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Olympus Empty Olympus

Post by Katrina A. Russel on July 2nd 2019, 12:23 am


Color of the group: goldenrod

Base: Olympus is based out of the Isle of Fortune, the private island owned by the Russell Family. Once the famed Earthly paradise to the heroes of the world, it had fallen into disuse with the advent of the modern age. It was purchased in the early 19th century by the Russell Family, and has been used by them for generations. The Russell Manor is a beautiful, sprawling Mansion set atop a tall hill at the far end of the island. Though closed to most members of the public, rumors of its beauty and elegance abound, spread by the businessmen who frequent it. Everything from the grand foyer to the dining hall to the upstairs bedrooms are classy, reeking of wealth and privilege. A small army of butlers, maids, and other household staff ensure everything remains in tip-top shape.

When it comes to the environment of the Isle of Fortune, it is, for lack of a better word, perfect. Despite their geographic position near England, they enjoy temperate climates, with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, though they do experience the full range of weather, including snow in the winter. They have vegetation and animals typical for a temperate climate, such as deer, cougars, and small population of bears lovingly dubbed “the Smoky family.” The forest that rims the island is a mix of oaks, aspens, and walnuts, with plenty of other deciduous plants to round out the forest. Small mammals litter the area, the rabbits and squirrels making their home among the underbrush and tree tops while hawks and other birds of prey hunt them for their dinner.

There is only one way to enter the Isle of Fortune, and by extension Olympus. A pier sits across the ocean from them, connecting them to the small town of Bradfield-By-The-Bay, or Bradfield Bay for short. This town, though small, boasts all the amenities any discerning traveler would need, complete with a moderately priced bar and a small inn. Bradfield Bay, however, is completely owned and operated by Osiris Industries, the town housing only employees of the Russell Manor and their relatives. Despite this, the town is thriving and booming, known for their excellent fish and beautiful sunsets. The pier at the edge of town is handled by the Piermaster, a hereditary position passed from father and son since the 2nd century. This is the only mundane way of reaching the Isle. While a helicopter can theoretically land on the Isle, the high-tech defenses and choppy winds over it prevent unauthorized access.

While the Isle boasts impressive natural resources, a military organization cannot sustain itself on trees. Save for the forest surrounding the island and the hill that overlooks it all, much of the verdant ground has been converted into a massive military complex, covering much of the 250 miles that make up the Isle of Fortune. Most of this is typical military infrastructure; warehouses storing valuable materials take up their fair share, server rooms dot the landscape, ensuring even coverage, and carports and garages are plentiful as well. However, there are two places that stand out from their environment.

First are the Barracks. There are five distinct housing structures within Olympus, one for each Division. Each is accessible only by members of their division, though The Summit and high-ranking individuals of each Division can access other Divisions Barracks, within reason. The Barracks act as common area, mess hall, and sleeping quarters for the members of Olympus. Each Barracks possesses enough sleeping room for every member to have personal space, a mess hall and cantina, as well as entertainment rooms, such as a pool hall or gaming lounge, though this is dependant on the division. The locations and means of entrance into the Barracks are the worst-kept secret among the Olympus.

The Praetorian Guard is housed in an apartment-complex style building with seven stories, located just down the street from The Mountain. The first floor houses the mess hall and cantina, as well as the gym, workout rooms, and a lounge area where members of the Guard can hang out and relax. The bedrooms, accessed either via a stairwell located on the north and south ends of the building or an elevator, are located on the second through seventh floors and house all active-members of the Praetorian Guard in four-room dormitories. Though perhaps slightly cramped, each room provides plenty of space for living, working, and sleeping for each of the four Praetor that inhabit the rooms.

The Templar Order is located in the Cathedral, the center of worship for all religions in Olympus. A high, wrought-iron gate surrounds the courtyard in which the symbols for the various religions top their structures; mosques, temples, churches, all have a place here. The different places of worship all line a central path, tended to by the Knights and Recruits, which leads to the Templar Hall, a beautiful stone building with the templar sigil shining down above all the others. This hall is beautiful and shining, a perfect example of everything that the Order is. Upon entering the oaken front doors, the view expands to a massive central chamber, upon which the sight of Templars praying is common. To the right and up a flight of stairs are the meeting rooms and the beautiful Divine Hall, where the Paladins convene. To the left and up a flight of stairs is the Convent, where the members of the Order eat, sleep, and spend their free time.

Vanguard is perhaps the only one of the groups that does not have housing included in the building; rather, most members of Vanguard live in Bradfield-By-The-Bay in permanent facilities with their families. While on shift, temporary facilities are on each floor. The Vanguard hospital, officially named Vanguard Permanent Military Hospital, is a massive, fifteen-story structure. It’s high-tech design includes high-speed elevators and the best computer systems on the planet. On the outside, it is brimming with windows, each equipped with a sensor and an automatic defense system in case of attack. The inside, however, is surprisingly pleasant, a lot of wood and old-school aesthetic, hiding the new-school technology in every square inch of the place. Each floor is the hospital, as is expected, save for the top, which houses the offices and meeting rooms for the doctors and nurses.

The Scholarium keeps itself well-hidden, away from the prying eyes of its comrades. Seemingly nothing more than a small, well-kept storage room near the entrance to Olympus, it is in fact a concealed entrance. Sensors in the room scan for and detect appropriate personal and, if detected, the floor drops away, the prop buckets and mops disappearing into the wall. This elevator reveals a massive, labyrinthian structure, stretching out from the central chamber bristling with more tech than your average space station. Through these twisted caverns are hundreds or even thousands of caverns, capable of being converted into store rooms, laboratories, or housing for their members. Each Scholar has full creative control over what each room looks like, and freedom to claim as little or as many of them as they want.

The Shadow Core is interesting in that they don’t have a base of operations, not properly. Each Shadow works out of their own property, or through one of the many rooms in The Mountain. This is more than just an aesthetic choice; without an individual location to gather, there’s no chance for all of the information of Olympus to be compromised at once. By keeping the agents individual, the information is, by default, compartmentalized. Each Shadow gets a budget, and their operation must be kept to very high standards, inspected and improved by the heads of the Scholarium and the Shadow Core each. However, they retain their own autonomy, only gathering on the Isle of Fortune to report to base, turn in missions, and in only the most dire of emergencies.

Finally, there’s Blackguard. This special operation division of Olympus has no special base of operations or building of their own. As a matter of fact, they are technically based outside Olympus proper; rather, each member resides within the Russell Manor itself. They have their own room and rights to all parts of the property, including the extensive wine cellar and kitchen. While a nightmare for the (admittedly well-paid) staff, this ensures they are close-by and, more importantly, controlled directly by the Russell Family and by extension, Katrina. With the wide variety of people and individuals, each room has been specially accommodated with all available resources, both technological and magical. Even the densest or strongest individuals in the world can rest easy in their Blackguard designed rooms.

Structure: Olympus is split into six distinct organizations, each with its own purpose for existing. Each division is headed by a Council member, who have total autonomy over their division except for things that might affect the other Council heads or their divisions. Council Members are not just for show; they are all exemplary in their own right, possessing skills and talents that perfectly encapsulate what their division is capable of. Each division is split into different levels of management, for efficiency’s sake. The leaders of the six divisions come together to create The Summit, the leading body of Olympus, whom make decisions about the entity as a whole.

Praetorian Guard: The most typically militaristic of the divisions, the Praetorian Guard are tasked with most military operations that involve regular application of force. Most military operations that take place are through the Praetorian Guard. Most of the members of this division, known as Praetors, are common folk who want a steady paycheck. That’s not to say they’re unskilled in any way; the Praetorian Guard only chooses the cream of the crop, the best at what they do. Ex-military and paramilitary specialists, tacticians, and soldiers all make up the Praetorian Guard. Their typical operations can range from a simple show of force to a full-on armed invasion of a nation.

The symbol of the Praetorian Guard is two crossed spears, and all members of the division must keep this symbol on them at all times. The uniform bears little variation from modern military uniforms on the outside, only in quality. While most militaries of the world use a nylon-teflon blend for their military outfits of choice, or perhaps a silk and cotton blend for their finer outfits. However, the Praetor uses purely patented materials, created by Osiris Labs, that provide superior defense, mobility, and comfort. There are three different uniforms for each member of the Praetorian Guard; their everyday outfit meant to be worn around the Isle of Fortune, their combat armor designed to be worn when they’re deployed on a mission, and their parade uniform, formal wear designed to be sharp and pleasant to the eyes.

Each of these uniforms are designed with pure cotton blended and reinforced with Omniun, the light golden metal reinforcing the defensive capacities of the uniforms. The everyday outfit takes the form of this cotton and omnium combination in the form of a shirt or blouse, and the choice of pants, shorts, or skirt, in addition to a light or heavy jacket.  The combat version of this armor takes the form of a pair of fatigues and a heavy flak jacket, reinforced with harbenite plating in vulnerable areas, such as the knees and elbows. In the sole of the shoes, a sheet of phantom steel is placed, slightly muffling their footsteps; the entire ordeal is designed to be light but effective. This comes with a duranium-reinforced helmet. The formal wear, otherwise known as the parade gear, is a suit of the finest quality, the black and red ensemble custom designed for every individual of the Praetorian Guard. Each of these outfits are in the Praetorian red and black.

General: The current leader is Manuel Martinez. The General determines the current cause of the Praetorian Guard, how much each individual gets paid, is responsible for leading them in times of war and in peace, and overall is in charge of making sure the division runs smoothly. They are expected to be the first one in, last out in combat situations and at all times, maintain the decorum that is expected of a soldier. The General’s insignia includes a shield and three stripes down the center, behind the crossed spears. Only on the most vital of missions, such as full-scale war, is the entire Praetorian Guard deployed at once, but when it is, few is the force that can stand against it.

Colonel: The next in command, and as befits his station, possesses a large amount of power. There are only three Colonel’s at a time, each possessing command of a Division of the Praetorian Guard, with each Division being made up by two Battalions. Each Colonel possesses nearly unlimited power to do as they wish among their Division. They report only to the General on all matters relating to the Praetorian Guard. Each Colonel can act independently of each other and often do, each putting nearly unlimited resources to the test with whichever projects they deem to be most important to them. Each Colonel is handpicked by the general. This rank is signified by the crossed spears over a shield and two stripes.  The deployment of a full Division is a rare sight to see, usually only occurring during events that could alter the world.

Captains come next, each leading a Battalion, of which there are six. Each of the six Battalions tends to have a name, chosen by the Captain at the moment of promotion. So long as it’s not vulgar or derogatory in a way, these names can be limitless, ranging from wild beasts to in-jokes, though most Captains name their Battalion something that is awe-inspiring. Each Battalion contains 12 Platoons. At this level of command, Captains are expected to lead their troops not only in training, but on the battlefield and in life as well. It doesn’t carry much administrative issues, however, being almost purely a field agent position. The mark of the Captain is the crossed spears over a shield and a single stripe. Their of Battalions are uncommon occurrences, typically a sight only seen during large-scale conflicts or for show of force.

Lieutenants: They serve as the intermediary between the Captain and the Sergeant, each leading a Platoon. Each Platoon is made of 4 Squads. Lieutenants are responsible for conveying commands and information between Captains and the lower ranked individuals. They are figures of authority and responsible for taking care of the small tasks, ensuring their troops are happy and content with their position. Lieutenant will also offer forth other troops for special missions or promotions; a Lieutenant can make or break any Platoon. The Leightenant is marked by the Praetorian crest, two crossed spears over a silver shield, outlined in black. Platoons are quite commonly deployed to serve as mercenary forces or to engage in war games with other industries and countries.

Sergeants: They serve as the first order of structure most Privates have, with each Sergeant leading a Squad of 4 Privates. The Sergeant doesn’t hold much responsibility above a Private, save for that of ensuring their Squad does it’s job. This includes proper award and discipline. This is entirely a field position, and other than the aforementioned responsibility, does not require any ceremony, other than being held to a higher regard than regular privates. Sergeants are set apart by the unique sigil on their clothing, the two crossed spears on a silver background, highlighted in red.

Privates are the rank-and-file of the Praetorian Guard, the average soldier for Olympus. Though perhaps “average” is a bit of a misnomer, as the training required to even become a Private is far above that of an equivalent rank in most militaries. They are soldiers, with all the rules and regulations that come with that, but highly paid ones with the freedom to do as they wish. Being a Private is demanding, yes, but well-worth the reward.

Templar Order: The magical specialists of Olympus, the Templar Order is an ancient one, hailing from before the times of written history. Once part of the church, their numbers dwindled to almost non-existence during the long years since.. As part of the deal struck between its leader and Katrina Russell, the Templars joined Olympus in return for a chance at recruitment and an active role in fighting evil. Not just everyone can become a Templar; it requires dedication to a cause, faith in an eternal ideal, and most importantly, massive Willpower. Templars harness these three Core Traits to battle evil and vanquish magic. The Templar Order handles most situations that involves magic; though talented warriors themselves, the concentration their skills require heralds a Praetorian escort for most endeavors. Due to the training they’ve received, all Templars possess the innate ability to resist magic, drain individuals and areas of magic, and sense evil in the area.

The symbol of the Templar Order is a horned helmet on a silver diamond, and each member of the Order must carry this sigil on them at all times. A unique aspect of this sigil is the magic-fighting properties it has.Upon joining the Order, Templars have a choice of three different uniforms, depending on their tastes and abilities. Each is exquisitely crafted from rare, exotic materials collected from the monsters they are tasked to hunt. Templar uniforms are heavily inspired the armor of yesteryear, featuring such features as chainmail and full-plate. Despite their appearances, however, the modern materials and state-of-the-art enhancements attached to these armors elevate far above the ancient technology they are inspired by.
There are typically three types of Templar, each with its own role within the Order; while not a hard and fast rule by any means, these “classes”, for lack of a better world, help define the tasks and duties of any given Templar. There is a certain equipment associated with each class, though the Templar is free to wear their own armor.

Upon joining the Templar Order, each Recruit is given a set of equipment depending on their skills and role within the Order. The Cleric is the frontline against darkness, individuals who have made it their goal to use their faith and their strength to protect the innocent and banish evil. The Hunter toes the line between darkness and lines, the last line of defense against the monsters that hunt humanity; they use guile and skill to stop threats before they begin. The Scholar are the loremasters of the Templar Order, using their prodigious intelligence and knowledge, sometimes combined with their own magical power, to support their allies and defeat their foes. Most often, Paladins are assigned in groups of three, with one Cleric, one Hunter, and one Scholar working together.

Templar Plate: Belonging to the Cleric, this is massive plate armor, it’s ablative surface is designed to inspire the faithful as well as deflect the claws of a demon or the splash of a magical attack. The helm is fashioned after the Great Helms of England, with a T-shape forming the eye slits and allowing the Templar to breathe; due to modern technology, however, and the advent of nanotechnology, the lower part of the helmet can be retracted into the helm at will, leaving it open face for more delicate tasks;  the engraving of horns running down the side reminiscent of the Order’s sigil. A long cape, pure white and trimmed in blue with the sigil of the Templar Order emblazoned in the center, is attached to the spaulder and typically ends inches from the floor. This cape serves a practical use as well; the thick cotton blend is warm and provides some protection against spells that leech the cold from a place. In addition to this armor, a weapon is usually provided, typically along the lines of a sword and shield or hammer, though anything is technically allowable.

Hunter Chain: Belonging to the Hunter, this mix of chainmail and soft armors provides just the right amount of protection while maintaining the Hunters agility and speed, their greatest strength.  A chainmail cuirass covers the chest and thighs, cinched at the waist. High-quality leather and cutting-edge materials make up the remainder of the armor, which come in the form of pauldrons, greaves, and boots. Each are engineered to be as silent and supple as possible while also remaining as inconspicuous as possible. Emblazoned on the front of this mail is the sigil of the Order. Rather than a cape, a long cloak protects the Hunters body and identity; this cloak is dark blue and trimmed in red, made from a thick weave to repel water and other liquids while also adapting to the atmosphere to stay warm or cool. In addition to this armor, a weapon is offered, typically a bow or other light weapon, though any weapon is acceptable.

Scholar Robes: Belonging to the Scholar, these silken robes are impregnated with omnium and other light-weight metals to make them as durable as any modern military armor. From the head to the toes, these robes are designed to be comfortable, yet resistant to everyday wear and tear they may experience. Perfect for long hours sitting and studying, or for working a powerful ritualistic spell, they mark the Templar as being a wise and powerful individuals. These robes are black with blue trim, the sigil of The Order emblazoned on the chest. A half-cape, cinched at the neck, adds the final touches to this set of equipment.

Paladin-Supreme: The current leader is Alexander King. Eternal and incorruptible, the Paladin-Supreme of the Templar Order is the ultimate authority in all things magical. He must be; he is directly in charge of the Templar Order and is responsible for the wellbeing of all those in the Order. The Paladin Supreme are expected to be the pinnacle of everything that is good and great about the Order; harsh on evil, kind and accepting to those that deserve it. The Paladin-Supreme leads by example, whether it’s on the battlefield or in everyday life. When it comes to their duties, the Paladin-Supreme handles all the administrative duties, and as a member of The Summit, is directly responsible for the overall direction the Order takes. He leads the Templar Order in war and peace times, towards what is, hopefully, a better future.

Knight-Paladin: Directly underneath the Paladin-Supreme, the Paladins are an order of extremely powerful Templars who represent everything the Order strives to be, in a way more so than then Paladin-Supreme. While the latter is the leader, certainly, and the standard by which all others strive to be, it is the Knight-Paladins who lead the troops and set the precedent the Order achieves towards. When it comes to duties, they are the commanding officers. They lead the troops, discipline the unruly, and overall act as the command structure and backbone of the entire Order. There are exactly three of them, who all split the responsibilities and duties evenly. Typically, though it is not law, one Knight-Paladin handles the leadership duties, one handles the punishment duties, and the third takes care of the administrative responsibilities.

Knight-Supreme: Underneath every Paladin, there are those willing to do what needs to be done. Captains who have earned the personal favors of the Paladin, individuals who are far and above their peers. These are the Knight-Supreme, and with their title comes prestige, yes, but also responsibility, for they are the hand of the Paladins. They carry out their masters duties, serving as their companions in times of trouble. This is not solely a military position, either, as the Knights and their Paladins are usually inseparable, forging bonds together that go beyond the traditional. While their title certainly holds much respect and dignity, they are released from the normal tasks of a Templar, a result that is considered dishonorable by many of the Orders finest. Each Paladin has no more than three of this prestigious rank.

Knight-Captain: “The backbone of the order,” as they say, or more appropriately as the Knight-Captains call themselves. Above the rank-and-file are these individuals, those Templar who have proven themselves to be exemplary are promoted and given this rank. It does come with somewhat upgraded equipment and permissions, but the greatest thing they gain is responsibility. Being a Knight-Captain means being responsible for the health of their flock, for the Templars and Recruits that follow them, and being a shining example of the fight against evil and darkness in every aspect of their life. This extends beyond just the spiritual; Knight-Captains do not get preferential treatment and are expected to train alongside their men. In ancient times, there was Knight-Captain for every district the Order controlled, with each Captain controlling a small army meant to keep the spiritual peace. While this practice has fallen by the wayfront with the advent of the modern Templar Order, the spirit of the idea remains. Each Knight-Captain is given a region to monitor and the resources to do so, and it is their responsibility to monitor, sustain, and combat the darkness and evil in that region.

Knight-Templar: The rank-and-file. Though they are ‘merely’ Templars, they are anything but common. Each a master of their field before they even join the Templars, the training they receive underneath the tutelage of the Captains and the Paladin turn them into avowed hunters of evil. Each works underneath a Captain to police and secure an area, and is typically required to know at least a basic understanding of that region, though it is not always necessary. Templar are trained to work in teams, typically in two or greater, though even individually they are powerful threats.

Knight-Recruit: Not every Templar starts as a Recruit; most are adopted into the ranks after proving their mettle in battle or stories or knowledge. However, on occasion, an individual surfaces that wishes to join and though they do not lack power, they lack the experience to join the ranks proper. Thus, they become a Recruit and entrusted to a Templar to train and look after. Becoming a Templar-Trainer comes with a pay raise, but also a huge load of responsibility, as they tie their reputation to the life and training of the Recruit. The Recruit, in term, becomes a partner of sorts, albeit a partner who listens to everything their counterpart says. There is then one of two options; either the Recruit washes out, or they graduate and join the ranks of the Templar.

Vanguard: Healers and Doctors, the aptly named Vanguard lacks any fancy titles or informative descriptions. They are a busy and important division, and have no time for such trifles. As would be expected, Vanguard is made up of talented doctors, healers, and other such individuals, of both the magical and non-magical variety. In addition to healing, Vanguard tend to handle magical defense and bolstering on both a small and large scale. Though not necessary, members of Vanguard tend to have abilities that are geared towards support and healing. Rarely is Vanguard seen on the battlefield, acting as the cleaners of the battlefield, healing all those injured and afflicted by the battles of war. Vanguard doesn’t act as only guardians of physical health, but mental as well, with full support for people experiencing mental issues.

There is no official uniform for Vanguard, due mainly to the fact of the sanitary concerns necessary for medical work. Rather, like hospitals around the world, they stick to the traditional scrubs and white coats. The Med-Ad is particularly vocal about it, and for good reason; when you have individuals handling every sort of situation imaginable, you do not want to risk contagion. For all intents and purposes, Vanguard runs as a normal, typical hospital, albeit one with more magic in a single room than most hospitals have in the entire building. The only amenity they take with the traditional scrubs is the symbol of Vanguard; a snake wrapped around  rod, and within the mouth of this serpent is the taijitu, more commonly known as the yin-yang symbol. This is emblazoned on the back of the white doctors coat, and the sleeve of the scrubs.

Medical Administrator The current Medical Administrator is Takashi Madarame. The head of the entire hospital, dealing with the majority of the administrative and judicial issues within the hospital. He is also appointed the personal doctor of the members of The Summit and members of interest within Olympus. Despite his lack of patients, he still makes his rounds in the hospital, both with the interns and with the residents and attendants. It is his job to do so, and his duty.

Head Doctor: Head doctors are responsible, as the name applies, for ensuring safe and thorough care for everyone in their department. They direct those under their command, organize rounds for the attending, approve and request transfers, evaluate interns, and the hundreds of other tasks that need doing and approving everyday. There is a Head Doctor for every division within a hospital; Medical, Surgery, Oral, Childrens, etcetera. Each Head Doctor reports to the Medical Administrator, who approves their paperwork.

Medical Attendant: The Attending are the core of the hospital, the senior doctors who presume primary care of their patients. Like all doctors, they assume legal and ethical responsibility for the patient, which resolves itself into the following; they must see each patient everyday, give each patient the full possible care regardless of personal emotions, as well as maintaining a polite and calm demeanor when delivering news, whether good or bad. Some Attendants act as Teaching Doctors, taking the Interns they have been assigned on their rounds to teach them. Basically, they are the senior doctors with the experience and knowledge required to handle patients with the best of care.

Nurse: Oftentimes mis-represented as simply less talented to doctors, Nurses work both in front of and behind the scenes to ensure the hospital runs properly; without them, it’s likely no doctor would be capable of doing their jobs. They provide hands-on care to patients by providing medications, managing intravenous lines, monitoring patients conditions and records, and communicating with doctors. In addition to these physical tasks, they may also provide emotional support to patients, educate patients and the general public on disease management and injury treatment, special diet plans, and other millions of things doctors simply don’t have enough time to do.

Medical Resident: Despite having officially graduated from medical school and passed their internships, Medical Residents have only begun their education. While they tend to share duties with the Attending, minus the teaching aspect of course, Residents do so in an educational aspect, often overseen by an Attending or experienced Nurse. As stated, they share many of the same job duties of the Attending, with the added requirements of continuing to expand their knowledge and educate themselves. Often, Residents work in tandem with Attending, assisting them and shadowing them to learn the trade, but they may also be assigned low-risk cases solo.


Medical Students:

Scholarium: Scientists, researchers, engineers, and others to whom academia and the intelligent pursuits are a calling, the Scholarium is more an institute of education than a division of an army. Notably the least populated of the Division, the Scholarium houses some of the brightest minds of the modern world. As stubborn as they can be, they are all united under the promise of research and recognition; and in return, they’ll place their skills at the disposal of Olympus. The Scholarium are responsible for most of the advanced technology Olympus possesses. Record keepers as well as tech, they sort through any information for anything that can help Olympus.

There is no uniform for the Scholarium, save what sanitary or protective gear is required.

First Scholar: The current First Scholar is Murumasa Madarame. The First Scholar is the head of The Scholarium, in charge of budgeting, safety, and all the other hundred and one things that being the head of a division requires. The First Scholar is also responsible for storing and decoding complicated information recovered by the various divisions, planning and developing new innovations for the entirety of Olympus, handling the cyber security of the entire organization, as well as leading field operations that require a scientific touch.

Second Scholar: The Second Scholar is in charge of the

Third Scholar:

Research Lead:

Practicing Researcher:

Shadow Core: Spys, scouts, and other sneaky sorts, the Shadow Core act as the covert branch of Olympus. Stealth missions, reconnaissance, even assassinations all fall under the jurisdiction of The Shadow Core. Secretive by default, members of this division are perhaps the least understood Division of Olympus, which is exactly how they like it. Rumour has it, the Shadow Core has a series of tunnels and passages through all of The Mountain, through which they can come and go as they please, not to mention keep tabs on various people of interest within Olympus. The Shadow Core are secretive even amongst themselves, compartmentalizing their members; no single individual, save for the Spymaster, knows much about the overall plans or even individual members of the Shadow Core.


Internal Affairs:





Blackguard: The elite force put together by Katrina Russell herself, Blackguard is the ultimate in special forces. The members of Blackguard are ran directly by Katrina herself; instead of a ranking such as Corporal, they get a Title unique to them, which describes what their role may be within the organization. While it’s not always a perfect fit, the title would describe their “main” role. Members of Blackguard have the most freedom of any division within Olympus, as it is not a full-time position; they are free to pursue heroic, or villainous, endeavors and live a normal life, so long as they maintain their connection to Blackguard. The missions Blackguard take on are of the utmost importance, with danger ratings far beyond what is reasonably capable for any rank-and-file to complete. Most missions the Blackguard take on can reasonably be called “suicide missions.” All members of Blackguard possess criminal immunity during the course of any mission they may engage in.

Rules and Regulations: Each member of Olympus is expected to abide by all laws of any country they reside in; failure to do so is grounds for termination. While the rules and regulations are different depending on which Division the individual member is in, the rules of common sense apply here. Should any member of Olympus be arrested while on foreign soil, during the course of their mission, the details of their arrest will be expunged from the record and their release secured; this does not preclude the individual from repurcussions for their actions, however. Simply said, their incarceration will take place at the hands of their former employer.

Every individual member of Olympus is expected to treat others professionally and with respect as befits their station; abuse of power is not tolerated, nor is insubordination. Both will be punished harshly, by incarceration, monetary repossession, or on extreme circumstances, corporeal punishment. Accommodations are made for orders from higher up. Should any order be given that strictly violates this policy, and it is deemed the individual complied to their best of their ability, and were in this given circumstance, forced to obey the order by their higher up, they will be given leniency, though this does not preclude them from repercussions.

Each member of  Olympus is expected to accomplish any tasks they are given efficiently and quickly. Failure to do so will result in a write-up; multiple write-ups can result in monetary repossession or termination. Should a situation occur where the individual cannot, or will not, complete their given task, either through physical limitations, ethical protest, or any other reason, valid or not, they will be immediately stripped of their position and rank and placed on administrative leave until the decision is handled.

Working for any organization that directly opposes or violates the rules and regulations and Olympus is ground for termination or incarceration. Should an order be given that directly violates this order, either through a superior or as part of a mission, this rule can be ignored. Additionally, the Blackguard and, under certain circumstances, the Shadowcore are exempt from this rule, so long as their interests in this foreign organization do not trump their loyalty to Olympus.

Theft of Olympus resources is grounds for termination and/or incarceration. Resources can range from anything with a monetary value, physical assets, or any information acquired by any Olympus assets. Any weapon or armor used by an agent of Olympus are considered ‘borrowed’ and thus must be returned should any individual choose to leave, or are terminated of employment. This includes cell phone, company issued clothing, and any keys or other methods of entry into Olympus.

Purpose: The reason Olympus exists is multitudinous and varied; however, it can all boil down to one simple fact. Like the gods of old, Olympus exists to protect the world from the evils of society; however, what’s defined as evil by The Summit may not be what is classically portrayed by society in general. The Summit believes the end result should be accomplished by whatever means necessary, though not to the extent of sacrificing morals. Each member of the Summit, and by extension each of the different Divisions, have their reasons for existing, be it to protect the world from evil or simply as a matter of loyalty to their employer. Overall, however, one thing unites all the divisions of Olympus; a desire to see the world be better and the willpower to act upon their desires.

Technology and Advancements: The equipment and overall technological level of Olympus is leagues above most in the modern world. This is a result of the combined efforts of the Scholarium and Osiris Industries working in tandem to create gear fit for the most powerful military force in the world. The technology developed by them ranges from the Blackgate IXP Hi-Drive Engine to the Blackgate Model-47 Rifle, and many more in between. Everything from clean energy, like the Capsidium Drive, to weapons of mass destruction have been created, catalogued, and either stored or put into overall circulation. The Scholarium has nearly endless resources to make life better and easier for all the divisions under their care.

A few examples of the inventions and innovations created by Olympus:

Capsidium Drive: A unique form of energy using the photovoltaic capsidium and the photodegretive photolite, the Capsidium Drive looks like a simple, egg-shaped device. It’s inner mechanisms are relatively simple, merely the aforementioned metals attached to an electronic interface. The largest byproduct of this material is light; though 99% of the light is absorbed into the capsidium portion, the remaining 1% is enough to blind most individuals; should the casing be cracked open, however, the drive loses its effectiveness.

Blackgate IXP Hi-Drive Engine: A fully electric, yet highly powerful and versatile engine, crafted from the capsidium drive with a solid steel shell. The three models - Model S, Model M, and Model L - are used for cars and small planes, boats and passenger planes, and freight boats and fighter jets respectively. The Capsidium Drive is capable of outputting nearly unlimited energy with no waste and can last hundreds of years before needing to be replaced. Due to the steel and titanium shell, it can withstand high speed and pressure before cracking or suffering damage.

Blackgate Weaponry: Blackgate Guns, a brand created by Edward Blackgate, an Osiris researcher, are widely held to be the most powerful in the world. Due to their correlation with Olympus, very, very few people outside the organization possess any of these weapons, and those that do guard them jealously. Blackgate Guns are the most powerful mass-produced firearms in the world, approximately 50% more powerful than their conventional counterparts, while maintaining a versatility and usability accessible even to those with little to no formal training.

Ablative Technology: The armor employed by Olympus is in no way normal; the materials used, specifically Duranium and Harbenite, are powerful in their own right. However, most, if not all, are reinforced with a low-level energy. This energy field not only reinforces the armor, but helps bind it together, adding further protection against attacks that rely on crushing. All the armor is additionally purified and enchanted by the Templars, providing a mild level of protection from magic and hexes.]

This technology is ever-evolving, with new improvements coming out everyday. The catalogue of technology Olympus has is far too long to list; needless to say, they have made great strides in every field, from childrens bottles to blenders to washing machines. The Isle of Fortune is, perhaps,  the most technologically adept place on the planet.


Osiris Industries
Ancient Values with Tomorrow’s Technology

A global conglomerate, Osiris Industries, previously Russell Technology, has been around for nearly 100 years, since the days of the current owner and CEO’s grandfather. This London-based company started it’s life off as a purveyor of advanced technology, the first to sell such world-changing technologies as the diesel engine, X-ray, Aspirin, and zippers. They were widely known for being at the forefront of innovation; what they didn’t invent, they bought the rights to sell; and what they couldn’t by the rights to sell, they sabotaged. Oh yes, the history of Russell Technology is fraught with rumours of collusion, criminal mischief, and straight murder. Of course, none of it was proven and by the time the first World War broke out, Timothy Russell had created a company to stand the test of time.

By the end of 1914, Russell Technology had nearly tripled its profits selling the US and English Armed Forces; at the same time, they also sold arms and munitions to the Germans and opposing forces as well, benefitting from both sides of the war. Timothy was a shrewd old fox, and he was aware that eventually, the authorities would catch up to him. As a defense, he created the Anti-Conspiracy League, a group of powerful individuals whom, together, held enough sway to protect each other, while at the same time providing a system of checks and balances to ensure no individual grew too powerful With the help of the ACL, Russell Industry flourished. This of course came with the title of War Profiteer, but Timothy couldn’t care less.

By the end of World War II, Timothy and Russell Industries was among the top manufacturers in the world. The riches made from the company prompted a move for the Russell Family; an island, off the coast of England. Production moved to England as well at the urging of Annabelle, his beloved wife and avid nationalist. It wasn’t long before you couldn’t think England without thinking Russell Industries. Timothy and family revelled in success and privilege; this period of peace  and prosperity wouldn’t last long, however. Legacy wouldn’t allow it.

Their child, Edward Russell, took over the Russell family in the mid-70’s. He was an ambitious, cold-hearted man, and with his shrewd business tactics and connections to the criminal underbelly of London, he quickly rose through the political ranks, by the mid 80’s becoming Prime Minister of all of England. He was a decent leader; no major changes, but he managed to keep the country running through a combination of a talented staff and pure luck.

However, karma soon caught up. The highest position in the land comes with scrutiny, and it was only two years into his first term when scandal struck. His, and his fathers, connection to the mafia, the criminal underground, the shady criminal practices- it all came out, and Edward was forced to resign in disgrace. This marked the beginning of the end for the Russell family; with the smear on their name, their company soon became bankrupt, the family was forced to sell holdings and materials to stay afloat, leaving them nearly destitute. Edward fell seriously ill soon after, and though he recovered, he was never quite the same. His wife stayed in denial, and he never quite had the energy to curb her expensive spending habits.

It fell to Katrina then, at this point a young adult, to bring the company back from the brink of destruction. Handing the reins over to a temporary CEO, she went to college, earning degrees; in the meantime, Russell Technology slowly started to rebrand. At the beginning of this decade, it resurfaced as Osiris Industries, Katrina Russell at it’s head. It’s holdings exploded outwards, venturing into not just technology, but all branches of capitalism and commerce, from energy companies using the newly-creating Cavorite, to weapons manufacturing, to children's toys.

At the top of her game, and top of the world, Katrina began striving for the future. She was not content to merely be a CEO, nor a reformed assassin, but something much more. Prime Minister one day, yes, but also her goals were more lofty than that. Thus Olympus was born, to save the world, with her name on the lips of everyone saved from the monsters in the dark. Part vanity, part genuine selflessness, Olympus strides the line between dark and light.

The Roster


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Post by Jeannie Rose on July 2nd 2019, 1:28 am

this looks neat Smile kinda makes me think of skyrim with all the guilds but if someone like got all the guilds to work together.

how would one go about getting a job interview from olympus? sounds like it could be fun and jeannie's skill set would make her useful for a couple of the divisions not sure which she'd fit best in:D
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