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Olympus Rising

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Olympus Rising Empty Olympus Rising

Post by Demonhunter June 22nd 2022, 6:39 pm

Rai’s visions gleamed with the silvery gimmer of blood as she shifted through what used to be a rural home in the upstate New York countryside. Pulling brick from debris and trying to make sense of what she was looking at. The family of five inside were sadly unrecognizable to her, however one sight did spark a bit of interest to her. The shape of an unstained crib, the only thing in the house not coated in silver. It wasn’t crushed or covered in the shambles of the house like everything else and was still slightly warm to the touch, perhaps there was still time to salvage something of this?

Letting the glass horse slip from her fingers Grimora comes thundering into existence with the usual hellish squeal and stamping of hooves would come to expect. The horseman grabs hold of his bridle and leads him to the crib as he takes a few deep whiffs of the bedding.
“Trusting you here. Find them.”

With a hefty snort, Rai hauls herself into the saddle and drops the reins, letting the horse have it’s freedom to follow at a breakneck speed.


In the woods a campfire blazes with a small party of little green ghouls. Two worked on weaving what looked to be a sheet of grasses and tree bark with threads of animal gut and fiber. Another clutched a wailing baby, jostling it every so often in irritation to try to make it quiet down. They yammered back and forth in some clicking language, in what seemed like an argument.

Heavy footsteps brought a silence over the ghouls as the one gripping the baby scramble to set it upon the half-finished sheet by the fire and backing away with a nervous chatter as a huge green beast carries itself through the forests. It was a large as two men with two cloven goat hooves. It’s skin looked like that of a pallaid frog, green and oozing with a foul stench. His fat body stretched it’s skin thin and with each tear spilt the foul bile it seeped on the ground with a corrosive sizzle. It’s face was gaunt, sunken in eyes and a saber toothed maw permanently agape as if melting off it’s face and horns spiraling in an insult to the heavens. The lumbering oaf grumbles something to the ghouls as they step further back from the makeshift altar. The devil eyes it’s prey with great greed, kneeling to take it’s squealing offering.

Only moments before lazying a bubbling finger on the child did the beast find it severed from it’s arm, falling to the ground as the brown ooze spilled from the stump.It looks up in time only to see a horseman barreling at it, other scythe lowered in the perfect position to take it’s head clean off. The ghouls squeal in rage and fear, two taking off running and the third diving for the offering they worked so hard to steal, A feat which earned it a hoof through the back as Rai pulls grimmorah back to settle his weight whilst drawing her bow in the ensuing chaos. A loosed arrow staking itself down into the back of the whelp and a ghostly tether dragging it behind Rai as she gives chase to the remaining demon.

It barely made it a hundred yards before finding itself ridden down and a glowing scythe cleaving it’s way through it’s spine. Satisfied with the quick dispatch of the ghouls Rai leaps from her saddle, moving back to check on the tiny human. It’s screams growing ragged from voice loss as it writhes.

“Um. I-” Rai panics, hesitantly coddling it in her arms in a clumsy manner, not really sure about where to put her hands or where to support. Then a very real fear hits her undead mind, what if she accidentally dropped the poor thing? She sits herself on the ground rather than risk this but finds herself still at a loss. How was she supposed to stop it from making noise? It was so scared it’s soul was fluttering like a trapped rabbit. “I- It’s okay. I… I don’t know what I can do for you but…” Her accent is thick with nervousness, but the child only continues to cry. “Please don’t cry, tiny thing.” She begs, as if bargaining with it.
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