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Curator Items

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Curator Items Empty Curator Items

Post by Zonkes February 20th 2022, 4:35 am


Rod of Asclepius - The rod carried by the Greek god of medicine. Can heal any wound no matter how severe, and the venom the snake secretes allows a mortal to walk unheeded through the land of the dead.
Mechanics: The Rod heals any injury or disease that the Curator wishes to rid others of in a matter of moments. The venom allows Curator - if finding himself in an afterlife - to walk through invisible and untouchable by even gods.
Weakness: If the Rod is used in an effort to win a war or battle, the Rod will not work. The user has to wait until the end of the war or battle to heal the wounds sustained from them.

Was, the Scepter of Set - The Was by which all are forged upon. Carrier’s of this staff are masters of the dead, able to travel back and forth between the land of the dead and summon and create undead at will. In addition, it allows the wielder to cast magics on a scale equal to the gods themselves.
Mechanics: This is the source of the spells on the main Curator sheet. Additionally, the scepter allows the user to travel between earth and other afterlife’s with ease.
Weakness: The Was is an incredibly effective tool, but in order to use it to its full potential, the user must be between life and death at all times. In Curator's case, the sandals of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Philosopher's stone keep him alive, but he should’ve died more than 40 years ago when he put the crown of thorns on his head. If he fails to take the elixir produced by the Philosopher’s stone, and his sandals are removed; Curator will die. If the curse placed upon him by wearing the Crown of Thorns is removed, Curator will no longer be able to use the Was.

Cronus’ Scythe - An impossibly sharp scythe, capable of cutting even invulnerable beings. This sickle is made from a divine metal and can never be dulled or broken.
Mechanics: The Scythe is incredibly sharp and can cut flesh at a molecular level, bypassing durability for the most part. If wielded by a divine being, the scythe might be able to manipulate time to some degree.
Weakness: To use this scythe is an insult to the gods themselves, and should Curator be known to have this weapon by any with divine blood; the gods themselves will attack him.

The Mantle of Arthur - One of the thirteen treasures of the British Isles. Whoever is under this mantle shall not have their identity known, be it by man, magic, or god.
Mechanics: Under this mantle, the Curator can completely hide his identity perfectly. Even those who watch him put on the mantle will forget who he is.
Weakness: The Mantle must be worn over the head of the user in order for their identity to be hidden. If the mantle is removed from their head, their identity will be revealed.

The Seal of Solomon - A signet ring, once belonging to the Wise King Solomon. This ring contains all his power, granting its wearer with the ability to command demons and talk to animals.
Weakness: The ring is a powerful magical artifact that gives the wearer great power. However, this great power comes at the expense of their sanity. If Curator uses this ring more than five times without rest, his mind will break until he believes himself to be Solomon.

Sharur - An enchanted mace once belonging to a god. It can fly unaided and, on occasion, will communicate with it’s wielder.
Mechanics: Sharur is a mace that can fly on its own and act on its own. The mace has no special abilities outside of this.
Weakness: Sharur is a living weapon, and has no interest in helping Curator. If threatened, the mace will fight back but is otherwise uninterested in the collector of mysteries.

Pinaka - The bow wielded by the goddess Shiva. Any arrow fired from this bow has the ability to strike through to the soul, killing the spirit but leaving the flesh intact. [PERMISSION BASED]
Weakness: If the being in question does not have a soul, then the weapon is entirely harmless.

The Philosopher’s Stone - He who consumes the elixir that pours from the stone shall have his years reset by 3 score so long as he takes it once every 2 hours. [TRANSLATION] So long as Curator keeps his philosopher’s stone in hand, he will live.
Weakness: Should he fail, he will be given the years stolen by the stone thricefold. [TRANSLATION] If he doesn’t drink it once every 2 hours, he will rapidly age 80 years in a matter of moments.

The Sandals of Jesus Christ - He who wears these sandals shall walk free from the spectre of death. [TRANSLATION] While wearing these holy relics, Curator cannot be killed.
Weakness: While the blessing of these sandals is as rock solid as it can possibly be, there is one weakness that they do in fact have. You must be wearing them to receive the benefit. If Curator removes, or has these sandals removed; he will be killed by the curse of the crown of thorns.

Hammer of Hephaestus - The weapon and symbol of the god. This hammer can turn into any tool, and can additionally start unquenchable fires and hammer and mold anything, including the ocean, air, or flesh.
Weakness: Time. In order to mold anything, it requires time. As much time as a normal sculptor would take on his art.
Additionally, the unquenchable fires feed off of the users life essence.The weaker their essence, the weaker the flames. As such, due to the Curse of Thorns, the flames that Curator can produce using the hammer look impressive; but couldn’t hurt a fly.

The Green Armour - A set of cursed armor. Whoever puts on this armor is cursed to walk as a judge and jury for the heroes and kings of this world. This armor is indestructible, and unable to be taken off. However, Curator has only put on the gauntlets. This means that while his hands are always trapped inside of these gauntlets; only his gauntlets are protected by the green armor. In addition, he can only stand in judgement of heroes when justice is called for.

Moly - A magical herb once used by Odysseus. When brewed into a tea, it protects the drinker from all forms of magic. It halves the efficacy of any magic used on the drinker.
Weakness: Must be drunk within an hour of the spell being used. (Will put down a timer for how long the Moly tea lasts.)
Note: Grown in the garden of La Maison des Mythes.

The Olive Branch - This ancient tree branch has gilded leaves and silver olives fruiting off of it. It was originally a sign that the storm had ended for Noah and his family. Since that day, the Olive Branch acts as a ward against storms. While this Olive Branch is present, no natural disaster can harm its wielder. Additionally, the Olive Branch calms those who hold ill will towards the wielder. [PERMISSION BASED]
Weakness: The Olive Branch will be destroyed if it used in any aggressive fashion. So much as violently shaking the stick is enough to cause it to crumble.

Ring of Dispel - A beautiful white ring. Enhances the power of healing magic and divine spells. The metal is blessed to destroy all binding magics, regardless of origin.
Weakness: If exposed to infernal magics, the ring temporarily loses all of its power.

Hermes Satchel - The purse or satchel of Hermes is a container that is as bottomless as the depths of space. The item becomes any container that the holder wishes it to be.
Weakness: If the container is damaged from the bottom, all of the contents will spill out. After 3 minutes, the bag will seal itself up again and be ready to store the contents again. Of course, even Curator doesn’t know the entirety of what is contained in the bag, and if legend is true; it may even contain the head of a certain… stony eyed woman.

Golden Fiddle - A golden fiddle granted to a young man in Georgia for winning a contest with the devil; this magic fiddle allows anyone who uses it to play with a master's talent. Additionally, the fiddle weighs only as much as a normal fiddle and sounds about as good as a perfectly tuned instrument.

The Keys of The Curator - A set of 10 magical rings that contain the essence of the original Curator. The rings allow anyone to access la Maison de Mythes, and are given by the curator as symbols of friendship and trust.

The Mirror of Ishtar - A magical mirror made from a solid piece of silver with a lions head carefully shaped into the back. The mirror reflects the image that the user currently has in mind, and with a force of will can be used to project that image essentially granting shapeshifting abilities. The change is physical, however it only allows the user to transform into a humanoid.
Weakness: If the mirror is removed from the users possession, all changes will be revert back to the users original appearance.

Argo’s Eyes - Thousands of flying eyes that transmit their imagery to a reflective surface that the activator controls.
Weakness: The eyes are as durable as human eyes and can be injured or destroyed as such. Additionally, only one or two eyes can be viewed through at once, giving a relatively limited view.

The Spear of Saint George - An ornate wood and golden spear. The weapon is blessed and has the power to slay dragons, whoever holds this spear gains the stature and power to overtake even the greatest of dragons.
Weakness: As a saintly weapon, the spear is heavily diminished in the hands of a sinner like the Curator. Curator is limited to using the spear to cleave the dragon scales. None of its protections work for him.

Vest of the Golden Fleece - A wool vest seeming to be spun out of pure gold. While curator is wearing this vest, he is immune to disease, poisons, and most injuries will heal. Additionally, any plant life that the Curator touches will become more vibrant and produce more fruit.
Weakness: Curators vest causes mutations in plant life, possibly creating magical monsters instead of healthier plant life. Additionally, when used in tandem with the Shirt of the Nemean Lion, both lose their potency.

Shirt of the Nemean Lion - This thin white leather shirt gives Curator massive defense to his upper body. Basically making it impossible to pierce with ordinary weaponry.
Weakness: The shirt does nothing against magical or blunt force attacks. Only against slashing or piercing damage. Additionally, when used in tandem with the Vest of the Golden Fleece, both lose their potency.

The Kings Key - A powerful artifact that opens portals in space. This Golden key with a large ruby on the end is ostensibly the single most important item the Curator owns.
Mechanics: The Kings Key grants the Curator instant access to anything he has on this list should he need it by opening portals in space.
Weakness: If the Kings Key is stolen, access to the items on this list will transfer to whoever currently owns the Kings Key.

Seven League Boots - While wearing these stylish black boots, the Curator can travel up to 7 leagues in any direction he wishes.
Weakness: The Curator must be able to see wherever he is going, either physically or in his mind.

Fragarach - The answerer is a powerful tool, capable of cutting through any armor, summoning a gust of wind, or just forcing one who is held at its point to answer any one question: this is a powerful and dangerous tool.

Apollo’s Bow - The bow of Apollo grants the Curator supernatural accuracy, immunity to light based attacks, the bow has unlimited ammo creating arrows of light.
Weakness: The blood from a red cow, sacred to Apollo will absolutely destroy the bow.

The Looking Glass - The legendary mirror from Alice in Wonderland is based off of this gorgeous antique mirror. When touched by one who has a great need, it can transport the user through realms.
Weakness: It’s a mirror, and is ultimately fragile and capable of being smashed.

Skeleton Key - A pure black key made of an unknown substance that gives Curator access to Shiwa’s Black Museum.


The Ancile - Twelve sacred, wooden shields. Whichever household or country holds ownership of this is immune to the manipulation and view of the gods.
Note: The Ancile is technically an item that Curator uses. It protects him and la Maison des Mythes from the view and manipulation of the divine. Plot Item

Horn of Gabriel - Summons the heavenly host to initiate Revelations. Only an archangel of considerable power can blow the horn of Gabriel. Plot Item

Book of Life - Displays all information of every human alive. To any human that reads it, it is simply gibberish. But to a Saint, this knowledge is passed on to them.
Note: Curator is not a saint and is therefore unable to activate it.

Shungquian: The Shungquian is an artifact that guarantees any money that the owner gets is doubled.
Note: Plot item

The True Cross - The cross that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was crucified upon. The county that it is currently residing in will no longer have to worry about the undead or demonic influence. Plot Item
Note: Due to the fact that the True Cross is located within La Maison des Mythes; its aura protects the house.

Crown of Immortality - A laurel wreath wrought from celestial bronze. If one pure of heart wears this, they shall gain the powers of an angel. If one is not pure of heart, they will be cast to hell.
Note: Due to Curator not being pure of heart, being possessed of one of the seven deadly sins of Greed, Curator cannot wear this crown.

Iron Crown of Lombardy - A gold crown said to possess one of the nails from the True Cross. If one free of sin wears this crown, their soul is lifted to heaven. To those with sin, they are forced to relieve all their sins, purifying them for the seat next to Koshek.
Note: Due to Curator not being pure of heart, being possessed of one of the seven deadly sins, notably Greed, Curator cannot wear this crown.

Crown of Thorns - The crown forced on the head of Jesus Christ at his resurrection. Wearing this crown will grant you incredible ability similar to the son of god himself, but doing so will guarantee your death within two weeks.
Note: This item, while still in Curator's possession, is locked away from his use due to it mistaking him for dead. During the time that he wore it, however; he managed to turn the river Styx into wine. Significantly angering Hades.

Girdle of Hippolyta - A belt given to the Queen of the Amazons. When worn it grants tremendous strength and agility, as well as an overwhelming aura of command.
Note: Usable by women only.

Pied Piper’s Flute - The storied flute of the Pied Piper, allows the player to mind control man and beast alike, but only after they’ve been slighted.
Note: Curator never learned how to play the flute.

Noah’s Ark - A ship that can hold two of every animal in existence and always finds the safest place to port. The Ark can travel for weeks on end without being harmed by the ocean at all, despite being made of wood.
Note: The Ark is… not an easy thing to move. It currently resides on the very tip top of a mountain, and is therefore miles away from the sea. Plot Item

Mimisbrunnr - Mimir’s well, contains the head of the god Mimir. The head knows the answer to any question that you ask, but may not tell you, and will definitely try to mislead you.
Note: Currently located in Norway. Plot Item

El Dorado - The mythical city of gold, now long since abandoned, has a magical enchantment on it to constantly replenish any gold stolen from the city's walls. However, any human that tries to steal from it will walk the earth penniless for the rest of their days.
Note: Currently located in the Amazon rainforest Plot Item

The Stone - A large chunk of granite with a rectangular hole in the middle. The stone radiates power on its own, but is most recognizable as the stone that contained Excalibur. Any weapon that touches the stone is sunken until only enough of it that it can be removed remains. After this, only the true and rightful king of England can remove the weapon.
Note: Too heavy to move.

The Scythe of Father Time- Controls the rate at which things age, and allows some control over time to those with the blood of the divine.
Note: A true last resort method of staving off death, the Scythe must remain in La Maison des Mythes so that he can ensure his survival should it be needed.

The Shirt of Nessus - A blood stained shirt that if worn, can poison and kill even true immortals. Due to its highly volatile nature, Curator uses tongs to move it around with the Panacea close at hand.
Note: Curator does not use this item for multiple reasons. First among which is that his own immortality is threatened by the poisoned blood coating the thing.

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