sense of fear, as if facing an impossibly dangerous monster. This can cause fear, madness or even self mutilation in weak enough beings.

Black beast Bile: He is able to summon forth a dark energy that is far more corrosive than nether, fueled by the destructive aspect of The Beast by7 wearing away and destroying its existence. It can be shaped and molded like an energy, though the main use is to destroy anything that it meets. Mundane beings and items are instantly destroyed, though those protected by special magics or divine energies have varying levels of resistance to it depending on their protections. This bile can be liquid, solid or any form that the wielder desires it to be.

Existences Bane: All things have a weak point, where when struck they would come falling apart. From glass to even the most durable of materials, something that Hyperion is capable of seeing and even taking advantage of when channeling The Black Beast’s power within. This power in essence allows him to strike an existence where it is weakest, a central point that anchors it to existence and causes it to utterly fall apart. Sturdiness, durability and anything akin to that doesn’t seem to have any hindering effect on this ability. He has lesser forms of the ability, simply leaving someone in crippling pain, seemingly disabling special properties to utter destruction depending on the desires of the user. (Permission based)

Welcome to The Abyss Considered his Trumph Card, Erebus rapidly alters and changes the battlefield around him to better suit his purpose. Those within a 600 meter radius he chooses are dragged into another world, separate from this one and trapped until he is defeated or he lets this power go. Here they are dragged into a death saturated world known as The Abyss, lands blackened and charred by ages of decay corroding this dying world. Here he seems to have the most power as all his abilities seem to increase by a metric of at least ten. The air becomes toxic, sapping the life of anyone without protection against death oriented abilities. While here all attempts to escape, dimensional or otherwise seem to simply not work as if blocked by something.  (Permission based)



None, ignores all old weaknesses related to these powers.

Abilities: A hyper durable black two handed sword Erebus seems able to wield in one hand. A powerful corrosive poison coats the edge. The poison itself upon cutting someone can inhibit regeneration as well as eat away at the flesh around the area that a person is cut. A dark aura radiates from the blade, one that puts most that see it on edge.

“The miasma that coats the blade represents an undying hatred. Who this hatred is directed towards is unknown but it persists even after the one that bore it is gone.”

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Erebus (Story NPC) Empty Re: Erebus (Story NPC)

Post by Zonkes October 29th 2022, 8:11 pm

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