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The Rising (Open)

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The Rising (Open) Empty The Rising (Open)

Post by Vengeance Knight April 1st 2015, 5:02 pm

Finally back home in his hometown on New York. James road back to his condo in Manhattan. When he got back to his place James unpacked his stuff and wanted to rest for a bit. Dwelling over all of the events James went through in the middle east.

The killing, the horror, the worst of all developing that blasted PTSD. James was st to see a psychiatrist next week, he wasn't looking forward to see a shrink. James had no choice, he had to come clean and let his emotions pour the the guy.  James  was tossing and turning in bed, he couldn't sleep.

"Damn it, what do I do for the next week". James was restless to see that shrink but couldn't. As his appointments were filled, James didn't want to make some house call. In all of the agony and pain that James had to live with, he hated killing and all of the suffering.

He wanted to make a difference, he felt like putting them somewhere but not killing them. Maybe he had to but out of defense and vengeance if had to. This made James start on a path to something new. James had a total change of heart and wanted to make things right, not just for him but his city too.

James would use his wealth to create the  equipment needed to fight the threats of evil. He would make a difference in the name of justice. James came on the road of justice and vengeance to a certain extent. James took his code name and renamed himself right there and then The Grey Paladin Knight.

The Rising (Open) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQtuDfcICZjY6NmO4cJNRaDEalB9dbge1jNwQxNPd2p9VEoOXOx

James Kazama
Vengeance Knight
Vengeance Knight

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Quote : "I am the dark of the night, the definition of vengeance, I am Vengeance Knight, I work alone"

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