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Hot as Dell

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INV ONLY Hot as Dell

Post by Nate6595 June 18th 2022, 4:42 pm

The Dellview Café's doors opened early at dawn, long before most of the city stirred awake and journeyed into the hustle and bustle of the streets. It was a small, family owned café that cozily placed above a small bookshop that sat on one of the taller hills of the Hollywood Dell. The man who own the small shop had a tendency to wake up at four in the morning and have the doors open by five, the smell of rich coffee and the sound of light jazz music already pouring out into the dawn-lit streets. The Hollywood Dell, as more of a residential area, was still quiet now. Barely anyone stirred outside of the few who were on their way to work.

It was only a bit past six when Melody came in and got her coffee, finding a small seat by the window that overlooked the street below. Despite the early hours and the events of last night, she didn't look the least bit tired. Last night had been a hassle, she had been called in to help thwart a plot to steal the mayor's gifted son, and stamp out the villain who worked behind the scenes to try and make it happen. It was easy enough, she felt as though a local hero could've handled it, but she didn't mind the publicity or the training. If anything it was a nice warm up after her long vacation (which honestly had been filled with training, so she didn't really need the warm up).

Now she could just enjoy the next days here, maybe deal with a few small fry criminals, and then head back to New York and tackle some of the cases she had left open there. She trusted Sam would probably have had most of the work done by now, but still, she couldn't feel a bit guilty dumping it on him. There was that summons to Antarctica, a rise in activity from Chimera, some kind of mad scientist running, two mad scientists running about, and then just every other little criminal and villain who caused problems. He wasn't the only hero there, but still...there was always so much and he was still learning.

She sighed and stretched up her arms, and then yawned quietly. It would all be fine, she just wasn't used to this kind of thing, she was used to being the one in action. Right now she was dressed in casual clothes, a nice skirt and a cozy, light sweater and just was...relaxing, sitting, doing nothing. Even her vacation was more active and intensive than this. This felt strange, out of the norm, but at least, for this moment, it was just her and she could try and collect herself, recuperate.

She took another long sip from her coffee, and then a bite of the small carrot cake she bought and let out another sigh. Yep, she could relax. She didn't have to worry about being Rabbit Punch right now, she could just focus on being her and enjoy this moment to herself.
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