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Adjunct's 2nd Advancement

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Adjunct's 2nd Advancement Empty Adjunct's 2nd Advancement

Post by elephantlord March 7th 2022, 6:21 am

Item/Character Advancement Name:
Heart of the Earth Dragon
(Bond Source: The Sage of Steel)

Item/Character Advancement Description:
Suddenly thrust into a situation of extreme depredation and degradation, Alexis had to use her wits and determination to survive.  But, beyond that, make sure the Niao, the Sage of Steel, survived with her.  In the cold dark of that cramped cell, feeling the overwhelming anger burning in her chest, her power activated and established a bond with ancient dragon woman.

Alexis' power has transformed her heart into a transformative alchemical engine.  Though still a thing of flesh and blood, the seat of Alexis' life has been infused with mystical significance, causing her vital fluids to act as a potent elixir.  The tissues of Adjunct's body are strengthened and enhanced, purified from the base imperfections of her mortal shell.

Item Power(s):
Alexis' body has been purified by a combination of intense physical training and mystical transformation.  
 - Alexis possesses a physique just past peek human.  She is faster, tougher, stronger, and more coordinated.  
  - Alexis has superb cardiovascular health; she fatigues at about half the rate as a baseline and recovers twice as quickly.
  - Alexis is resistant to toxins and disease.  
  - Alexis has a resistance to spells or effects targeting her life force or vital energy.
  - Alexis' blood 'regenerates' quickly; she cannot bleed out or suffer blood loss except in extreme conditions.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):
Alexis' blood is magically 'hot', and she is easy to spot on any sort of spell or magic-like ability to detect her.  Also her blood could be used as an ingredient in a number of alchemical formula.  Alexis also requires roughly twice the calories a human her size and weight should require.

Item/Character Advancement Price:


Item/Character Advancement Name:
Baseline Paranoia
(Related Power: Dimensional Storage)

Item/Character Advancement Description:
To be blunt, Alexis goes through a lot when she works.  Even when she was doing more 'normal' field assignments, she tended to overprepare for her work.  Now that she is taking assignments from a literal god and kicking around with a vampire, a dragon, and hell's own angel it's just become ridiculous.  She is a baseline human in a world of gods and monsters, a little paranoia is understandable.

This 'power' is a reflection of Alexis' tendency to prepare for every possible contingency; her paranoia causes her to bring a vast array of items to any mission or task.  From a plate of brownies to butter up a friendly wild child to a small armory to outfit a half-dozen scrappy escapes to flee a prison, Alexis is ready.

Item Power(s):
The 'Utility Belt' Power, Alexis has crammed a lot into her dimensional storage.  From weapons to clothes to food to entire vehicles, Alexis probably has something.  This allows her to pull out useful items to help others overcome their challenges.  

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):

This quality is both dependent on Alexis' Storage power as well as the limitations of that power.  This means that Alexis cannot prepare too many objects that are overly complex, as well as not being able to store living beings or objects in their 'on' state.  

tl;dr:  This is essentially a reflection of where the power led.  I do not think more than three posts have gone by in one of Alexis' scenes where Alexis doesn't pull something out.

Item/Character Advancement Price:


Item/Character Advancement Name:
'Spell' Matrix
(Related Powers: Hyper-Cognition & HUD)

Item/Character Advancement Description:
Alexis has the ability, though her bond with her computer, the ability to send instructions to a machine without all that bothersome nonsense of coding.  The machine interprets her desires and creates the necessary functions.  However, as Alexis begins to face more and greater challenges, she finds that a more robust 'spellbook' of programs are necessary.  

Item Power(s):
Facial Recognition
This program mimics real life facial recognition software.  Alexis can view a subject and immediately begin to build a dossier out of available records.  Name, date of birth, credit history, etc.  Alexis subscribes to a number of data collection firms to allow access to a vast library of such information.  Within seconds, Alexis will know everything publicly available about a person.

I Know Gun-Fu
Alexis' computer can act as a 'guide' to where to place a projectile weapon in order to place a bullet where she wishes it.  While it could already provide this functionality, Alexis has further refined her power to work more swiftly and take into account real time factors such as moving targets and user error.

Advanced GPS
Have you ever been driving, and your GPS has told you to 'proceed 300 feet and make a U-turn', when your destination is immediately on the right?  Alexis has.  And it bothers her so much you cannot even believe.  Having spent not less than 100 hours having her supercomputer churn through the various inefficiencies presented in the basic program, she has finally created a GPS that can lead her to her local Starbucks instead of the one in Mumbai.   This can be used with both her vehicle or on foot; her HUD even providing helpful arrows or 'pips' when necessary.

10,000 Words a Minute
Alexis has the ability to translate thoughts directly into text as well as speed up or slow down her  perception of time.  This gives her the ability to perform and submit electronic paperwork at astounding speeds.  This may not seem as earthshattering as the ability to... well, shatter earth, but this can turn Alexis' into a one woman clerical staff.  Her computer can compose forms and fill them out on the fly, especially when this is combined with a pre-existing dossier on a subject.

On your desk by 5?  It was on your desk before you finished the sentence.  

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):
As is probably obvious, Alexis is dependent on her link with her computer in order to gain the benefit of any of these.  If her computer is powered off or in some way deactivated, she cannot access these programs.

Item/Character Advancement Price:

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Adjunct's 2nd Advancement Empty Re: Adjunct's 2nd Advancement

Post by Zonkes March 18th 2022, 5:49 pm

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