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Fool King(WIP)

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Fool King(WIP) Empty Fool King(WIP)

Post by FantasyBound February 6th 2022, 5:33 pm

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Fool King

Fool King(WIP) Energy-Molecule-Concept


Real Name: Singog Leagalow 'Nintin'
Hero Name: Fool King
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male
Race: Albino Leagalow
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Dead fish
Height: 6' 08"
Weight: 228 lbs.
Blood type:



Bring up his lonely nature and his kindness when it comes to things but his naivety and

Bring up history as a living drone for surviving harsh environments, outlives the equipment that's used to control him.

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Agility
4. Reaction

1. Willpower
2. Awareness
3. Empathy
4. Intelligence


Superhuman physical condition
Single-Entity Lock
Injury absorption
Material integration/generation

Refer to inability to utilize any form of weapon for sure
Probably draw on the weakness conditions from his single-entity lock ability
Something associated with his terrible memory and lack of ability to receive healing from others
Inability to teleport through a device

Something with the silver spine here(Silverspine abilities include silver ichor and jumpstart capabilities), probably add in his other cybernetic enhancements like the god eater eyes(Wide array nullification) and the poisonous metals(Either the storage style or the ones where it is a powerful poison that ends up enhancing him)

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