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Ascendant (Re-submitted)

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Ascendant (Re-submitted) Empty Ascendant (Re-submitted)

Post by Dikaios September 3rd 2022, 6:15 pm




"Valiant is the Blessed One."


The Bio

   Real Name: Ajay Judah.
   Hero Name: Ascendant.
   Title: 'Makarios One'
   Alignment: Lawful Good.
   Age: 28.
   Gender: Male.
   Race: Human - Celestial Being.
   Hair: Dark Brown.
   Eyes: Dark Brown.
   Height: 5ft 10inches.
   Weight: 180lbs.
   Blood type: O+.

The Looks

Ajay: Ajay is a White/Caucasian male and has the somatotype of an Olympic level athlete, very akin to an Olympic gymnast. He has neatly cropped hair, sharp and strong eyes, a straight nose, a strong jawline and a welcoming smile which alleviates the overall alert tone his eyes tend to give off.  He has a strong neck, broad shoulders, a thick chest, wide back and his core, posterior chain and legs are powerfully built. He has powerful arms and hard worked hands, having spent years honing his physique from when he was just a boy. He speaks with deep yet polite voice in a South-eastern English accent (contemporary received pronunciation).

Ascendant: Ascendant's body gains no additional muscle mass or change of colour when upon transforming. The only change is his entire body from neck to toe is encompassed in an angelic armour that acts like a thick second skin, suitable for a broad range of elemental shock, catastrophic ballistic impacts, extreme blunt force trauma, extreme gravitational forces, entropy resistance from usage (heat, friction, chemical corrosion etc.), anti-matter and celestial & atmospheric phenomenon; inclusive of a full spectrum of movement/combat movement whilst operating in these environments and hazards also. His suit has an 'A' symbol in the centre of the chest as part of its overall style but also as a reflective symbolism that was grafted in by the heavens. Ascendant has a feint glow of light, a type of next to skin aura of angelic energy which shows how his power has been bestowed upon him and where it came from. This gives his body an overall warm glow of feint light. There is no change in his voice, and he can make his eyes glow with bright white celestial light also.

Before Ajay transforms into Ascendant, his soul must cry out from within him “Ascendant Justice!” to enable the transformation. Ajay is shrouded in total light instantaneously and then a second later it sparks away with a rushing wind, revealing him as described. As soon as the light shrouds him, he is transformed in that instant.

Ascendant (Re-submitted) Ascend10

The Personality

Ajay and Ascendant are one and the same in that Ajay does not change any part of who he is when he transforms into Ascendant. He is very confident, assertive when required, kind-hearted, tactical/strategical, intellectual, virile yet very modest and his mindset is genuinely humble, always looking to serve the needs of others and esteem others higher than himself.

He is a devout follower of The Almighty and enjoys learning new things to the maximum extent possible but also loves watching sports and participating in them when he can; particularly the contact sport kind (martial arts, rugby etc.). He has a love of reading and of helping those less fortunate.

The Story

Born to human parents on Earth, Ajay started off life in England, surrounded by a loving family and siblings. His parents were devout believers in The Almighty – The King of Kings & Lord of Lords and had been practicing believers since their mid-twenties. As such, they had raised their family in the same faith to try and give their own children the best start in life possible via a good moral foundation and philosophy about the world they would grow up into.

Before Ajay was born, his father had a dream where he had been visited by an angel of the Almighty who called himself Dikaios. The angel said to him that he would have a son and that he must be trained in the Heavenly Kingdom’s ways until the time came for Dikaios to come and teach him directly. Waking soon after, Ajay’s father knew without a doubt that the dream was real and that he had been visited by the angelic host of The Almighty.

One week later, Ajay’s to-be mother announced she was pregnant. And so, the months went by with both parents in prayer and Dikaios visiting Ajay’s father in his dreams on multiple occasions to pass him further instructions on where he must go and what he must do. Ajay was born during a bitterly cold and snowy December, with Dikaios standing guard besides his parents as Ajay came into the world. With his first breaths, Dikaios spoke a blessing from The Almighty onto him “He is your good shepherd, you shall not want. You will not be afraid, nor dismayed. Goodness and mercy and power shall follow you and shall be with you, all the days of your life, to the glory of The Almighty; The King of Kings & Lord of Lords.” And with this, Dikaios departed.

In time, Ajay grew in stature, wisdom and strength. His parents teaching and guidance, nurturing him in the ways of The Almighty. During a family trip to the Welsh mountains when Ajay was ten years old, Dikaios appeared on his mission to Ajay and his father during one of their hikes in Snowdonia. Ajay’s father recognised Dikaios as he stood sitting on an old wall that miners of previous generations had built up in the mountains. His father introduced Dikaios as a good friend of his to Ajay.

Dikaios had an immediate affinity with Ajay and Ajay felt as if he had known Dikaios his whole life but somehow had never met him in person. Ajay’s father sat him down alongside he and Dikaios and began to carefully explain what had happened until now. Upon completion and having answered Ajay’s questions, Dikaios said to Ajay and his father that Ajay must now be trained by him if he is to realise his full potential and fulfil the plan of The Almighty.

Initially, Ajay was hesitant, but his father explained that both he and Ajay’s mother were not going anywhere and that neither was he. Except only when Dikaios arrived to train him for a mission of vital importance. Ajay began to take all of this as a joke and jested a little too much – it was all a bit too over the top. This prompted Dikaios to then reveal his true angelic appearance which made Ajay drop with his face low to the floor in fear. The sheer majesty of his presence from which he represents the Heavenly Kingdom was too much to bear. But Dikaios restored Ajay by telling him not to fear and not to be afraid, for he had been born into good favour with The Almighty and that this was a most serious, vital and blessed thing to be.

Ajay rose to his feet. The truth undeniable, but little did he know that this was just part of his journey to becoming who The Almighty had destined him to be, should he choose the path that had been laid out for him. Ajay now at an age of understanding, had to accept in faith and trust in The Almighty. Afterall, he had just seen and experienced something most people only read about and believed in faith and others flat out denied was true – but Dikaios had also given him eyes to see and so Ajay believed and accepted.

Dikaios spoke more blessings over Ajay’s parents and siblings and then left. Upon the families return home to England, Ajay felt entirely different, and it wouldn’t be long before Dikaios was back…

Later that evening as Ajay closed his eyes in his bedroom, Dikaios came down from the Heavenly Kingdom and took Ajay up with him to one of the twelve gates that bordered the Heavenly Kingdom. Having been blessed years prior at his birth, Ajay was able to receive and understand what he saw. However, he did not know why Dikaios had taken his spirit with him to the gates of the Heavenly Kingdom. Dikaios went on to explain that it was the absolutely the only place he could train him and guarantee the eyes of the enemy could not see anything going on there.

Being in the presence of eternity, Ajay’s heart settled and a peace that surpasses all understanding was within him. True contentment and fulfilment abounded all around him and within him, without restraint or limit. This place was home. This is where humans were meant to be. He didn’t want to leave.

Here Dikaios explained to him the true mission – Ajay would be blessed with angelic power from The Almighty as if it were from his own beating heart and breath within his lungs; as the assurance of presence would be within him forever, so long as he did not stray from the path The Almighty had laid out for him. If he were to do so, then he would lose the power bestowed upon him. He must protect the weak and deliver them from the hand of the wicked. He must champion the cause of The Almighty to all of humanity and fight off mortal incursions from evil spirits and fight off incursions from hostile life forms from across the universe. Earth was to be under his watch and under his protection. He would not receive all this power immediately. He had to learn that his obedience and growing in that obedience would enable him to increase in that power.

The authority bestowed upon him came directly from the Heavenly Kingdom and he was to use the power of the word to legitimise the authority to any doubter, challenger or denier. When he matured into physical manhood, at a time of The Almighty’s choosing, Dikaios would arrive to bless him with long life. So much in fact that a thousand years would be the equivalent of a year to him due to the power of angelic might, sustaining his mortal life.

When Ajay asked why Dikaios could not tell him a specific age, Dikaios simply told him that it was not for his mortal mind to know the day nor the hour because of the fallen world which he must return to and live on. But to rest assured that the time would come. Being just a boy, this was still a lot to take in, but nonetheless it still excited him due to his thirst for adventure. The superheroes he had read about and seen on TV were no longer this out-of-world untouchable ‘thing’. He was now destined to be one of them.

As the years passed by, Dikaios would return more and more frequently to take Ajay’s spirit up to the Heavenly Kingdom’s gates and train him, out of the sight of evil and any prying eyes. By the time Ajay was eighteen years old, he had been training in the use of his abilities and in combat whilst using his body and an enormous manner of weaponry, angelic combat, mortal martial arts, celestial energy projection, spiritual defence, angelic flight and soul sensing.

When transformed, he no longer required oxygen to breathe in the vacuum of space or whilst under water due to the angelic might transforming his mortal being into a celestial powered body and his overall durability to extreme gravitational forces which enables him to lift enormous weight, abound in the full spectrum of radiological effects, blunt force impacts & heavy shock/concussive forces/overpressure (equivalent to large buildings collapsing on top of him, tank rounds, heavy artillery/MRLS, JDAM/bunker busters, cruise missiles), toxins, corrosions and disease overall was astronomically heightened as he grew in power through his training. Extremes of temperatures had little to no effect on him or his functions; that being he can stand on the surface of the Sun or ice skate on Pluto if he so desired.

His cognitive, neurological and thus fine twitch muscle fibre reaction times are on par with his fastest flight speed when going at full power, meaning his overall battle power makes him a being who can move/react, travel, fight and withstand forces generated at high hypersonic speeds. This means he can accelerate to top speed whether in running, swimming (which is more akin to a hyper fast torpedo in this sense), flight, evading/defending or even attacking/countering and decelerate if required at the speeds in the hypersonic spectrum within a few seconds when he is serious and pushes himself. He can strike (punch, kick etc.) through very dense and strong metals such as tungsten and titanium and hardened/reinforced structures and lift/move weights equivalent of five hundred tonnes (this roughly equates to large freight trains/locomotives, large jets such as fully loaded B52, Boeing 747 etc. and very large monuments etc.).

Ajay had learned to awaken the power he had been blessed with from within himself and this would instantaneously shroud him in angelic armour that felt like the softest of silk to touch but was as durable as anything he could think of on Earth. With the increase in age, learning and strength, this meant that Ajay’s spirit, body and mind could handle more and more training.

But still, he wondered why this power was not always there in his normal day-to-day interactions and why he had to bring it out from within him. Dikaios explained this simply as “to prevent you from becoming conceited”. Ajay was still a mortal man, he was blessed but still, he lived in a fallen world that was full of evil and he had to always be on guard with his own thoughts, emotions, speech and actions. He had to filter everything very carefully and this meant as a mortal, he would walk a very fine line at times but even he could not break it. His advantage in this aspect over the angelic host was that because he is a mortal, grace for his mistakes is still available but this was not to be abused, lest he lose everything.

With age and experience, his strength and becoming one with the power within him can only grow until it is all his being is, no longer having to call out the power to envelope him, but instead it will be him in completeness. He had learned through all his years of intense training to control his power to not accidentally harm anyone or anything he did not intent to by doing something as simple as picking up a pen or shaking someone’s hand. Ajay was left to go back to the earth and find his own ways to continue in his training. He developed a routine of spiritual control from the moment he awoke to keep himself in a state of humility and always looking to Heaven above for his path and guidance.

Ajay eventually married his high school sweetheart named Jeni as they had fallen in love with one another from the moment they had first me, and Jeni had always known something was very different about Ajay that attracted her to him. They married in their early twenties and currently have one child together so far, a boy named Elijah. Ajay’s family moved to the Welsh mountains to begin a homestead, home-school their son and earn a humble living whilst being happily content in their private lives. Ajay now teaches and assists at the local church as an elder and helps the youth groups from the few surrounding mountain villages. His other job is selling lumber and kindling which he runs as his own private business, along with local honey he and his wife farm and other produce on their homestead via an online web-shop he and his wife run. His wife Jeni manages a home-schooling club where other families join for activities and day trips.

Whilst this simple and content life suited them and worked best for their family, Ajay knew it was the only way he could think of to keep his identity off the radar, being both a husband and a father as well as Ascendant; this was the best that he could do whilst trying to maintain some form of a normal life and without anyone noticing as well as keep his family much safer. If he had lived in an urban environment or even a semi-rural cul-de-sac, then it would have been difficult for him to call upon the power of the Heavenly Kingdom and transform into Ascendant and not have someone eventually discover him. Instead, out in the wilderness in his own homestead, he could easily transform and set off in flight with much less chance of being noticed.

The only mortals who are aware of his blessing and therefore his powers so far, are his wife and his parents. Jeni is aware that Ajay has been blessed with long life and that as time goes by, he will not age, but she will because Ajay will over time conform more and more into being Ascendant as his powers grow until The Almighty tells him his time is up and calls him home. Despite the potential for a growing void between them, they have cast all mortal problems aside and obeyed “until death do you part” in their marriage covenant and love for one another, knowing that ultimately, they will be together again in the Heavenly Kingdom, forever. Neither Ajay or Jeni knows if Elijah or any future children have inherited powers as a blessing, it remains to be seen.

Ascendant now spends his time training in the remote parts of the earth or off the planet in outer space. Every morning, evening or when the time calls for it; he rises high into the air over the United Kingdom and looks down from above at it and at other nations, looking at the souls of every mortal within his line of sight, seeking to save and protect as he has been called to do by The Almighty. He stands ready to face any threat that comes from the cosmos and from behind the veil of creation where the spiritual forces of evil are also at work.

The Powers

Angelic Flight: Ascendant can fly within the high hypersonic spectrum of speed but will typically cruise inside the earth’s atmosphere at the upper stratosphere at the higher end of supersonic speed at ease (subconscious thought, as easy as breathing which has come via training since he was ten years old). He can move in any direction at any speed and change direction in like manner also.

Blessed Strength: Ascendant’s strength is incredible. He can bend and break the strongest naturally occurring metals and manmade steels/alloys on earth, irrespective of their tensile, compressive, yield or impact strength. He can lift and move whether on his feet or in flight, weights around five hundred tonnes or even more when he is really pushing himself.

Blessed Endurance/Durability: Ascendant can withstand extreme temperatures, so high in fact that he can walk on the surface of the sun or operate in the opposite by walking on Pluto. He can move through or remain static in any type of weather, atmosphere, atmospheric phenomenon (lightning storms etc.) and cosmic phenomenon such as black holes, meteor showers, solar flares etc. He can withstand intense gravitational pulls (hypergravity etc.) and withstand extreme hydrostatic pressures so much that going to the bottom of any ocean on earth is no problem for him. He does not require oxygen/air to breathe underwater or in the vacuum of space. He can operate at maximum battle power/peak ability for a few days without needing to rest (subject to damage received also). He can abound in the full spectrum of radiological effects, blunt force impacts & heavy shock/concussive forces/overpressure (equivalent to large buildings collapsing on top of him, tank rounds, heavy artillery/MRLS, JDAM/bunker busters, cruise missiles). He has extreme resistance to toxins, chemicals/corrosions and disease overall.

Angelic Martial Prowess: Ascendant has mastered all mortal martial arts on earth and is exceptionally gifted in applying martial arts whilst in-flight also, meaning that he can fight and defend whilst moving in any direction. He is well trained in the arts of angelic combat and knows how to fight beings that break the veil from the immaterial and come into the mortal realm.

Celestial Energy Projection & Strikes: Ascendant has total control over his energy output and the forms it takes. Having the base power within him that is drawn from the heavenly bodies in the cosmos, Ascendant can project lightning-fast bright white coloured energy beams that look like highly concentrated beams of white fire from his eyes and his hands. The beams from his eyes do not require him to turn his head for direction but will travel wherever his eyes move also.

He can use any finger or all on one or both hands and even the palm of his hand to fire/project celestial energy blasts from. He can charge this energy into concentrated blast beams from his hands and eyes and even charge the energy into his fists to enhance his punches which will cause further celestial energy transfer on impact resulting in an explosion. Ascendant can also make energy balls that look like bright balls of white fire and control them fully whether he is static or flying at top speed by using the same energy from within himself to draw them to him or fire them away at a target.

He also has perfect control over its output of power, meaning he can fire blasts from his hands and control its direction using his hands and line of sight and/or estimated distances if he needed to curve the blast around a few buildings for example. He can use celestial energy e.g. like a laser to cut through thin materials such as paper where required and intensify his energy output also to bigger heights in order to cause enormous amounts of devastation such as cutting/blasting through some of the most dense and toughest materials/elements on earth or on a wider scale in blast radius (city block in size) if needed. Ascendant retains full control of this whether the energy is projected from his eyes or his hands. He is also capable of firing celestial energy from both his eyes and hands at the same time making multiple target selection much easier.

Combining this with a mastery of martial arts makes Ascendant an adversary not to be taken lightly. Depending on the scenario, Ascendant will limit their power at his own discretion, factoring in environment, angle/direction of attack/defence etc.

Angelic Healing: Ascendant does not have full use of this like Dikaios has and can only heal moderate injuries, poisoning and mild disease so far. He does this by literally reversing entropy at the subatomic and atomic level on mortals by flooding their body with celestial energy which remakes and realigns damaged atoms. This can only be applied on humans and other super humans, and he cannot use it on himself.

Soul Sense: Trained from a boy by Dikaios, despite all the combat prowess, energy projection, flight, durability and healing; this is the power that Ascendant really relies on the most in his life. Ajay can utilise this power whilst not being fully transformed into Ascendant.

Whether in normal appearance or in the transformed state, his eyes glow with bright light using angelic vision bestowed upon him. Ascendant can visually see every soul/spirit in the mortal plain of existence and for every individual soul, he can see if they have transgressed (i.e., the things they have done wrong such as evil things thought of, spoken and carried out in action) due to markings left on their soul’s conscience that acts like a ledger and is present on all beings able to make moral choices (right & wrong). This enables him to see a soul through any material in the mortal realm for up to a mile at ground level. He can see close detail up to a mile away at surface/ground level when looking at the souls of mortals.

In order to see further, Ascendant must elevate himself further into the air to see further distances by looking down from above. The further the distance, the higher he must go and so forth and scan for it with his own eyes. He can only see where his eyes look and the higher, he goes, generally the more he can see but, in less detail - just the feint outline and glow of souls inside the bodies of mortals as they go about their business.

The higher he goes into the air, the less layers of materials his eyes can penetrate on a wide scale and thus, Ascendant must adjust his height and concertation accordingly and very accurately if he is looking at a particular soul.

Ascendant retains the ability to memorise how a mortal’s soul feels if he has spent enough time in their presence. He knows precisely what his wife, son, parents and siblings’ souls feel like and knows how to locate them very quickly without having to automatically have eyes on them but will feel their presence the closer he gets, allowing him to lock on to them quicker due to the familiarity he has.

This was how he honed this reflex to a heightened degree, firstly with his parents and siblings growing up daily and has continued daily with his wife and son. With strangers however, he cannot do this without an overwhelming sense of evil emanating from within them leaving no mistake as to who the evil belongs to.

The Weaknesses

Manipulation Of The Shepherd: Evil agents could use by way or force/intimidation any sanctified believers and/or innocent civilians to restrict Ascendant's movements or to try and manipulate him into a disadvantaged scenario. They could also use his family against him. Ajay knows his first mortal duty is to his own family and sanctified believers. He will never abandon them and as such, if an agent of evil were to ever find out who he was and who his family were then they could effectively be used against him in some form of leverage or in another way an evil mind might concoct.

Human Physical Frailty: Whilst Ajay’s body is in top physical human condition, he can be killed just as any other non-superhuman can be – shot, stabbed, suffocated, drown, burned, crushed etc. When not transformed into Ascendant, Ajay is just as vulnerable as any other human when receiving physical injuries in the correct context (e.g. Ajay is not going to be hurt as much as someone with arthritis is if he falls over.).

Burn Out: Ascendant is still very much in his early years with his powers and as such, when he is utilising his celestial energy projection, he can become exhausted of it if he continually overpowers his energy blasts (e.g. taking out city sized areas) for a protracted period over a few days. Ascendant will feel the power of his celestial energy projections draining and he will need to stop using them before he compromises his celestial energy in other areas. In order to stop himself having a burn out, he will need to withdraw to recharge in a form of spiritual meditation which draws back celestial energy to him from across the cosmos. This can take anywhere from a few hours up to several days depending on the situation. Ascendant is basically one single being who is a consolidation of divine and cosmic/celestial energy in a physical form. He is susceptible to having this celestial power taken from him if his opponent can steal energy. Ascendant is not an inexhaustible being of energy. All his powers come with trade off due to the laws of physics in the mortal material universe. The higher output in combat power and travel/movement speed, the longer he will need to recuperate in deep spiritual meditation absorbing the life force present in the universe that powers the celestial bodies.

Dark Spiritual Magic: As dark magic tends to be reverse of creation, light and order, there are beings who wield very strong dark magic, and this can be used to nullify Ascendant’s Angelic Healing abilities on other humans, shut down his Soul Sense, cause physical damage to him thus weakening him much faster via attrition and place him in a barrier to hold him in a geographical area until he is able to break out. Dark magic will also make him sick and weak and therefore unable to fight if exposed to it for too long.

Blessing Loss: Whilst Ascendant can see on the spiritual plain of existence, at this early stage in his development he can be fooled by those who can warp reality. This presents a whole world of pain for Ascendant because an adversary may be able to knowingly or unknowingly trick Ascendant into crossing the line where he outright abandon’s his mission or totally abuses grace from The Almighty and therefore loses his power altogether due to disobeying The Almighty. Ascendant does have indomitable will so fooling him to go off task and abandon commandments/his principles is a hard thing to do. But if an opponent had the ability to warp reality so that Ascendant thought he was doing the right thing but in reality, he wasn’t doing the right thing, then Ascendant could possibly be fooled and manipulated.

Double Edged Justice: Ascendant walks a fine line with morality. He still has a capacity and a will to kill as a form of ultimate justice. This can alienate him with other heroes who do not want to cross the line by killing evil doers and thus, he can end up at odds or even in outright conflict with other heroes over this. He is only human deep down even with his powers and being able to see the souls of every living being and the wrongs they have done is emotionally/mentally scarring on him. Ajay hopes that with time as he grows in power, knowledge and understanding that he can be relieved of this by learning how to deal with it in the spirit. Because the alarming alternative is the faster onset of a growing depression and even worse, potentially losing grip on his sanity. If Ajay were to be deprived of the ability to retreat into solitude to pray via spiritual medication which restores his power but also rejuvenates his soul, then an enemy could accelerate the process of emotional irritability and manipulate a mental breakdown over time.

Dark Matter (anti-life ‘dead energy’): Like dark magic, this can stop Ascendant from recovering and nullify his energy blasts as it is the opposite to his power that he draws from the cosmos. If Ascendant is exposed to a concentration of this for too long, then he will become weakened overall.

Holy Ground: Ascendant is forbidden to destroy ground that is sanctified; which is to say, places of worship of The Almighty. Ascendant also cannot kill or harm any sanctified believer nor their homes or destroy any building that a sanctified person is in. Whilst he cannot destroy Holy places of worship, if a sanctified believer is not in a place of worship, then Ascendant would need to remove that person to safety before he destroyed the building (if it were required).

Samson’s Weakness If Ajay has all of the hair on his head and beard (should he have any facial hair at the time) cleanly shaved off, then he will be unable to transform into Ascendant until his hair begins to grow back.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

Indomitable Will: Having been trained from when he was just a child with the loyal angelic host, Ascendant has indomitable will. His sense of identity, of belief, of purpose in his very being and in his calling from The Almighty above, is unbreakable. Ascendant is always faithful and will never abandon his tasks, his family, his (to be) allies/friends, nor those he is sent to watch over and protect. The word ‘quit’ or ‘submit to evil’ is not in his vocabulary so to speak. Ascendant will never choose to side with evil in any form. His choice is absolute on these matters and are non-negotiable.

Divine Celestial Source Energy: Ascendant has been blessed by The Almighty to firstly transform into a Celestial being but also have a combination of their energy sources within him also. This means that as his power and experience grow, he acquires more of it and abilities that come with it. Once the power is acquired, his body is adapting so to speak so that it never forgets/loses that level of power – once it is obtained, he will always have that level of base power. If he is damaged or KO’d, when he heals/recovers, he will be restored back to that same level of power. If Ascendant has absorbed the power of a celestial body in the cosmos and then later that celestial body in the cosmos is destroyed, Ascendant will still have that power due to his body having absorbed it, become familiar with it and subsequently having already enhanced his base power with it. Depending on the severity of his injuries during or after combat, Ascendant will have to retreat to draw power from the cosmos to him to accelerate his healing.

Total Sustainment: When Ajay transforms into Ascendant, he no longer requires sleep, water or food to stay alive nor for any form of sustenance. Whilst he ‘can’ do those things, he doesn’t need to as the blessing from The Almighty from within him, sustains him and allows him to take all he requires from celestial energy sources when required.

Blessed with long life: Reiterated from character backstory/canon - Ajay as a regular human has been blessed with long life as part of his journey to allow his transformed being into Ascendant the ability to grow (plot mechanic to enable XP/abilities gain). He ages one year for every one thousand years on earth due to the angelic might within him that is sustaining his mortal life.

Greater love have no man than this...: Purely a plot mechanic. If an ally can manipulate energy, then Ascendant can offer himself up to his ally to transfer energy from himself over to them as part of an attack or something else that suits the plot, inclusive of the amount of power also. The caveat to this is that players must agree on its usage to prevent spamming/abuse of ability.

Revitalisation: If Ascendant is killed then the divine celestial energy that indwells him will not be destroyed but instead will reform out in the cosmos over a few days. This divine energy will reform him back into his former physical self again, fully alive and fully restored to the power and abilities he had up to the point of his physical death.

The RP Sample

A bitter wind swept across the Welsh mountains bringing in the first of the winter’s snowfall. It was the first week of December, and Ajay was filling his very last order of chopped lumber before the near-month long Christmas break he took every year. ‘Tunk-Tunk-Tunk-Tunk’ echoed across the forest before repeating itself over and over as he gracefully swung his logging axe with perfect technique. ‘Bzzzzt….Bzzzzt….Bzzzzt’, his phone rang, vibrating in the upper left pocket on his green woollen flannel shirt. Ajay placed the axe down, so it rested up against his leg, reached into his pocket and pulled out his sat phone. Recognising the number immediately he smiled as he pressed to receive the call “Hi darling, what’s up?”.

“Hi, oh its nothing; I was wondering when you will be finished out there as you have those orders to pack and deliver to the stores for the customers to collect later today? You can’t rush this too much” replied Jeni. Ajay smirked knowing what she meant but unable to communicate it exactly for reasons obvious to them both. “Twenty minutes and I’ll be back in the Land Rover, then I’ll be off to the first drop off. Should take me about an hour and a half round trip and then I’ll be heading back home, alright?” Ajay replied.

The conversation finished with kind and loving words to one another before Ajay ended the call. Placing his phone back in the top left chest pocket, he suddenly froze with total focus and then looked up into the snow filled sky. He inhaled gently, savouring the snow fall that he loved so much and exhaled in a relaxed manner. He focused his mind and channelled the divine celestial energy from within and in a concentrated, perfect thought his mind spoke “Ascendant Justice!”. Just as the lightning flashes from the east to the west, Ajay’s body glow with blinding light for an instant and then it sparked away with a mighty rushing wind, clearing the snowfall from beneath his feet and for a few meters around him.
Ascendant levitated from the frozen forest floor, looked up and began to calmly accelerate in flight. As he cleared five hundred feet, he burst forth past the sound barrier into supersonic speed and then pushed further almost a second later into hypersonic speeds, continuing his ascent and with his flight speed elevating even further.

Clearing the layers of earth’s exosphere, Ascendant continues in the direction of the moon at high hypersonic speeds, gaining more speed now. As he approaches a lunar orbit, he sees Dikaios waiting for him. Then, just as quickly as he saw him, Dikaios set off in such speed that it almost looked like a blink of light and then he was gone.

Not wanting to be outdone so easily, Ascendant felt himself on the edge of unleashing his power to catch up, with his soul sense active so he could home in on Dikaios, Ascendant could see that Dikaios had simply moved to the dark side of the moon and so he shot himself into a direct flight path where Dikaios was waiting for him again.

“You’re out of practice. You should have been right next to me the moment I transitioned to the other side of this moon. Do I need to discipline you, again?” opened Dikaios, speaking in the spiritual connection (like telepathy only more channelled and no lower or upper limit on distance) that he had created between he and Ascendant. His abrupt and scornful bite in voice tone, made it only to clear in how disappointed he was at Ascendant’s performance.
Now slowly descending to within 10 meters of Dikaios, fully aware he had let his guardian teacher down, but more interested in not taking the disciplinary action without retort “nice to see you too, Dikaios” stated Ascendant. In what can only be described a spark of light, Dikaios rushed forward and powerfully gripped Ascendant around his throat as the last syllable left Ascendant’s lips.

“What is all this ‘talk’ when you have clearly been slacking on your training? I call you to me and you arrive in the state you are. I trained you to be a warrior, a loyal soldier, who does his job to the best of his ability” commanded Dikaios, his voice echoing through Ascendant’s soul as Ascendant grasped with what felt like a preposterous grip strength. “Now escape, if you can” commanded Dikaios once again.

Ascendant’s body began to glow much more as he reacted sharply. Bringing his left shoulder up and turning his body to the right, his left hand simultaneously grabbing the wrist of Dikaio’s grip hand, as tough as it was, he had just about made enough millimetres of distance in order to then use his left hand as pressure across the thumb on Dikaios’s grip to allow himself the break in grip he needed to get out and he does so whilst moving his body away from the arm distance of Dikaios.

Ascendant would not let this go unanswered, even if it was from his guardian teacher. Having now got use of both arms for offence, he thrust his left hand back out again and released a bright jet blast of celestial energy at Dikaios. This was handily dealt with as Dikaios slashed through it with one wing and he darted forward at Ascendant.

Expecting this, Ascendant slipped his movement to the right and strafed off a great distance into outer space whilst a continual beam of celestial energy from his eyes with pin point accuracy at Dikaios. With two wings crossed over in front of him resembling a knights shield wall, Dikaios flew straight at Ascendant again and commanded his sword to materialise into his left hand. Ascendant saw the sword summed and changed his flight course into a direct path to Dikaios whilst maintaining the celestial energy beam that was being nullified by Dikaios’s wings.

Ascendant exploded forth at Dikaios to meet the sword undeterred. As Dikaios’s swordsmanship was without question, Ascendant knew his only chance was to parry and redirect strikes as opposed to being foolish enough to try and block them. Dikaios slashed with lightning-fast flurries and deliberately stabbed the tip of the blade like a woodpecker on steroids at Ascendant, forcing him to divert out of range or parry before he was skewered. Every where Ascendant moved, Dikaios was in position before him.

Finding himself having to move out of the way again, Ascendant tried to cut to the left on a ninety-degree angle but Dikaios once again anticipated this and used his greater level of speed to throw a kick as a counter, landing it straight across Ascendant’s face, sending him like a dart straight back to the dark side of the moon.

Ascendant quickly gathered his senses and composure once again and managed to stop himself before he crashed straight into the moon. Realigning his form to counterattack immediately, Dikaios again appeared like a blink of light in front of him with his arm extended, this time with no sword, “that’s enough, for now” Dikaios said. Ascendant lowered his fists from his guard and bowed his head in deep respect for his guardian teacher before bringing it back up again to look at Dikaios in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, I just haven’t been able to practice with someone on my level or meet an actual opponent yet and as such, I have gotten a bit rusty” stated Ascendant, humility in his tone but without wanting it to sound like an excuse. “That’s because you haven’t been looking enough.” Responded Dikaios as he pointed in the direction of earth with one hand and then all around him with the other.

Ascendant had found himself with no excuses. Whilst it was true that he had been training, it wasn’t the kind of training that tested him or made him stretch his powers so that he may grow. But instead, it was simply him going through some almost kata like motions and spiritual meditation so that he was more familiar with his base power and how to control it.

“You had better hurry. Your wife is expecting you home soon….and you’ve got almost an entire month off to do some exploring around the planet, and the galaxy if you can manage it….” said Dikaios, a warm grin emerging on his angelic countenance. “It is good to see you Ascendant, I will contact you again once you have made an impact to the lives of the people on earth. Logging and selling wild produce are good, but there are evils to be challenged and wrongs to put right. So stop holding back your power and go and do as you have been commanded to – do not let me find you slacking again. You have been called and chosen. Your wife will understand when you step into those shoes more completely” finished Dikaios. With this, a veil of light shrouded Dikaios and he was gone the next moment.

Ascendant thought for a moment and then realised that had it been an enemy he just had to face, he could have very quickly been in trouble and found himself on the edge of defeat without a drastic response. He continued to think in a slightly sombre mood as he drifted under control back onto the light side of the moon.

Lowering himself to its surface, he sat down and looked across the empty void that existed between the earth and the moon. The earth glistened brilliantly, and the reality dawned on him so much more that this was his home to protect. In the spiritual, everything makes sense, everything was so clear. There was never any doubt and perfect answers came with a perfect understanding were all aplenty. But back on the mortal realm of existence, there was no foresight of total clarity to that exact preciseness and not much seemed certain.

Ascendant got back up to his feet, roused with stoicism in his spirit. In the mortal realm, answers would come but they required patience and taking the first step in the path that has been laid out. There was much to be done.

He levitated off of the moons surface and then burst forth like a crack of lightning back to earth, back to his wife and son and back to tread his destiny.




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