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Ascendant's advancement.

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Ascendant's advancement. Empty Ascendant's advancement.

Post by Dikaios January 17th 2023, 5:37 pm

Dikaios wrote:

Item/Character Advancement Name:  To-be 'Maximum movement/combat/flight speed' at present time.
Item/Character Advancement Description: Can now move/travel past the high hypersonic spectrum of speed (Mach 25 - Mach 100 max) into the next band of speed which is the massively hypersonic spectrum (Mach 100 up to Mach 500. Mach 500 = 370,548.50 miles per hour). To put that into perspective, that is Ascendant at an absolute best effort/maximum end of power, travelling from earth's surface to the surface of the Moon in approximately 23 seconds.

Ascendant was able to achieve this upon his rebirth, having rematerialized in outer space after his temporal death due to the combined destructive force of both his and Erebus’ energy. When Ascendant rematerialized, the experience he had gained from battling a literal 'god' of sorts and having to push himself into his hypersonic speed spectrum regularly during combat and manoeuvres has enabled his body to adapt and become stronger.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): In the material realm, especially in-atmosphere, such a flight speed is realistically only achievable at much higher altitude levels (fifty thousand feet) and beyond into the atmosphere and in outer space for safety reasons. To fly at this speed at say e.g., thirty thousand feet or less would be dangerous given the air-friction that would result from it and increases the risk of ignition. The lower you go at such high speeds, the more air friction and thus the bigger the ignition and resulting trailing detonations thereof.

Item/Character Advancement Name:  To-be 'Blessed Strength' (maximum strength at present time).
Item/Character Advancement Description: Can now lift/move/push/pull/hold the equivalent weight of two city blocks and as a direct result, he can now physically strike with even more concussive force/shockwaves.

This was achieved by thwarting Erebus' city-wide energy of destruction that took form all across the skies over London, by lifting it up with his own hands under duress and lifting it all the way into outer space where it detonated.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): Ascendant now has to be even more careful when handling civilians/ordinary people and every-day things. There is also the real potential for enemies to use his own strength against him by manipulating him into a scenario whereby he ends up causing even more damage than he otherwise wouldn't have.

Item/Character Advancement Name:  To-be 'Blessed Endurance/Durability'.
Item/Character Advancement Description: Now resistant but not immune to thermonuclear/atomic weapons and directed energy weapon equivalents.

Ascendant absorbed some of the combined destructive power of atomic, holy and 'void' energies when his body attempted to resist the explosion he set off in space. Just as he has the ability to absorb energy from celestial and cosmic bodies to power himself and heal himself, so he was able to absorb some of this energy and increase his base energy with it since rematerializing. Nuclear weapons will harm Ascendant, but he will survive a strike from one, albeit still leaving him in a badly damaged state but not killing him. Ascendant would need to retreat to recover if he were to ever get caught in the centre of an explosion of such magnitude. For the avoidance of doubt; Ascendant will not be flying face-first into a nuclear ICBM - he stays clear for obvious reasons.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): N/A.

Item/Character Advancement Name:  To-be 'Celestial Energy Projection & Strikes'.
Item/Character Advancement Description: Can project celestial energy blasts at the high end of his power that have the explosive force of several city blocks.

Duelling a 'god' in its own right, pushed Ascendant's energy projection well past anything he thought he would ever encounter on the earth. Having adapted his base power to greater extent since rematerialising, this means his energy output is also higher.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): Such heavier measures couldn't be used anywhere near a civilian population without risking major loss of civilian life.

Item/Character Advancement Name:  To-be 'Angelic Healing'.
Item/Character Advancement Description: Now able to heal mortals from spiritual & magical curses and physical/psychological injuries/diseases. He can draw poisons and toxins out from a mortal’s body and heal moderate to major wounds.

Ascendant's increase in base power as a result of the nuclear explosion has reflected across all of his abilities meaning he can now utilise more energy to heal a broader spectrum of mortal wounds and conditions whether physically, spiritually or psychologically.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): If a mortal dies (brain activity ceased), he cannot bring them back to life as their soul would have departed. If a mortal is under the control of a more powerful being than Ascendant, then breaking the spiritual/magical curse would be too hard for him and would even cause him an unsustainable pain during any attempt to remove that curse.

Item/Character Advancement Name:  To-be 'Refined Soul Sense'.
Item/Character Advancement Description: When viewing a soul from afar, he can now hear what they are saying & see them in the physical also, so long as he stays focused on that one being. In addition to this he can also view greater physical detail of the being he is looking at from further away up to 5 miles at ground level. This has also increased his level of perception through material and immaterial layers across the plains of existence/nonexistence.

Ascendant's soul sense was broadly used in the battle at London as a type of radar. As a result of flexing this constantly to track and identify spiritual manifestations of varying kinds from the moment he arrived up until the point of his temporal death, Ascendant gained much more real-world experience under extreme duress and has learned to refine this power even further.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): The same principles of distortion apply as before - the further and higher he is away, the more he has to concentrate and fluctuate this ability depending on his own altitude/distance from what he is looking for. Spiritual beings that can move behind the veils of creation into emprty voids that sit behind spiritual layers of existence cannot be tracked by Ascendant.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 55 for all.

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