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Indrid Cold

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Indrid Cold Empty Indrid Cold

Post by SicilianDragon July 5th 2022, 6:44 pm

King Cold

"I'm downright cold blooded!"

The Bio

Real Name:  Indrid Cold
Villain Name: King Cold
Title: Mad Scientist, Lord of Frost
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair:  White
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 170ibs
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

Indrid Cold 2a0b1611106e398305d8c6e0e6e6fd55

The Personality

Eccentric is a word that describes Indrid best. He's a pragmatic person who seems to have never had qualms about death, seeing it as natural and eventual. A deeply troubled person to the core, Indrid is driven by his inner demons of fear, spite, and the perceived persecutions he observes in his constantly anxious mind. Indrid is aberrantly deranged in a way that makes him the perfect old-school villian. He does these cruel and unjust actions to get the attention and fear of the world, a faux expression of his deepest desire to just be loved.  He has twisted a simple desire into a sinister yearning to cause problems and gain infamy, as any form of acknowledgment is enough for him.

Indrid is a very intelligent man, but his fast-paced brain added with a lack of sleep and pumped full of caffeine often overcomplicates things or overlooks an obvious flaw. He sees himself as an infallible genius no matter how many times he fails, always refusing to be aware of his flaws outwardly. Inwardly he all but flogs himself for the most minute of mistakes and uses his pain to drive him forward. On the rare occasions when Indrid's mind quiets and he is calm, though, Indrid becomes a terrifying machine with contingencies for every problem, ruthless and dropping his act to become a truly effective villain.

All this said, there are still glimpses of humanity in Indrid's icy heart, despite his efforts to snuff it out. He has pity for outcast, and for all his callousness about killing people, animals find a sweet spot in his soul. He hates hurting them and keeps many pets that he treats like royalty. Furthermore, he is a madman, but surprisingly easy to negotiate with. He is greedy and desires fame, killing and chaos are merely a means to an end for him.

The Story

Indrid's parents were a wild, young couple that named their child but ultimately gave him up for adoption when they how hard it would be to raise an Albino child. Indrid grew up in adoption and never found parents, instead living in foster homes his whole young life. He was bullied at his many homes, in schools, and even considered a freak in normal social interactions.  From a young age, Indrid was a tortured soul with a traumatic upbringing.

During Indrid's high school years, he and a science teacher began to bond over Indrid's fascination with chemicals (particularly with liquid nitrogen). They convinced him to take chemistry and by he excelled with the help of his only friend. The two bonded as Indrid quickly went through even the advanced classes the school had to offer. Indrid's genius was noticed, and he received a full-ride through college so long as he worked as a researcher for a cryogenics company.

Indrid was given a shock when he found that the prestigious college, he went to have many minds equally if not greater than his own. The college proved to be a safe place from bullying, but Indrid was already so convinced the world was out to get him that he shunned his peers. He continued his research in secret through most of his college years, and eventually got a master's degree in cryogenic sciences and a major in Robotics. His life seemed to pick up from here as Indrid quickly grew rich from his various inventions that were relatively mundane: improved fridges, cryogenic stasis chambers, cryotherapy chambers, the likes. His breakthrough in the scientific world was a fridge that reaches absolute zero, and while the world seemed enamored with him momentarily, by the end of the year he had been forgotten as the harsh world of fame brushed by him for some other invention or scientific discovery.  His second creation was his storm generators, capable of making snow, rain, hail, and other weather phenomena, but he was taken back when people accused him of creating a weapon of destruction, and ultimately the UN decided his creation would be illegal worldwide.

Indrid grew furious that the world had forgotten him so quickly. Years went by as he coasted off of his massive wealth but the emptiness in him was keeping him from feeling content. He was still a friendless, family-less, loveless nobody in his mind. Furious with the world seeing his creations as evil or 'worthless' he decided to play the role, being the danger they perceived in his creations. He began creating more and more military items: Freeze-rays, mech-suits, liquid-nitrogen spewing robots, yet the military world mocked his weapons as 'novelties'. Finally reaching a boiling point, Indrid used his creations to raid the cryogenic lab he once worked for disguised as 'King cold'. He created a lab in Antarctica and moved his entire operation there, hiring a team of criminals and thugs to do the heavy lifting for him. Now he runs rampant as a villain hellbent on disrupting the scientific world by taking anything of worth for his own and hoarding it. He creates dangers and demands ransoms as a classic villain should!

The Powers

Mental resistances: A mix of his madness and sheer willpower makes it increasingly hard to use mental attacks on Indrid. Illusions and hallucinations are easily ignored by King Cold and attempt to mind control him or read his mind are exceptionally hard. Additionally, psychic attacks do far less damage to him than others.

Super Genius: Infallible recall, vast knowledge of all forms of knowledge, a high IQ and an inhuman ingenuity make Indrid a genius. Couple this with his scientific and academic pursuits, his knack for inventing, and his general ability to predict other's moves, and he is simply put very smart.

The Weaknesses

Fragile Ego: Indrid thinks of himself as an infallible genius and when he gets knocked down a peg he feels exceptionally hurt. He is easy to get so furious, embarrassed, or sad that it affects his thinking and fighting. This also is the most likely reason he flees as his feelings get hurt far too easily for a conniving villain. Witty remarks are a sure-fire way to get him to turn his attention to you, logic be damned.

Human: Indrid has no powers or additional durability. He isn't even strong for a human, he's rather weak and someone with superpowers can easily pummel or kill him in a straightforward brawl. This doesn't mean they can't hold their own in a fight inherently, just that they are at a severe disadvantage when in a battle with super-powered foes.

Storm Generator weaknesses: The Storm Generator is powerful but requires immense amounts of power to keep it running. Damaging the storm generator can make it malfunction and it's as simple as flicking a switch to outright turn it off. The storms it creates affect everyone, including the person who made it, and creating a storm generator cost quite a fee.

Greedy: Indrid is in it for the money and as such he will hunt valuables to the bitter end. He will sacrifice allies, assets, and even limbs just to get to a prize he deems worth it. This makes for easy traps to make against him, causes him to push his limits, and makes him far less dangerous. As no matter how much chaos he can cause, a payoff is always an option! Furthermore, it makes him far less deadly, as rather than killing an opponent he would instead opt to freeze them to ransom

High costs: All the high-tech gear, a vast HQ for him to work from, thugs and goons to fight for him, and the generators to power all this adds up quickly for Indrid. He may be wealthy but without the money, he racks in from his crimes and ransoms, Indrid would quickly lose all the assets that make him particularly dangerous. Without his grunts, he's practically worthless.

Partial blindness: As an albino, Indrid has trouble seeing, and this can make his aim particularly hit or miss. He's can't see too far from himself without his suit, and this makes it easy to sneak up on Indrid.

The Items

Storm Generators: A massive construct about the size of a 3-story building that saps the area of heat and moisture to synthesize various weather phenomena. In a matter of an hour, the creation can change an area from a sunny day to a record-breaking blizzard. A clear sky into a monsoon can reverse the weather just as well. This storm can become as large as 250 miles wide but requires significantly more power the larger the storm. Furthermore, the more condensed the storm is, the more intense it is.

Cryogenic suit: A armored suit that comes with strength enhancers and is made of titanium plates and fabric with steel woven into it. The Suit is thickly insulated and heated, making it a power suit capable of surviving both frigid colds equal to -400 degrees Fahrenheit to heats equal to 2700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Freeze rays: A ray capable of coating any surface in a thick layer of ice as strong as steel. This ice takes hours to thaw in the heat.  The gun is powered by cryogenic cells that are created in Indrid's lab but must be reloaded with each fire of the weapon.

Jet boots: Making for a quick getaway, these jet boots are fast as an Apache helicopter but not very precise. They allow the user to hover at a more manageable speed but at high speed, it is easy to spin out or crash.

The Minions

The Cold Crew


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Indrid Cold Empty Re: Indrid Cold

Post by Zonkes September 15th 2022, 8:11 pm

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